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Hello all virtual footballers. In today's edition, I had the pleasure of interviewing a member of the LaFamilia team. We had the opportunity to get to know each other very well and I don't know why I decided to interview him only now. I would like to introduce you to the player edockrul.



Tell us something about yourself. What's your name, what do you do, any hobbies?

Hello, my name is Mateusz, I’m over 30 years old, I am currently a penguin keeper at the zoo. My hobbies are playing multiplayer games and sleeping.


Why do you have such a nickname and what made you start your adventure with FT?

My original nickname is edoc, when read backwards it's code. Many people thought that I was playing with cheats, so to add fuel to the fire, I came up with a cheat nickname, and the addition "krul" to it comes from an old popular cult of Counter Strike players. I started playing FT by accident because of an advertisement, it was probably the 7th season on the Polish server, but I only ended up having to create an account ^^ 2 seasons later I remembered about it and started playing actively.


What are your ambitions as a club? Stay in SuperLeague, win some Cups?

Of course, I would like to win as much as possible. I'm hungry to win. However, I am not very interested in 1st place in the Super League after the recent changes.


You've been playing LaFamilia for eight months now. How do you rate this club? 

A very stable club with a good reputation I learned a lot of things here. I spent a very pleasant time here and managed to achieve the highest goals I could. But lately I've been missing something. I definitely recommend the club to anyone who wants to jump to a higher level.


What would you change/add/remove in FT?

Relos leagues are definitely needed in the game. I would lower the prices of packages and think about some variety for players who do not invest money in the game. I would also like to see events that don't involve paying money. I would also like the cup finalists to receive a trophy or at least a team medal to honor their fight in the tournament.


Do you have enemies here? Individual units or maybe entire teams?

There will be some clubs that I don't like, such as WCIS or Rayo eSports. They repeatedly demonstrated unsportsmanlike behavior, which did not escape my attention. There will also be a few players, but I won't pay attention to them.


Why did you choose the centre forward position?

I chose a striker because I knew I would invest in the game and I thought I would do the most for the team in this position. I wanted to play as an attacking midfielder as I was on the Polish server, but currently this position is not even a shadow of the one from 3 years ago...


How do you like the newly introduced Player Card Packs?

An interesting diversion, a very big bonus for a team in which no one goes to the top of the week in training. But that's not the only advantage of it. Overall, a very cool idea.


If you were to leave LaFamilia for some reason, what team would you target?

Depends on option...If I want to further develop my ambitions, at the moment I see only one club - Stiff Boys. However, if I would like to have more fun with the game, I would choose LaFamilia2 or Polish DF. But who knows what my fate will be?


Would you like to greet someone in particular?

I would like to greet Pecelowski, who is the reason why I did not buy a strong package before the server launch "because they will be better soon" - no, they weren't you mf XD.


Thank you very much for reading the interview to the end. If you would like to ask someone a few questions on various topics, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to publish the interview with this person in the future.


Author: Lambadajew




Dear readers,


My name is Andrew Norbertson and I'm excited to bring you the final installment of my five-part series on four random teams. As always, I'll be taking a look at their skills, numbers, and league table situation. While I'm not ruling out a return to this series in the future, I'm also looking forward to covering other topics to keep things fresh. Without any delay, let's dive in and remember that all the numbers I'm sharing are up-to-date as of 07.10.2023.


The Hakuna Matata team has been a consistent member of the Super League for many seasons. Their impressive record includes winning the league once and also taking home the trophy for winning and defending the European Tournament. These accolades are the pride of the club, but the team is currently going through a rough patch. During the break between seasons, many key players left the team and it seems like the team's former glory has been lost. Hakuna Matata is currently in last place after 25 rounds of league matches, and what's worse is that they have yet to score a single point! With only 15 goals scored and 107 goals conceded, it's hard to remain optimistic. However, with the right transfer moves, the management can turn things around and get the team back on track for next season. I wish them all the best and hope that the team perseveres through this difficult period.

