Boosters. What is this?

Boosters. What is this?

The Boosting module plays an important role in the development of your player. Today we will discuss how to use and get Boosters in FootballTeam. 

How do Boosters work?

There are 48 Mini Boosters available in the game. They can be used in several ways.

- Exchange for skills.

When you collect 10 Mini Boostings related to a given skill, you can exchange them for a bonus in the form of extra skill points. Each Booster regarding a particular skill requires different Mini Boosters to collect. The bonus depends on how developed the skill is. For example: the higher our Stamina level, the proportionally less we get for exchanging the Booster.



You can also exchange Mini Boostings separately for skills. The limit of such exchanges is up to 100x a day.



- Exchange for Energy.

For 1 Mini Boosting, we get 20 Energy points. You can make a maximum of 100 such exchanges each day, which gives you as much as 2000 free Energy to use in training!



- Unlocking specialities.

When a particular skill is trained to level 100 but you want to practice it further, you need to unlock the specialities. Each skill has 4 specialities. To unlock them, you need to collect 10 specific Mini Boostings (e.g. to unlock the Offensive Play you will need 10x Shooting, 10x Dribbling, 10x Attacking, or 10x Balance).



How to get Boosters?

 There are several ways players can get Boosters:

- completing tasks from the calendar - tasks No. 7, 14, and 26 reward the player with Mini Boosters,


- winning trick duels (Boosters are one of the possible prizes),

- basic training (Boosters are one of the possible rewards),

- participation in the Super League,


- buying from other players on the market,

- taking places 1-3 in individual statistics in the domestic league at the end of the season,

- rewards for exchanging collections,


- opening event packs.



Some Mini-Boosters are needed for the development of many skills (e.g. Speed can be used regarding any skill, except for Set Pieces). Others, however, are useful for only one skill. When playing FootballTeam, you will have to decide which Mini-Boosters to use immediately, which to keep for later (to collect the set), and which to sell on the market.


We hope you find this information helpful in developing your player. 

Good luck!