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10/ FIFA THE BEST 2023






Today I will give you a key clue when it comes to winning even matches!!!


In this section we talk about all the fundamental topics when putting together your tactics and studying your matches, it is essential that you understand that we can talk for hours about a thousand different topics but there is ONE THEME THAT CROSSES ALL THE TOPICS - This is The Stamina of the players. 

When managing a game you can take into account things about the creation, how many midfielders, how many forwards or how many defenders, if it is convenient to have hyper offense or if it is convenient to play more creatively, but very few people stop to read the resistance of their players and that of the opponents in an even match, that is why today I am going to make a special mini guide so that everyone can quickly learn how to correctly calculate the performance of the RESISTANCE of each player.




It is important to understand that from approximately minute 50 (you must count to know the exact moment) the RESISTANCE of the players begins to run out.


The player with the most STRENGTH on the field is the "Top stamina on the field" (you can see an example of this in the photo attached to this article), you have to use the data that the game gives you to calculate performance as follows:



If the player with the most stamina on the field has 900 stamina, that player will play the entire game at max level.


The calculation that must be done is the following: 900 divided by 90 minutes, that will give us in this example: 10


How is that data used? In the following way: what we have to do is calculate how many minutes we are going to be good on the field with our STAMINA, so if we have, for example, 700 of STAMINA, we are going to divide 700/10 (that number 10 is the one that gives us the "top stamina player on the pitch") and that gives us 70 as a result.

Or what is the same as saying that at minute 70 our player's skills are going to start to plummet and performance in the game will be seen to drop at an unbridled rate.


The good news is that if nobody gives it the importance that STAMINA requires, nothing happens, that is, all the players will fall at the same time and in the same way, but if your team does not give it importance and all 11 of your rival's players are activating stamina or wearing stamina garments there you will see how they pass you over, as if your players were a training cone.

The best we can do is get STAMINA clothes that are the same gear as our set clothes for these moments.

For example, we put together a T-shirt and some RESISTANCE boots and surely if our base is close to 700, by adding these items we can be close to the 900 that are needed in this example for our player to resist.


Even if necessary (because it's not enough with the clothes you have for resistance), they can also ACTIVATE STAMINA in the Versatile playstyle to have more of a base.


The important thing is to try to get our players as close as possible to the maximum, if we don't have it well trained it will surely cost a lot, but it is important that they start to take it into account and that they arrive in any way, or with a set, or activating the style of play or however they want or come to mind. But keep that in mind, don't complain when the other team makes you sleep and your players can't lift their legs.




A good way to use this information is by taking and setting goals per season in resistance training, for example asking that the whole team have more or less the same base so that no one is out of tune. Obviously later if you wear a temporary stamina garment it may cause your playmates to fall out of their own stamina. Be careful with this too, as well as controlling how much each one has to train. It is also important that you understand that if a player on your team has a garment that makes everyone's performance drop, that is also so bad like he doesn't have anything. If you see something like that, ask immediately that they not play with that item of clothing or remove him from the team in the 2nd half.




If you see that your team and the one you face are similar and that it is going to be a very even match, go directly to see how much STAMINA the players of the team you are facing have. If they have much more than your players, take this into account when passing the game tactics to your players (for example, you will tell all your teammates that from the 50th minute onwards they use their set of clothes with stamina, and that they activate stamina at 33% in the playing style versatile, that is putting together a game tactic before the game).


On the other hand, if you see that your team is stronger than your rival in STAMINA, it is also a good strategy that from minute 50 onwards, just in case your rival uses the counter tactic of putting stamina to equal you, you can do that too. Your team activates stamina so that what the rival team does directly does not matter and drags around the playing field and you easily win the game.


All of these tactics are allowed and are good strategies for winning even matches!





Hello, this is Matushevsky!


