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This week we are going to continue talking about team owners and their main functions.




One of the most important jobs that the owner of a team must carry out is to take care of the health of their players.


It should be noted that the more important the team is and the more important its claims are, we will find ourselves with triple competition from the beginning to the end of the season in the first division teams and double competition in the case of the super league teams.


In the case of the super league teams, they only have two competitions but the energy expenditure is higher, which compensates a little in the health expenditure compared to the most powerful first division teams that have more competitions (Domestic Cup) apart from the league and CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT or EUROPEAN TOURNAMENT.


Thinking about the squad before the season starts


It is important to have a very competitive squad of 20 players since many times you can lose the league by using the best team in the Domestic Cup in the European Tournament or the Champions League. Depending on what you are playing if by chance the weakest players have to defend the team by league, this could cause valuable points to be lost if they do not train, do not activate versatile playstyle, or are of very low OVR.


The planning of the matches of the teams and of those players who play in each competition will be the most arduous job that the owner of the team has, for this it is important that the players who will be part of it are chosen beforehand, I am not even referring to names, not at level but at what position each one occupies.


In my ideal roster of players, there should be two goalkeepers, six defenders, two forwards, and the rest midfielders. Within the midfielders, there should be two defensive midfielders and the rest central midfielders.


Then everyone can make modifications, some like to have three strikers because from time to time they play with two strikers in their formations. I like to only have two strikers in the team, because in my formations, it is repeated many times that I attack with only one striker. If you like to attack with more than one, you must have three strikers and one less midfielder.


Many of these decisions are based on taste but I recommend keeping these tips in mind before the season begins.


More important less used… a relationship that lacks balance


Regarding form, it is important to understand that many times, although it hurts to admit it to the weakest players on the team, one ends up ruining them and making them lose a lot of health with the sole purpose of allowing our best players to play the most important games with 100% health.


Although it sounds illogical in my teams, many times the best players are the ones who play the least because I use them in the most important games.


So those who are substitutes play more, but in the long run they perform less because on top of being bad their health is destroyed.


Possibly, and I say it with total humility, this is one of the most normal mistakes that I make, and one of the most normal mistakes that the majority make since nobody wants to have their best 11 players with their health destroyed for this. What I am saying, in principle, it is important that everyone understands that you have to have 20 players who are even and that they do not have much difference between them, since you have to understand that they are going to be in poor health and, on top of that, if they have a low level, it is a combination that will give us a lot of advantage.


We have a long way to go but for this week we are running out of time and space. I hope we will see each other again next week. Any questions, the comment box below or my in-game message box are available to you.






Hello, this is Matushevsky!


We are starting red collections! Ready Steady Go!


57/ GOALKEEPERS (EPIC): 3600 Fame Points

Previously it was:

25,000 Energy - this is approximately 94 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 2820 credits

10,000 Golden Balls - The Enchanter Pack on the market currently costs 295 credits - this pack gives 2000-3000 GB, so the average cost of 1000 GB is about 130 credits. The average value of this bonus is 1300 credits

3x Keyholder Drink IV - 3 x 1000 credits = 3000 credits

2x Adaptability Drink IV - 2 x 750 credits = 1500 credits

5x Golden Drink IV - 5 x 165 credits = 825 credits

59 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 9445 credits.

It is now:

5,250 Energy - this is approximately 20 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 600 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink III - 5 x 98 credits = 490 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink II - 5 x 47 credits = 235 credits

5x Team Training Drink IV - not available on the market, but its cost is about 55 credits so 5 x 55 credits = 275 credits

10x XP Drink II - 10 x 99 credits = 990 credits

59 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 9445 credits, the current value of the collection is about 2590 credits. Value drop by over 72%, red collections are starting to look "good". Almost 3/4 loss.



Previously it was:

1x Ball of Success +60% - 4560 credits

1x Ball of Success +40% - 3000 credits

5x Dealer Drink IV - 5 x 52 credits = 260 credits

5x Provident Drink IV - 5 x 155 credits = 775 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink IV - 5 x 140 credits = 700 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value

In total, this collection was worth approximately 9295 credits.

It is now:

6,750 Energy - this is approximately 25 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 750 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink IV - 5 x 140 credits = 700 credits

2x XP Drink V - 2 x 525 credits = 1050 credits

5x Pennywise Drink IV - 5 x 130 credits = 650 credits

5x Provident Drink IV - 5 x 155 credits = 775 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 9295 credits, the current value of the collection is about 3925 credits. Value drop by almost 60%, not as bad as the collection above, but remember that once again we lost more than half of the collection's value.