Rayo eSports has been a dominant force in the Spanish league, with numerous achievements under their belt, including topping the league and winning the Domestic Cup. However, this season has been a tough one, with the emergence of their league rival, PEAKY BLINDERS. Both teams are determined to win the league, and after 25 rounds, Rayo eSports are currently in first place, with a one-point lead over their second place rival. The two-legged match between the two teams has already taken place, with each team winning one game. It's still uncertain who will come out on top and win the championship title. When it comes to the Rayo eSports team, some of the best players would have to be Futboler as a defender, Andrzej Dominguez as a midfielder and Rayo Junajted as a striker and team president all in one. They bring a lot of skill and leadership to the team, making them valuable assets on and off the field.

The competition in the current season seems to be intense not only for the Rayo eSports team but also for Łosie w Kosmosie. This team has been dominating the Italian league for quite some time now, having won numerous important trophies. However, this season seems to be different due to the relegation of KS TRZYNACHA from the Super League. They could be the ones to break the reign of Łosie w Kosmosie in the Italian league. After 25 rounds, the difference between the top two teams is just 3 points in favour of KS TRZYNACHA. It's hard to predict who will win the championship, but it will definitely be an exciting race to watch.

KKS Remis Rakieta seems to have quite an impressive history despite currently playing in the 2nd Spanish league. It's interesting to note that they've finished 2nd in the German 1st division twice, 3rd in the Italian 1st division and 7th in the Super League. It's clear that this team has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, their current form does not reflect their past achievements. However, they have secured promotion and are set to return to the 1st league. It remains to be seen if they can reclaim their former glory. I would like to wish you good luck.


The time of this series has come to an end. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your time and attention spent on reading my last 5 articles in this series.

Author: Andrew Norbertson




A rather important event will take place in the FT very soon. Merge American and English servers. And in anticipation of that, I talked to the players and asked them what they thought about it.



The players were asked the following question: 

The American and English servers will be merged into one. What do you think about it? What are the pros and cons? Your personal expectations.

Let's see what they said.


Harry Maguire

Let me start by saying that I was shocked when I found out about it. I was hoping that the US server would still be operational after the South American server was closed.

It is also surprising that match times will remain European,, which means that many players will have to give up playing FootballTeam due to time constraints. However, we must state the fact that the American server is dying, mainly the market. The European server will definitely benefit from this merger. I'm looking forward to the competition between two (three) continents. Next season may bring many surprises and unexpected twists in the Super League and other league/cup competitions. I am hopeful that the administration made the right decision.



This is the right move, and I fully support it. Ideally, merge all servers into one and I have a lot to say on this issue, but this will be beyond the scope of the question. More players on the server is a plus, the minus is that the top players will not have enough space in the SL, which means that the fight in the first leagues will become even more boring, the dominance of one or two clubs. Radical changes in the game are needed here.



I feel it's kind of unfair. I've got a lot of info from the top1 player on the US server and I know how much easier it is to play there. Pros:the game gets more interesting (new clubs, new players) cons: it is way easier to progress on the US server so it's a bit unfair for the EU players.


Lord Vаder:

The idea of unification is good and expected. This will give more active players. I take it on the positive side, because there will be more competition, it will be more interesting to play. The disadvantages can only be in the distribution of leagues, several teams can leave the league, their place will be taken by colleagues from America. I think there are more advantages, the average online is higher, the market will get new buyers.



Hmm it is very interesting idea in overall.

The good things are for sure: more players and more good teams which is always good for competitions. But of course we cannot forget about in-game market differences which have a big impact on player develop opportunities, possibilities to purchase items etc. And last but not least - time difference. Some of the US server players have chosen that specific server because of the timezone - so they wouldn’t be happy I think.

I’m also curious about players who have active and well developed accounts on both servers - will they continue to play on both accounts?

I do not have any special expectations from my side. The only thing is that there will be more players and I hope that timezone wouldn’t be an issue.



It's hard to say yet. On the plus side, I can assume that with the arrival of new people, there will be more competition and more interesting matches. It is also possible that the teams will find a boost from the players of the American server. On the other hand, it is not yet clear how the market will react. Raising or lowering prices, for some it is a plus, for someone it is a minus. Also, among the minuses, I include another change in the time zone. And I think the players who came from America are going to suffer more because of that. Also, among the disadvantages for the American server, I will note their level, those who are in the top players and teams will clearly not be in the first roles there. Euroserver is much stronger.