I invite you to a weekly portion of analyses:


45/ TACHIBANA BROS: 3670 Fame Points

Previously it was:

10,000 Energy - this is approximately 37 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1110 credits

1x Hero Drink - 1200 credits

3x Pennywise Drink III - 3 x 137 credits = 411 credits

2x Team Training Drink IV - 2 x 99 credits = 198 credits

5x Provident Drink II - 5 x 60 credits = 300 credits

60 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 3219 credits.

It is now:

11,250 Energy - this is approximately 42 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1260 credits

7,500 Golden Balls - The Enchanter Pack on the market currently costs 296 credits - this pack gives 2000-3000 GB, so the average cost of 1000 GB is about 130 credits. The average value of this bonus is 975 credits.

50% more Bot Trainings for 24h - the value is difficult to estimate, I set the value of the bonus at 200 credits

10x Platinum Pack - 10 x 20 credits = 200 credits

3x Card Pack - 3 x 340 credits = 1020 credits

60 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 3219 credits, the current value of the collection is about 3655 credits. A green collection that increases in value! In this case it is 13,5%! Amazing!


46/ TWO OF THEM LIKE THREE OF US: 4770 Fame Points

Previously it was:

10,000 Energy - this is approximately 37 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1110 credits

1x Golden Crystal of Success - 2200 credits

3x Pennywise Drink III - 3 x 137 credits = 411 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink II - 5 x 80 credits = 400 credits

1x Adaptability Drink IV - not available on the market, its price is around 500 credits

78 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 4621 credits.

It is now:

7,500 Energy - this is approximately 28 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 840 credits

3,000 Golden Balls - average cost of 1000 GB is about 130 credits. The average value of this bonus is 390 credits

2x Provident Drink V - 2 x 940 credits = 1880 credits

Ball of Success +28% - he cheapest 28% ball costs 5000 credits, but a 40% ball costs 2550 credits, so the value of the weaker ball cannot be higher

2x Training Pack - 2 x 350 credits = 700 credits

78 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 4621 credits, the current value of the collection is about 6360 credits. Wait a moment. Hasn't the administration changed the prizes from the collection behind our backs again? This time for something more interesting? The next green one increases in value, in this case as much as 37,5%


47/ TEAM SPIRIT: 1350 Fame Points

Previously it was:

5x Enchanter Pack - 5 x 296 credits = 1480 credits

5x Crafter Pack - 5 x 288 credits = 1440 credits

3x Millionaire Drink III - not available on the market, but its price should be around 200 credits so 3 x 200 credits = 600 credits

3x Provident Drink III - 3 x 170 credits = 510 credits

2x Dealer Drink III - completely worthless, I do not include it in the value

25 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 4030 credits.

It is now:

4,125 Energy - this is approximately 15,5 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 465 credits

10x Premium Key - 250 credits

50% more Euro from work for 24h - the bonus is difficult to estimate, let's assume that we can gain EUR 300 million. 1 million euros costs 1,800 credits, so 300 million is worth approximately 540 credits

15x Silver Pack - 15 x 7 credits = 105 credits

15x Bronze Pack - 15 x 6 credits = 90 credits

25 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 4030 credits, the current value of the collection is about 1450 credits. Fortunately, we are coming back to reality, apparently the previous collections were some kind of system error. Loss of value at the level of 65%. Standard.


48/ TEAMS WITH ”FC” IN THEIR NAME: 1980 Fame Points

Previously it was:

10,000 Energy - this is approximately 37 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1110 credits

6x Green Crystal of Success - 6 x 310 credits = 1860 credits

3x Millionaire Drink III - not available on the market, but its price should be around 200 credits so 3 x 200 credits = 600 credits

3x Provident Drink III - 3 x 170 credits = 510 credits

2x Golden Drink III - not available on the market, but its price should be around 80 credits, so 2 x 80 credits = 160 credits

36 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 4240 credits.