Previously it was:

50,000 Energy - this is approximately 188 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 5640 credits

20,000 Golden Balls - the average cost of 1000 GB is about 130 credits. The average value of this bonus is 2600 credits

5x Golden Drink IV - 5 x 165 credits = 825 credits

5x Millionaire Drink IV - 5 x 345 credits = 1725 credits

3x Keyholder Drink IV - 3 x 1000 credits = 3000 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value

In total, this collection was worth approximately 13790 credits.

It is now:

2,250 Energy - this is approximately 8,5 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 255 credits

Ball of Success +28% - 2300 credits

Red Crystal of Success - 650 credits

5x Millionaire Drink IV - 5 x 345 credits = 1725 credits

3x Adaptability Drink IV - 3 x 750 credits = 2250 credits

3x Dealer Drink IV - completely worthless, not include it in the summary

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 13790 credits, the current value of the collection is about 7180 credits. Value drop by almost 50%, looking at the awards, this collection seemed to be the most "slim" after the changes, but the surprise is that so far the red collection has the smallest loss. However, remember that this is still only less than half of the previous value.


That’s all for today. See you next week.


Author: Matushevsky




Greetings everyone.

As always, the last game week was exciting and interesting, so in this article you, dear readers, will hear my opinion about the changes and novelties in the game. And also about the interesting events that took place last week. 

So, all events in order. Let's go.


Let's start with card duels. The format of card duels has changed again. Players now had to build a deck of cards consisting of a maximum of 3 Legendary cards and 5 Epic cards. 

The other 7 cards could be green, blue, or gray. This format is quite interesting and allows players to build a wide variety of decks. There are a lot of options. But it's also clear that improved Legendary and Epic cards will play a crucial role in the deck. But upgrading cards that don't have a maximum skill value or close to the maximum value is not exactly profitable. After all, it will be hard to fight with players in the 25000 +++ division. In addition, the drop rate of Legendary and Epic cards has been reduced significantly. I think a lot of players will agree with me. And you can get "for free" 3 packs of cards per day. But this is quite unprofitable and takes a lot of resources. Therefore, most players receive no more than 2 packs of cards per day. This means that the chance of getting a Legendary or Epic card is very low. 


Therefore, if the administrators want to increase the interest in card duels, then return the previous chance of dropping legendary and epic cards, which was when the cards were introduced into the game. Or increase the number of card packs that a player can receive in 1 game day.


I would also like to touch upon another very important point. Why can't a player include their strongest card or cards in multiple decks at the same time? It's very inconvenient. After all, when you change the format of a card duel, you have to rebuild your deck every time. It would be very convenient to build decks in advance and choose them depending on the format or goals you set. Therefore, we will wait for a solution to this issue.


Another novelty. It is now possible to view the history of card duels in the player's profile. The change is more informational in nature. And it allows you to study the players your opponent had to fight. Now it will be very difficult to hide any tricks during duels. Therefore, this change will contribute to fairer play.



Last week, several changes were released that affected the Manufactory and the process of improving items.

Manufacture - the costs of creating Triumph and Success Fragments have been reduced.

Manufacture - Fragments have been added as a one-time cost when creating items.

Manufacture - Fragments of Success and Triumph are no longer required in enchanting historical items.

This means that enchanting historical items will become a little easier and cheaper. But now you'll need Fragments of Success or Triumph when crafting items. Given that the chance of crafting items in the Manufactory is not 100%, then in case of failure, the player will lose even more resources. This change is controversial and will not appeal to many players.


Therefore, I will express my opinion. It is much more economical and profitable to spend resources on training, on increasing specialized skills, than on creating and enchanting items. But everyone decides for themselves.

Changes in the game occur almost every week. Some things are really useful and interesting, and some things raise questions. Therefore, there should always be a dialogue between administrators and players. There should be more surveys. To ensure that admins are aware of the issues players are facing and what changes they want the most.

And I would like to see even more football in the game.


Author: Zidane




Good afternoon dear readers of the magazine, welcome to the new issue. The fourteenth season is coming to an end, and there are already a few days left before the denouement of the season where the worthy ones will pick up their awards. In this article, we will look at the semi-finalists of the European Championship and the International Champions Cup and make predictions for the finalists. It remains only to wish you a pleasant reading of the magazine.


We start from the European Championship where the first pair of semi-finalists consists of Hakuna Matata and La Familia. The Hakuna Matata club represents the super league this season, where they perform poorly and occupy the last place, but despite this in the European championship, they have all the chances for the finals. Their rivals club La Familia play in the Spanish championship where they occupy the second intermediate place with no chance of a championship. Like their rivals, they have lost all chances of winning the league, and the opportunity to win the European championship will cheer them up this season.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Anonymous and RedBull Fighters. The Anonymous club are representatives of the English League and occupy the third intermediate place, only one point behind the second place, but this did not prevent them from reaching the semifinals. The rivals are the club RedBull Fighters, which compete in the super league, taking fifth place. For them, this season is going great if you look at their squad where they win only thanks to their one player. Both clubs are strong, but thanks to ZYX club RedBull Fighters is a slight favorite in this pair and the cup in general.