At the end of the article, I want to say that this event is a very important and necessary step that will finally be implemented. What pros and cons the merger will bring, we will find out very soon.

Thank you to all the players who participated in the survey.


Author: Zidane





Welcome to the next edition of the Trading Column! What happened to the Market this week? The value of Gold Items have decreased and much more! Please feel free to read it. 


Lowest price of Green - Gold Items

The price of Green Items ranged between 18-24 Credits. 

Red Items cost 70 Credits.

The value of Gold Items are decreased. Currently, the cheapest one we can buy for 349 Credits. That’s over 100 Credits less than a week ago.



The lowest price of Green-Platinum Balls

Green Manufacture Ball on Offensive Play (+30 PTS) is the cheapest Ball on the market and costs 3000 Credits.

Red Ball on Offensive Play (+40 PTS) costs 6499 Credits.  

Gold Manufacture Ball on Pressing (+73 PTS) costs 10500 Credits

Platinum Conqueror’s Ball on Efficiency (+55 PTS) costs 9500 Credits and is the cheapest Platinum Ball on the market 



The lowest price of Green - Platinum Wristbands

Green Wristband of the Betting Champion on Offensive Play (+30 PTS) costs 3999 Credits.

Red Wristbands are not available on the market

Gold Domestic Wristband on Stamina (+50 PTS) costs 6999 Credits.

Platinum Wristband on Efficiency (+55 PTS) costs 11999 Credits.



The lowest price of Diamond Balls and Wristbands

Diamond Manufacture Ball  on Pressing (+125 PTS) costs 19999 Credits.

Diamond Conqueror Wristband on Defensive Play (+143.7 PTS) costs 19700 Credits.



The lowest price of Green - Platinum Shin pads

Green Manufacture Shin Pads on Efficiency (+39.9 PTS) costs 4999 Credits.

Red Manufacture Shin Pads are not available on the market

Gold Manufacture Shin Pads on Stamina (+93 PTS) cost 15000 Credits. 

Platinum Manufacture Shin Pads on Set Pieces (+55 PTS) costs 19000 Credits.



The lowest price of Material Fragments

White Fragment - 4 to 7 Credits

Red Fragment -6 to 8 Credits

Blue Fragment - 6 to 8 Credits

Green Fragment - 4 to 8 Credits

Yellow Fragment - 15 to 18 Credits



Common Packs

Bronze Pack - 4 Credits

Silver Pack - 5 Credits

Gold Pack - 11 Credits

Platinum Pack - 23 Credits

Diamond Pack - 45 Credits



Crystals of Success

Green Crystal of Success - 180 Credits

Red Crystal of Success - 350 Credits

Gold Crystal of Success - 1389 Credits

Platinum Crystal of Success - 3199 Credits




a/ Increasing Skills

Rocket Fuel Drink- allows making a free Training Centre

II (+100 Trainings) - 800 Credits

III (+200 Trainings) - 150 Credits

IV (+300 Trainings) - 230 Credits

V (+500 Trainings) - 530 Credits

Team Training Drink - more trainings in team training (one skill)

IV (50%) - 29 Credits

V (80%) - 78 Credits



b/ Cheaper training (euro)

Pennywise Drink- reduces the price of a Euro in training for a given period of time

II (-15% for 30 minutes) - 5  Credits

III (-30% for 30 minutes) - 47 Credits

IV (-20% for 6 hours) - 30 Credits

V (-30% for 6 hours) - 99 Credits



c/ Cheaper training (energy)

Provident Drink - reduces the cost of Energy when training with a bot

II (-10% for 30 minutes) - 40 Credits

III (-20% for 30 minutes) - 294 Credits

IV (-10% for 6 hours) - 114 Credits

V (-20% for 6 hours) - 640Credits



d/ More Euro from work

Millionaire Drink- increases the Euro gained from Work

I (+20% for 30 min) - 12 Credits

II (+50% for 30 min) - 29 Credits

III (+100% for 30 min) - not available on the market

IV (+50% for 6 hours) -  39 Credits

V (+100% for 6 hours) - 221 Credits



e/ Selling Items

Golden Drink- increases the number of Golden Balls for selling Items

III (+20% for 15 minutes) - 49 Credits

IV (+45% for 15 minutes) - 70 Credits

V (+70% for 15 minutes)- 188 Credits

Dealer Drink - increases the number of Euro for selling Items

III (30% for 15 minutes) - are not available on the market. 