It is now:

3,375 Energy - this is approximately 12,5 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 375 credits

Card Pack - 340 credits

50% more Bot Trainings for 24h - the value is difficult to estimate, I set the value of the bonus at 200 credits

10 Extra Meals for one day - it gives us 1250 energy, so this is approximately 5 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 150 credits

Premium Assistant for 1 day - 720 credits / 7 = 103 credits

36 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 4240 credits, the current value of the collection is about 1168 credits. And at the end of today we have a record! 72.5% loss!


See you next week!


Author: Matushevsky







Greetings everyone. The 13th season of our football adventure has come to an end. So it's time to make teams of the best players in the Leagues.

A few words about the rules. The choice of strikers will be based on the number of goals scored, midfielders on the number of assists, defenders on the number of interventions. And the best goalkeepers will be determined by the coefficient, which is calculated as the ratio of the number of goals conceded/minutes played as a goalkeeper. But everyone knows that the number of interventions does not always reflect the true contribution of the defender to the success of the team. Therefore, 1 defender will be selected for the most interventions, and 2 more defenders will be selected for the highest OVR at the time of writing. 

In this case, it's January 18th. The layout of the players on the field is 3-4-3. In my opinion, this is the best scheme that reflects the distribution of forces in the team and is the most suitable for such articles. It is possible that some of the players will change clubs by the time the Sports Journal is released. Let's go.




Let's start with the goalkeeper. Hype got the best statistics at the end of the season. Number of conceded goals/minutes played as the goalkeeper 0,0061. At the time of writing, the player was without a club. If necessary, a substitute goalkeeper - Gianlluigi Buffon (THUNDER) - will be able to take a place in the goal. His OVR among goalkeepers is the highest (5786).

Now let's choose the defenders. The best in terms of the number of interventions was Carles Puyol Saforcada (Dream State). 53 interventions. Now the player has changed his role and became a midfielder. We will choose 2 more defenders by the highest OVR. They are krulikos (THUNDER) (OVR 5638) and Reginald (Public Enemies) (OVR 5213).

Let's move on to the players in the middle of the field. Zazu (THUNDER) became the best in terms of the number of assists - 28. Next, we will strengthen the midfield with 3 more players who have had a great season. They are bardep (We Call It Soccer), Mokasyn (THUNDER) and Nedregas (Public Enemies).

It remains to choose the best forwards. And judging by the statistics, Won Voyage (We Call It Soccer) became the best. The player has 66 goals scored. Unfortunately, the We Call It Soccer club disbanded. We will also put Patrickkk (Public Enemies) and Parmigiano Reggiano (THUNDER) in the offensive line, who spent the season at a high level.

The Super League team has been formed and you can see it in the screenshot.



Now let's study the statistics of players playing in the 1st League.

Let's start with the goalkeeper. The best stats are for the goalkeeper Roostik (BAVOVNA). Number of conceded goals/minutes played as the goalkeeper - 0,0005. Our gates will be reliably protected. The backup goalkeeper will be Machi (Polish DF) (OVR 1523). 

Next, we will select the best defenders. The Sergio Santarini (AK Elite Team) defender has the largest number of interventions at the end of the season. The number of interventions is 48. Now I need to choose 2 defenders with the best OVR among 1st League. Fibonacci (Rayo eSports) and Jokero (Fortaleza Vinchies) became such defenders.

Let's move on to the choice of midfielders. And there are a lot of great players here. But let's choose the best ones. 54 assists per season - that's how much the best midfielder has in League 1. This is Pedrito (BAVOVNA). Next, we can't do without Артём Журавлёв 68 (Go Complain), HadroNi (Anonymous) and Qwiker (Polish DF), who had a great season. That's why they're on our team.

It remains to choose the strikers. The best forward was Rayo Junajted (Rayo eSports), who scored 94 goals. Euzebio (Los Angeles Clickers) and Karondor (Stiff Boys II) were a little behind him in terms of goals scored. They are in 2nd and 3rd place.

