More than a football manager - FootballTeam is a place, where you can be a part of a team composed of real players just like you!

Online football game

The best what football games have to offer

FootballTeam - more than an online football manager

  • Join in and play football - create your player and choose your position on the pitch.

  • The development of skills and aspects of football is in your hands - take full control!

  • FootballTeam is a lot more than just an online football manager - it’s a game for true football fanatics!

  • The course of the match depends on you and your team of real players!

  • Football presented in its greatest form. Your football career is in your hands!

Open packs - collect items

  • There are 3 basic types of packs in the game: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • The better the pack, the higher the chance of finding valuable items.

  • You want to wear a jersey, shorts, socks or footwear of your favorite team? Get them now!

  • You will receive packs for your progress in the game.

Develop your football team

  • Develop the team that you’re playing in.

  • Expand your Stadium and increase your earnings.

  • Blast your way through to the First League and win the Championship.

  • FootballTeam - more than just a football manager.


Invite your friends - build a team

  • Join a team and play with the boys.

  • Choose your tactic and team formation - surprise your opponents.

  • FootballTeam is an online football game in which your contribution is crucial to the team’s success.

  • FootballTeam - create a footballer - develop skills - receive rewards!

Football manager - become the best!

Join the world of FootballTeam - take care of your player and create the best team in the universe

We invite all users and fans of football to play this great browser game, which is also available on mobile phones. Register today! Develop your football career for free and become the legend of FootballTeam. Our football manager guarantees a plethora of unique feelings and emotions. Traverse into a world of virtual games. Contribute to your team, challenge yourself as a coach. Registration is already available. Sign in, join the top guys and compete for the highest ranks. Take the role of a manager and analyze the opponents in your league!

Brand new, updated FT is a sports simulator. FootballTeam is a continuation of a great old Polish browser game, and you will find some new stuff in here. We recommend to the new players to seek knowledge by interacting with Veterans on our chat. Become the best football manager the World has ever seen!

Football manager FootballTeam is a new rendition of a legendary game that has existed on the web since 2009. Our manager is based around a community of real people managing their players! All it takes to sign up now is to type in your nickname, e-mail, and password to join in. After you do so, you will have an opportunity to develop a true football star.

After signing in you will find a plethora of possible activities in the game. On your Profile page, you will find the chat, your inbox, as well as settings. During the game, you will have to constantly use our Training module to become the best. As for being the best manager - there can be only one, but to get there, you will need a loyal team. If you’ve got a lot of friends willing to join in, you will be able to manage your team. The process of creating a team is really simple. First of all, gain the respect and trust of other players. Second, improve the skill-set of your player but don’t forget about being a good coach to your team. When you decide to take over the team as a manager, you will have to look after your people to allow them to improve, and keep them motivated, so you can reach new heights together, as one.

Managing a club also allows you to build and expand your Stadium, which will be mandatory if you want to establish a regular and plentiful income. Choose a tactic that will allow you to compete against other teams. A new, updated version of the game allows for a huge amount of settings. You will have to confidently analyze everything that happens around your team and your players. It’s always important to do some recon, as matches tend to be very dynamic.

Of course, each player who decides to look after the whole team will also have the responsibility of being there for the team at all times. Best players will compete in prestigious European games. You will be able to compete for the Domestic Cup, and other International trophies.

Sign up to FootballTeam - an online sports game, that offers a lot more than your standard football manager title. In 2021 FootballTeam will receive many updates, to ensure that even our newest players - will feel at home, similarly to those who have played this game since 2009.

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