IV (65% for 15 minutes) - not available on the market

V (100% for 15 minutes) - 90 Credits



f/ Others

Engagement Drink - free engagement activation at any level

33% - 99 Credits



Thank you for reading my article. We'll see you next week! 


Author: Wyl3winho




Hello, this is Matushevsky!


Last week I finished the series of cost analysis of individual collections in Fame Points. At the end, there is a summary of all collections divided into types of prizes. This week I decided to present in which collections we will receive how much energy - to sort it and standardize it, because many people are looking for specific bonuses and do not know in which collection they will find them most advantageously.




Let's see what they look like sorted:


1/ INSKPOT 2ND: 500 Energy - 120 Fame Points

2/ SAIYAJINS: 1,000 Energy - 1330 Fame Points

3/ ENGINE FAULT: 1,000 Energy - 1220 Fame Points

4/ GIENTKIE OPONY: 1,500 Energy - 180 Fame Points

5/ UPGRADED AND COMMON RIGHT MIDFIELDERS: 1,500 Energy - 780 Fame Points

6/ PLAYERS WHO LIKE TO DRINK: 2,000 Energy - 180 Fame Points

7/ ELITE HUNTERS: 2,000 Energy - 520 Fame Points 

8/ TEAMS WITH CITY IN THEIR NAME: 4,000 Energy - 470 Fame Points

9/ LIONHEART: 5,000 Energy - 560 Fame Points


11/ WYSPA SPOKOJNEJ STAROŚCI: 7,500 Energy - 1540 Fame Points

12/ UPGRADED AND COMMON CENTER FORWARDS: 8,000 Energy - 780 Fame Points

13/ TEAMS WITH ”FC” IN THEIR NAME: 10,000 Energy - 1980 Fame Points

14/ BOSTON BRUINS: 10,000 Energy - 2200 Fame Points

15/ OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS: 10,000 Energy - 2400 Fame Points

16/ CENTER MIDFIELDERS AND DEFENDERS: 10,000 Energy - 2400 Fame Points

17/ TACHIBANA BROS: 10,000 Energy - 3670 Fame Points

18/ TWO OF THEM LIKE THREE OF US: 10,000 Energy - 4770 Fame Points

19/ THE LEGENDS OW: 15,000 Energy - 5380 Fame Points

20/ GOALKEEPERS (EPIC): 25,000 Energy - 3600 Fame Points

21/ DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS (EPIC): 50,000 Energy - 7200 Fame Points

22/ NORTHERN FLEET (TEAM): 50,000 Energy - 9 480 Fame Points

23/ LEFT DEFENDERS (TOP20): 50,000 Energy - 11 680 Fame Points

24/ EPIC FORWARDS: 80,000 Energy - 10800 Fame Points

25/ RADIOACTIVE SQUAD (TEAM): 100,000 Energy - 13 630 Fame Points

26/ FORWARDS (LEGENDARY): 100,000 Energy - 19 200 Fame Points


Please remember that energy is not the only reward in these collections, but if we lack energy the most at a given moment, the best ones are:


1/ PLAYERS WHO LIKE TO DRINK - 0,09 Fame Points per 1 energy

2/ UPGRADED AND COMMON CENTER FORWARDS - 0,098 Fame Points per 1 energy

3/ LIONHEART - 0,112 Fame Points per 1 energy

4/ TEAMS WITH CITY IN THEIR NAME - 0,118 Fame Points per 1 energy

5/ GIENTKIE OPONY - 0,12 Fame Points per 1 energy

6/ EPIC FORWARDS - 0,135 Fame Points per 1 energy

7/ RADIOACTIVE SQUAD (TEAM) - 0,136 Fame Points per 1 energy

8/ GOALKEEPERS (EPIC) - 0,144 Fame Points per 1 energy

9/ DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS (EPIC) - 0,144 Fame Points per 1 energy