The best players of the 1st League have been determined. You can see all of them in the screenshot below.


Season 14 is ahead, let it be even more exciting and unpredictable. Good luck to everyone.

Author: Zidane




Dear readers,


Hello to you after a week's break. This is Andrew Norbertson and I invite you to read my article. Surely every FootballTeam Game player likes information regarding transfers - and there was no shortage of them in the pre-season transfer window i.e.. I encourage you to read it!


A short holiday in the THUNDER


The culmination of each season is the playing of the Champions Tournament and the European Tournament on the final day of the season. A highly unusual situation occurred for the THUNDER team when their goalkeeper, Hype, left the team on the final day. The situation caused a lot of controversy, and this sparked quite a discussion on the discord. From the information I have, there was a hack on the account of one of the rivals' players, who had the login and password necessary to log in, and then left the club. What was the truth? The accused party does not admit the allegations, while the injured party himself does not wish to comment on the subject. Without clear evidence, no one can be accused - it is noteworthy that after losing the final match, the THUNDER player was reinstated to the team by the game administrators. Don't you find this strange?


In other transfers in the popular "family", ZYX left the club to join the RedBull Fighters, while Dix joined the team from We Call It Soccer......


We Call It Soccer


Well, just from the We Call It Soccer team. There is a lot of excitement in the game and it is mainly this that keeps many of us at FootballTeam. As the classic says, something ends, something begins, and a decision was made in the team that most of you already know well. The We Call It Soccer players, after the break-up, have mainly fed into top teams such as Bella Ciao, Dream State or Polish DF. Are you looking forward to the return of We Car It? Let us know in the comments!


Public Enemies


We saw very little change in the PE team; there was only one change in their personnel. Manek MT joined the club on a player swap basis, and DarQ Mrokos joined the Stiff Boys team. It has to be taken into account that almost half of the Public Enemies players are not yet 100% in sync, plus Public Enemies is a merger with KS Trzynacha, La Familia and Stiff Boys and it's hard to find a place in the line-up here.


Dream State


The third force on the EU server currently is the Dream State team, a team well-known to all from the Polish server. The club's management was very active in this transfer window and brought top players to the club. Fibonacci (from Rayo eSports), who not so long ago represented the colours of We Call It Soccer, has joined the team. In addition to him, Trill, Aczak, Jonasz, Beny and Wojtek Szczęsny have also joined from WCIS. For those interested and familiar with the subject, the Dream State team has strengthened in every position except striker, where they have two really good players. There is nothing left to do but wait for the new additions to improve their chemistry and wish them good luck!


Bella Ciao


Is the Bella Ciao team now playing with helpers from the We Call It Soccer team? Nothing could be further from the truth. A decent midfield line is the foundation of the team's performance, and Łysy Pereira, TYMONIO and DishofFish are players who, with 100% chemistry, will be the strength of the BC team. Also joining the team from WCIS is Munio, who plays matches in the forward position.


Polish DF


We are already approaching the end of the article, but the transfers made by the premier league team Polish DF deserve a mention. The clear favourite in the Spanish league has made some top transfers, including Blomek, bardep, Won Voyage, burN and Lajt. As you can see, most We Call It Soccer players have dispersed to other clubs in larger groups, so the team atmosphere should not fade! 


From the transfer window, that would be it. Of course, I considered the teams or players I listed as the "top" ones, and, normally, there were many more transfers. Which top transfer did I overlook? Let me know in the comments section!


At the very end, I would like to wish all my We Call It Soccer colleagues good luck again, as many trophies as possible and the best individual numbers!


We car it top!!!


Author: Andrew Norbertson




Good afternoon, dear readers of the magazine.Welcome to the next issue. Sit back and enjoy reading the magazine. 

On Friday, the nineteenth of January, the fourteenth season in the European server.


