14 years have passed since the 5th of October 2009, the original release date of the Polish version of FootballTeam! Time to celebrate 🎉


There have been many changes, updates, and events, but despite the passing of many years, we continue the non-stop work to modernize and improve the game, which started as a simple 'browser clicker' and is now expecting the release of a long-awaited mobile app!


A past full of adventures, a future full of bonuses! Special Bundles will be waiting for you in the Shop at 09:30 server time, and they’ll be available until Monday morning (09/10).








In addition to the above, there will be an increased drop chance in Event Packs: Bartender, Winter, Legendary, and Wild from 05/10 until 09/10!🎁

But wait, there's more! Every player will be able to purchase up to 5 Special Packs (the ones above) of each type in the Store for 85 Credits each on Thursday through Sunday (10/05-10/08) with a limit reset every day at 00:00 📦


The Birthday Event is the last opportunity to open Bartender, Winter, and Wild Packs - the last openings with an increased chance of winning the main rewards. On 18/10, we will announce the exact date when we plan to remove these Packs from the game 👋


Below you'll find a list of bonuses that will be active during the Birthday Event, until 10:00 AM on 16/10


🔹 Training: +50% XP in auto-training.

🔹 Training: -10% Energy cost in training.

🔹 Training: -20% Euro cost in training.


🔸 Work: Energy cost x10, Euro reward x10.

🔸 Work: +50% more Euro for each Work done.


🔹 Increased Enchanting chance for items: +10% 1-20 | 20-30 2x 

🔸 Collections: 2x more rewards for exchanging Collections.


🔑 SPECIAL - PREMIUM KEYS - 15 Credits each!  


🔸 Boosters: Speciality unlock for 1 Booster (90% off).

🔸 Boosters: Booster exchange gives 2x Energy.


🔹 Locker Room: +50% more Euro when selling items.

🔹 Locker Room: +50% more Golden Balls for selling items.

🔹 Locker Room: 25% cheaper item unlocks.

🔹 Locker Room: 25% cheaper Skill change.


🔸 Augmentation Crystals -50% off in the Shop. 

🔸 Keys: 2x more Free Keys for exchanging packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).


🟢 Team Points: 4 additional TP for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge - with Premium Assistant.

🟢 Team Points: 2x more TP (base value) for each completed Special Daily Calendar Challenge - if it grants 5, it will grant 10. 

🟢 Team Points: +1 additional TP (base value) for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge - Premium Assistant not required & doesn’t work for Special Challenges.


🟤 Building Materials: 2x BM for items exchanged for Materials (applies only to materials, not Euro, Golden Balls or Crystals).

🟤 Building Resources: 2x resources deposited into the club budget (applies only to Euro, Golden Balls and Crystals).

Happy Birthday!
FootballTeam Crew! 🥳

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1 month ago
This is a weak event.
2 months ago
2 months ago
give us energy packs x two
2 months ago
the weakest birthday event ever...
2 months ago
disgusting event

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