10/ UPGRADED AND COMMON OFFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS - 0,156 Fame Points per 1 energy

11/ NORTHERN FLEET (TEAM) - 0,19 Fame Points per 1 energy

12/ FORWARDS (LEGENDARY) - 0,192 Fame Points per 1 energy

13/ TEAMS WITH ”FC” IN THEIR NAME - 0,198 Fame Points per 1 energy

14/ WYSPA SPOKOJNEJ STAROŚCI - 0,205 Fame Points per 1 energy


Thank you for your attention, I will come back next week with an analysis of collections containing golden balls.


Author: Matushevsky




Good afternoon everyone, congratulations to everyone on the anniversary issue of the journal.



The  Champions Tournament final is an annual event that brings together the finest football clubs from across Europe for a thrilling showdown. This highly anticipated match is the culmination of an arduous journey, filled with intense competition, riveting moments, and unforgettable performances. Fans eagerly await this grand occasion, which showcases the pinnacle of European football.


The road to the final is paved with determination and resilience. Clubs battle it out in their respective Tournaments to secure a spot in this prestigious tournament. The group stages test their mettle, as they face off against formidable opponents from various countries. The knockout rounds further intensify the competition, with each tie carrying the weight of advancing or being eliminated. Only the best survive and progress to the final stages.


Every year, the final is held in a different iconic stadium, adding to the allure and mystique of the event. This hallowed ground becomes the battleground for the two deserving teams that have fought tooth and nail to reach this stage. The atmosphere within the stadium is electric, with fans from both sides creating an impassioned ambiance. The sea of colors, flags, and banners waving in the stands is a testament to the devotion and loyalty of the supporters.


The final represents the pinnacle of club football, with both teams showcasing their unique styles, tactics, and star players. The game is a tactical chess match, as managers meticulously plan their strategies to exploit their opponents' weaknesses. Every decision, substitution, and formation change can have a pivotal impact on the outcome. The coaches' ability to read the game and make crucial adjustments is key to gaining the upper hand.


The players themselves are under immense pressure to perform at their best. The final is an opportunity to showcase their talent on the grandest stage, where millions of eyes are fixed upon them. Moments of individual brilliance can tilt the game in their team's favor or create a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. The final often sees legends emerge, with inspiring performances etching their names into football history.


The intensity of the final is matched only by the passion and support of the fans. Supporters travel from far and wide, immersing themselves in the atmosphere surrounding the match. Chants and songs reverberate throughout the stadium, creating an incredible spectacle. The fans' unwavering dedication and unwavering belief in their team can provide an extra push and become a crucial factor in determining the outcome of the game.


The final is not only about the result but also about the celebration of football as a global phenomenon. It brings together people from different cultures, backgrounds, and languages, all united by their love for the game. It transcends borders and fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. The final is a celebration of the beautiful game and its ability to bridge divides and bring people together.


Beyond the 90 minutes of play, the final is an experience that encompasses much more. It is a culmination of skill, passion, and dreams. It represents the pinnacle of achievement for both individual players and their clubs. The winning team not only lifts the coveted trophy but also secures a place in football history, forever etching their name among the greats of the game.


In conclusion, the  Champions Tournament final is an exhilarating spectacle that captivates football fans around the world. It brings together the best teams, players, and supporters in a celebration of the sport. The final represents the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and determination. It is a showcase of the intricacies and beauty of football, creating unforgettable memories and legends that will endure for generations. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the excitement of the  Champions Tournament final.


They will meet in the Final: LaFamilia  -  Stiff Boys 


At the moment, two players are fighting for the top scorer:

Toby - 31 goals;

Noir  - 30 goals.


