FootboLove 24


Something here smells like flowers and... Ah! It's a Valentine's Day Event at FootballTeam! We couldn't wait until February 14th to show our love. 🥰

We have prepared a lot of amenities for you, such as training support, easier enchanting, more effective work, and lots of other bonuses around every corner. 💞

And the cherry on top - after logging in, you will find two daily Valentine's Day packages stuffed with resources for the development of your player and card deck! ⚽









This event is stuffed with love, that's why, we prepared a lot of interesting facilities that are awaiting you in the game!

💗 CAFETERIA: 3x more Energy for each meal.


💗 CARD PACKS: A bonus is added to packages with card packs: 7 + 0 (no bonus) 15 + 2 | 40 + 5 | 60 + 8 | 125 + 20.


💗 CARDS: 20% more Fame Points for selling a card.



💗 TRAINING: 100% more XP from training with BOT.


💗 WORK: Mega Work Cost in energy x3 | Prize in euro x3.


💗 ENCHANTING: Increased chance of enchanting items +10% 1-20 | 20-30 2x.



💗 LOCKER ROOM:Exchange of items - 4 instead of 5.


💗 AUGMENT MULTIPLIER: greater chance of getting AUGMENTS.


💗 DRINKS:  +30% chance to create an additional DRINK - applies to drinks only.



💗 MATCH: Versatile Playstyle: 50% cheaper activation.


💗 BOOSTERS:Specializations - unlock for 1 booster.


💗 BOOSTERS:Exchange of Boosters for 2x more Energy.



💗 LOCKER ROOM:Receive 50% more Euros from selling items.


💗 LOCKER ROOM:Receive 50% more Golden Balls from selling.


💗 LOCKER ROOM: Unlock Item - 25% Off.


💗 LOCKER ROOM:Item skill change -25%.

💗 SHOP: Augmentation crystals are 50% cheaper.

💗 KEYS:2x more Free Keys for exchanging Packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


💗 CLUB POINTS: 4 additional Club Points for each Daily Calendar Challenge completed if you have an active Premium Assistant. 

💗 CLUB POINTS: 2x more Club Points (basic, without buffs) for each completed SPECIAL Daily Challenge from the Calendar.
💗 CLUB POINTS:  +1 additional Club Point for each completed regular Daily Challenge from the Calendar - for everyone.

💗 BUILDING MATERIALS: 3x more MB for items exchanged for Materials (applies only to items, does not apply to Euros, Golden Balls or Crystals).

💗 BUILDING MATERIALS: 3x more MB paid into the club's budget. Applies to Euro, Golden Balls and Crystals.



💗 MONSTER PACKS: Drop x2. 







There will be two daily bundles waiting for you in the game, which you can shoot in the heart - like Cupid. 🏹

The packages will be refreshed every 24 hours throughout the event, and they contain a strengthening for your deck and some love needed to develop your player 🥰

What will you find in our hearts? Take a look below 👇






With lots of love:

FootballTeam Crew⚽

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