After interesting manipulations in the off-season, an interesting eight of the super league gathered. Last offseason, before the thirteenth season, the fight for the super league was intense, and four clubs claimed the last 2 places. This time the situation was no worse: for one free place in the super league, three clubs did their best not to get there. All legal and illegal methods were used, from replacing cards with weak ones to joining the club after draw. Of course, it's not for me to judge this, there are other examples for this.


This weekend, a small change was added to the weekend event, which is alarming, namely the unlocking of specializations for 0 boosters. What was that? Is it really preparing us for new booster prices, and like, here you enjoy it, but it will be different later.


There is also a small topic for conversation. Starting this week, for a variety of duels on the maps, the developers are introducing themed weeks of duels. This week, only green and lower cards can be used. But besides that, there are many flaws that make it a little uncomfortable to play. For example, you can not put the same card in two decks, perhaps on ordinary days it is unnoticeable, but in thematic weeks you need to delete your decks every time and make yourself a new one. You only need to spend five minutes of your time on it, but it's a game and not everyone wants to spend their time on it. What do you think about this?


At this point, we conclude our short article. Thank you all for reading, I hope you are interested in it. As always, I wish every player good luck in the new season and more victories to every player and club.


Author: Dodo




Hello everyone, readers. This article will not be positive, because one team can apparently afford absolutely everything. Łosie w Kosmosie, team of the 1st Italian League. The team has been sitting in the same place since season 5, not moving in any direction. Why am I writing this article? Good question. In previous seasons, I didn’t give a damn, I wrote positive articles and didn’t pay attention to the chaos that they were doing, breaking the rules of the game, for which other teams were punished. Let's start with the fact that when distributed into leagues, some of the main players set themselves things that reduce their OVR, deliberately lowering it so as not to get into the SL. Further  the team, I don’t know why, but they changed the scheme and tactics many times, which is a deliberate understatement of the team’s OVR. Yes, they won, but the score 2:3 with a team whose over was +-200 looks as strange as possible, I am sure that they were probably counting on a draw or a loss in order to win the bet with the highest possible odds. And yes, I know that perhaps I will encounter angry messages in my direction, but know, for every aggressive message in my direction, from hysterical whiners, I will feel that this made you angry, that at least someone who saw that you create, spoke out, because this is an absolute clownery. I will write similar articles every time I see such violations. I don't care, but this is as wrong as it gets.


A little proof of my words: the match Łosie w Kosmosie and Golosinas FC. 922 OVR vs 169 OVR. HMMMMMMMM 3:2 score.



Day of distribution: Łukasz Piwowarczyk 1140 OVR and pay attention to his things. Today: 2113 OVR.




And now the most interesting “Team Captain - Lord Privy Dr4PiK” - a person sets an excellent example for his team, and also changes the set during distribution to a lower one. Distribution day 1476 OVR, today 1748 OVR.




And these are only two players that I was able to screenshot.


Everyone should always be on equal terms. Thank you for your attention. 


Author:Senya Shelove






Hi! In this article, we will ask GPT Chat what the nicknames of players from individual teams mean. 


1/Byk z Pampeluny

The username "Byk z Pampeluny" in Polish translates to "Bull from Pamplona" in English. Pamplona is a city in Spain known for the annual Running of the Bulls during the San Fermín festival. The choice of this username may suggest a connection to or fascination with the cultural and traditional event. It could also imply qualities associated with bulls, such as strength, determination, or even a sense of adventure. The user might have a fondness for Spanish culture, bullfighting, or simply finds the symbolism behind the bull intriguing. Overall, the username hints at a unique and possibly dynamic persona with ties to a specific cultural reference.



The username "kristof555k" appears to be a combination of the name "Kristof" and the alphanumeric sequence "555k." The name "Kristof" is likely a personal name, and the numbers could have various meanings.The repeated number "5" might be chosen for personal significance, luck, or as part of a sequence with a special meaning to the user. The letter "k" at the end could represent an initial, a nickname, or another personal touch. Overall, usernames like "kristof555k" often incorporate personal elements, and the specific meaning might be known only to the individual who created it. It could be a combination of a name and numbers that hold personal significance or are chosen for their aesthetic appeal.