The competition for the best assistant is more active:

Sir aLLu - 9 assists;

Acherat - 7 assists;

Jonasz - 7 assists.


Top 3 best defenders: 

Jokero - 14 points;

Byk z Pampeluny - 8 points;

B A R T M A N - 8 points.


Author: Senya Shelove


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8 months ago
A lot of mulciaks
8 months ago
I can see that even the newspaper shows the complexity and jealousy of what kind of player I am Mentioning Andriy Domiquez as the best midfielder in Rayo Esports is quite a joke , because the guy half a season inactive , which in addition changed ownership in the middle of the season , and not to name the leader in assists in 1 league , just clearly shows the jealousy of what kind of player I am .Laughter in the hall .
8 months ago
Inactive half a season a colleague/ex-colleague climbed shows only how it hurts him hejters then I develop as a helper :)And such a hejt only mobilizes for more developmentGreetings you can laugh at the newspaper.
8 months ago
I got the information that he was Andrew Domiquez was only subscribed because he played in the club We Car IT Socscer with a newspaperman who lacks professionalism and neutrality in writing a given article
8 months ago
Przeproś rodziców i nie komentuj dalej
8 months ago
Pjoter zmień pieluchę, bo Ci zaraz Kuba rozpruwacz wyjdzie na spacer w logach
8 months ago
Pjoter dalej swoje xd
8 months ago
Hi Kira. I see that you hastily judged my article. I recommend you to read the whole series, in which it is in my opinion that I choose in some cases 3 people who I think are the best in a given team. The statistics in these articles are not a determinant.
8 months ago
If you are so in need of attentiveness because this is not the first time you have spoken in a toxic manner at FootballTeam I will be happy to address your topic individually in my next SJ.
8 months ago
Only I have one problem... I wonder whether to start writing the article with your phenomenal stats or the number of performances. Actually, that's not the only problem because the other one is that I don't know which of your multi-accounts to choose. I'm supposed to choose Kira Light Yagami 17 (ID 295), Rozwalacz Czaszek (ID 23458) or Shota Aizawa (ID 7427). Tell me, which of your accounts should I choose? Kind regards
8 months ago
These are no longer my accounts for a long time, so you have misinformation, one, two 90% of the server has.mulciaki so you have not discovered America :) surely it was Andrew's account inactive half the season led Rayo to success, if you did not want to mention the leader of assists because you have an excuse, then you should have already mentioned at least Junior from our team who won the bronze medal, I like your hegemony because it only strengthens me you do not know from the real world and judging by the game 😅😅😅.
8 months ago
But all in all, everyone pours on these newspapers , I like to be underestimated because the greater my appetite for development :) You think they don't have mulciaks in your club :) don't be pathetic , because it just shows in your comments how much complexity and jealousy there is in you , it's also quite easy to see that mostly I'm being hated by weaker players this is the norm on the internet :) dogs bark Caravan goes on . Greetings believe me I am not moved by your texts :) 😅
8 months ago
I've gotten used over the years to controversial people like Paul Pogba , or even Mario Balotelli , it just doesn't move me to pass that the easiest way to attack a larger group of individuals :) It's okay to talk just it drives me to be better and better :)
8 months ago
My article was not intended to offend you so I don't know where such assumptions came from. I suggest more slackness and an open mind and you will be much better off. Your insults directed towards me in private messages were also unnecessary.
8 months ago
I will mention again because I see that you do not understand me. The three players chosen are chosen solely in my opinion and not everyone has to agree. If you need attentiveness we can do a separate article and take a stronger look at your player's story just pick one of your many accounts to evaluate. Greetings
8 months ago
I only play on this account .that's one two this season Andrew's account was inactive for almost 2 weeks ,since it was taken over by one of the Rayo players ,wi f in no way this season is a reinforcement since he was a lot of inactive ,from no angle only at the end of the season when the new owner started to manage him which gave anything but this season is lost ,I like to discuss in a public forum but the fact is I don't agree with you and even some people with whom you write are of the opinion that you just underestimated me a former teammate.Fellowship :) But well you keep on hating :) it works in my favor.
8 months ago

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