The username "Zajkokokorajko" seems to be a playful and creative combination of sounds or syllables. It doesn't immediately convey a specific meaning, and it appears to be more of a whimsical or inventive username.Users often choose usernames that are unique, fun, or hold personal significance to them. In this case, "Zajkokokorajko" might be a completely invented term or a combination of elements that the user finds interesting or amusing. It could be a nickname, a wordplay, or a combination of sounds that the user found appealing when creating their online identity.


4/Sir aLLu

The username "Sir aLLu" appears to be a combination of the title "Sir" and the term "aLLu." The title "Sir" is a formal and honorable way to address a man, often associated with knighthood. "aLLu" could be a personal touch, an abbreviation, or a unique term chosen by the user.

The combination suggests a mix of formality (with the use of "Sir") and a more casual or personalized element (with "aLLu"). Users often create usernames that reflect a blend of their interests, identity, or personal style.



The username "DishOfFish" appears to be a creative and playful combination of words. It suggests a connection to seafood or fish-related themes, perhaps in a light-hearted or humorous way. Users often choose usernames that reflect their interests, hobbies, or elements they find amusing.

In this case, "DishOfFish" may be a whimsical way for the user to express an affinity for fish, cooking, or perhaps even a play on words related to a personal attribute or nickname. The combination of "dish" and "fish" creates a memorable and catchy username.


6/ WhiteRabbit

"WhiteRabbit" conveys a sense of elegance and curiosity. The juxtaposition of "White" with "Rabbit" suggests purity and innocence associated with the color white, coupled with the intriguing and often symbolic nature of rabbits. This username might be chosen for its aesthetic appeal or hold personal significance to the user, potentially referencing literature, mythology, or simply an appreciation for rabbits. The use of an animal in the username adds a touch of whimsy, and it could reflect the user's playful or inquisitive nature. Overall, "WhiteRabbit" creates an image of a user who appreciates symbolic meanings and enjoys a blend of elegance and curiosity in their online identity.


Author: GiGsOn




Football, the game that has conquered hearts worldwide, goes beyond the competition on the field. It has become a social catalyst, creating meeting points that reinforce community ties and generate a unique sense of belonging. This sport, in the culture of various societies, is not only played in stadiums but celebrated on streets, squares, and in the hearts of entire communities.


The football field becomes a social scene. Friends, family and strangers gather around a moving ball, sharing laughter, passions and emotions. In this playing space, differences diminish and humanity unites under a common flag: the passion for football.

These meetings are not just sporting events; They are social rituals that transcend cultural and generational barriers. The simple act of watching or participating in a game becomes a universal language that everyone understands, regardless of their origin or language. In this sense, soccer acts as a bridge that connects diverse people and creates a sense of community, both in life itself and in a game, such as a FOOTBALL TEAM.



Football not only unites people but strengthens cohesion within communities. Local teams become symbols of identity, representing not only talented players but the community itself. The victory of a local team is not only a sporting triumph; It is a shared achievement that unites neighbors, friends and families in a collective celebration, as Argentina was the Qatar 2023 champion, a clear example of the social magnitude of this great sport.

Healthy rivalries between neighboring teams generate palpable excitement that drives community participation. Streets are adorned with the team's colors, and the club's flag flutters in windows and balconies. Friendly competition fosters a sense of belonging to a community that shares a common history.



Football has become deeply integrated into the culture of many societies, giving rise to deeply rooted traditions that transcend the playing field. From chants in stadiums to celebrations in the streets, football has shaped rituals that are as essential as any cultural holiday.


Sports customs vary, from setting off fireworks to preparing specific foods during games. These rituals create a unique connection between football and cultural identity, transmitting values and creating shared memories that last over time.


In some places, simply watching a game with friends and family becomes a tradition that repeats itself week after week. These moments become sacred, forging memories that transcend the sporting field



In conclusion, football is not just a sport; it is a social foundation that brings people together, reinforces communities, and integrates into culture in unbreakable ways. In stadiums and on the streets, football creates a space where diversity is celebrated, and differences fade away in the heat of competition and camaraderie. It is more than a game; it is a bond that unites humanity in a collective embrace, reminding us that, ultimately, we all play for the same team: the team of life.

That's all for today, thanks for reading us, I hope you liked it, with a positive vote for more content of this type.

¡See you soon, warriors!


Author:Khieven 22




Hello, this is Matushevsky!


Last Saturday, a charity tournament for the The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was held in Leszno, Poland (between Poznań and Wrocław). 



The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP) is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization in Poland raising money for pediatric and elderly care.


It was a unique opportunity for three players well-known from the FootballTeam fields (Versace, KamiL Maj i Matushevsky) to meet and compete with other players on a real field!

Second from the left in the top row - Matushevsky, first from the left in the bottom row - Versace, fourth from the left in the bottom row - KamiL Maj.


A team composed of Footballteam stars started the game with a 5-2 victory, then came an extremely difficult match in which, despite the opponents' lead 3-2, the team scored 2 goals in the last minutes and won 4-3. In the last group match, they won 3:2 and advanced from 1st place to the final. Unfortunately, in the final we had to accept the superiority of our opponent and thus we finished the entire tournament in 2nd place.


However, it was not the result that was most important, but the noble goal of the tournament. 


From the left: Matushevsky and KamiL Maj.


This type of event became a great opportunity to transfer virtual friendships to the real world. During breaks between matches, of course, each of us played in Footballteam.


This tournament gave me an idea for the administration - maybe it would be possible to organize a real Footballteam tournament. During the summer holidays of 2024, organize a 2-day competition (combined with an integration event) in a selected place in Poland (most players still come from this country). I would like to see real representations of the bands Public Enemies, Thunder, Dream State and Bella Ciao in action. And maybe some guests from abroad would also come. I think that such a tournament could have a very positive impact on the atmosphere in the game itself and would also be a nice social event!


Please tell me what you think about it? Administration - let's do it!


Author: Matushevsky


Note: Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Regulation, the use of a footballer's image while participating in a sports competition is fully legal.



On Monday evening, the best football player in the world was announced, and according to national team captains, coaches, and journalists affiliated with FIFA, Lionel Messi was rightfully honored with this title. Although this choice sparked some controversy, it could be understood in light of his excellent performances.



The surprising decision could have been Messi's victory over Erling Haaland, but it couldn't be labeled as a sensation. Similarly, if players like Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, Bernardo Silva, Julian Alvarez, or Ilkay Guendogan had won, it wouldn't have been a shock.


All these players have displayed outstanding form over the past twelve months, and some, especially those from Manchester City, have also achieved team successes, winning national championships or triumphing in European competitions.


Therefore, it's not surprising that the majority of voters in the poll saw a potential winner among these players. However, there were also controversial choices, such as Lyle Taylor, the captain of the Montserrat national team, who believed that the best player of the past year was... Declan Rice.


On the other hand, players, coaches, and journalists from many African countries, such as Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Gambia, Mozambique, or Nigeria, collectively cast their votes for Victor Osimhen, emphasizing the continent's unity. The striker from SSC Napoli could also count on support in the Balkans. The captain of the Kosovo national team and club teammate Amir Rrahmani, while casting their votes, supported Victor Osimhen and placed their colleague Kwizha Kwaracchelia in second place.


The remaining voters, however, opted for less controversial choices. Robert Lewandowski chose Messi, and ultimately, Lewandowski was right, as Messi was recognized as the best football player in the world.


🏆Complete results:


Goalkeeper of the Year: Mary Earps


Goalkeeper of the Year: Ederson


Ferenc Puskas Award: Guilherme Madruga


Coach of the Year (Women): Sarina Wiegman


Coach of the Year (Men): Pep Guardiola


FIFA Fair Play Award: Brazil national team


Best Fan Award: Colon de Santa Fe fan


Best XI Women: Mary Earps – Olga Carmona, Alex Greenwood, Lucy Bronze – Alessia Russo, Ella Toone, Keira Walsh, Aitana Bonmati, Lauren James – Alex Morgan, Sam Kerr


Best XI Men: Thibaut Courtois – Ruben Dias, John Stones, Kyle Walker – Jude Bellingham, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva – Vinicius Junior, Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, Lionel Messi


FIFA Special Award: Marta


Women's Player of the Year: Aitana Bonmati


Men's Player of the Year: Lionel Messi


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FC Shakhtar Donetsk vs Olympique Marseille


This is a very interesting meeting. On paper, it seems that the French team is simply better. But personally, I think that players from the Ukraine may surprise us. They will certainly not be favorites, but they cannot be ignored. The difference is quite visible, but not so much that I can say with 100% certainty that they will win, and besides, sport is unpredictable. Although I'm betting on the team from Marseille. I don't rule out their rivals.



BSC Young Boys vs Sporting Lisbon


The situation here is very similar. We have a much stronger team and a team that can surprise. Sporting is a better team in practically every aspect. They don't have sides in which they are worse than the team from Switzerland and I'm counting on them. I think it will be a one-sided fight. There is literally nothing to suggest otherwise. But we will soon find out what it will be like in reality.

Feyenord vs AS Roma


Well, this is another competition that I don't think will be very exciting. On paper, AS Roma is a 5-class better team. A team that fights for the highest goals in Italy every season. The national power, Feyenord, is also facing the challenge. They certainly don't have a chance, but honestly, it's hard for me to believe that they will be able to beat the players from the coliseum city. I definitely choose AS Roma.

SL Benfica Lisbon vs Toulouse


Interesting clash. The multiple champions of Portugal will face what seems to be an average French team. Honestly, I'm amazed that Toulouse has made it this far. That they left the group in second place just behind Liverpool F.C. . But to be honest, I don't think they will play in the next phase. Benfica is simply the better team. I would be very surprised if this French team threatened them at least in one match. I'm betting on the Portuguese team.

RC Lens vs SC Freiburg


We finally have a fight that I will have to think about for a while. Once again we are dealing with a French team, but this time they will be playing against a German team. Personally, I feel that RC Lens is better, maybe not by much, but they will win this two-legged match. I'm not sure about that though. However, it will definitely be a very interesting game that I will watch.

Sporting Braga vs Qarabag FK


Contrary to appearances, this will be a really interesting match. Sporting Braga is a pretty good team that has a chance to make a name for itself. Qarabag is a famous team. They showed off many times, beating even Polish teams. They are also characterized by the atmosphere that prevails at their matches. She is fantastic. And that's what I'm betting on, in my opinion they are stronger, but I don't rule out that the Portuguese will triumph.

A.C. Milan vs Stade Rennais


It's also an interesting two-legged match. AC Milan are former Italian champions, a legendary team. Undoubtedly, they will be the clear favorites, it would be hard to say otherwise. Stade Rennais is also quite good. I can't say that they will win because they probably won't, but I can definitely say that I feel that the French will set difficult conditions for the Italians, but they will meet them and win the two-legged match.

Galatasaray SK vs Sparta Prague


This could be a really exciting match. Maybe both teams are not at a very high level, but they are at an equal level. The Turks will be the favorites and that's for sure, but you can't say that the team from Prague has no chance, because that's a lie. I wouldn't be surprised if the matter went to penalties or extra time. However, I am betting on Galatasaray, but I will watch this match with interest.

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