Next, we move on to the international Champions Cup. Unfortunately, in this tournament everything is known and it is clear who will win, but let's still look at the semi-finalists.


The first pair of semifinalists consists of Public Enemies and THUNDER. The club Public Enemies representatives of the super league are in second place this season. Their rivals club THUNDER are also from the super league and are the leader and favorite of all the tournaments in which they participate. With such a composition, no one is afraid of them, and they will most of all take another trophy to their collection.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Polish DF and Dream State. The club Polish DF represents the Spanish league where it is the leader and favorite in the league and also won the cup and go for the treble, although they have few chances. 

Their rivals in the semifinals are the club Dream State representatives of the super league, where they occupy the sixth intermediate place. Both clubs are equal and their match will be interesting, but the strongest will go on to the finals where, unfortunately, they will have little chance.


At this point, we conclude our article. As always, I wish every player and club more victories and a successful end to the season. Thank you all for reading the article, I hope you liked it.


Author: Dodo




Hi! I invite you to read an interview with RedBull Fighters fighter Barbie. I really hope you enjoy the interview. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments or to me in a private message. I invite you :D.



Hi, at the beginning of this interview, tell us something about yourself.

So I am Barbie. I like football, good food and above all I love Real Madrid.


At the beginning of this season there was a break-up of The Kings team. Previously, the best players had been leaving for several seasons. However, the decision to break up was quite surprising as this team could have fought to win the League. Why did the management of The Kings take this decision?

The Kings team is not dead at all. The team we were has become a little family of sorts. Even though we have left the team, we have not left the discord together. We talk to each other every day and share our games and private lives. We left because we wanted to refresh our gameplay and to win new trophies.  In fact, the last season of The Kings was season 12 in which we won the cup for winning the European Tournament. At that time the team also decided to go their separate ways but we will come back to that.


Some time ago you left Dream State with two of your friends and joined the Redbull Fighters. It was a very surprising decision which nobody expected. You were a top team, which could have fought for the highest goals and suddenly the departure of 3 key players caused your former team to have big problems and not to fight for the top 3 in their league. Why did you decide to take such a step? Don't you think it was perhaps too radical?

Together with speedy and Wojtek Szczęsny we joined Dream State where a great project was to be created to read PL v2. Unfortunately, due to a lack of chemistry some players kept crying that they were losing because they couldn't understand how much chemistry affects the game. One day two key players left and the frustration got worse. In the days that followed, a prank was pulled and my partner was insulted (I won't say by whom) but that spilled the milk and I left the Dream State ranks with my friends. The project had really great potential because we had a great leader running it and here a really big thank you to Matt DS for his commitment to the project. I honestly hope that Dream State will fall outside the top5 in SuperLeague precisely because of the conflicts that were inside. Of course I believe that this team will come back stronger in time and show its strength. I was part of Dream State and I hope they also understand my decision too. 


At the start of this season your former team The Kings broke up as one could hear you were planning a comeback soon. How big a part of the team do you intend to return and when is it expected to happen?

Coming back to The Kings, as I said, the team in the game is going through a vegetative state at the moment, but this is only temporary. I can't give away an exact date but I can promise that The Kings will still surprise and make a difference in the cups and league in the seasons to come. We are getting closer and closer to intertwining the paths that each of us took when we left the team. I am convinced that the return of old legends as well as new transfers will allow us to return to the top. The clock is ticking and The Kings are getting stronger.


Thank you for the interview! I wish you success with your new team and a successful comeback. Good luck!


Author: GiGsOn





"The Telegraph" announces a revolution in football rules. British journalists claim that referees may soon use blue cards as penalties for players.


Experiments aimed at diversifying, improving, or ensuring greater fairness in football are regularly conducted. Now comes another one, announced by "The Telegraph". According to the newspaper, on Friday IFAB (the organization that decides on the rules of the game) will announce the start of tests with blue cards.


The blue card would join the yellow and red cards that have been in use for over 50 years. The blue card would be an intermediate type, as after receiving it, the player would have to leave the field, but only for a specified period – it is suggested to be 10 minutes.


"The new protocol would limit the awarding of blue cards to fouls preventing a promising attack or protesting against referee decisions. It was also confirmed that a player should receive a red card if they receive two blue cards or a combination of a yellow and blue card in a match," the text reads.


When IFAB presented the idea of a temporary punishment for players, it referred to Giorgio Chiellini's foul on Bukayo Saka during the Euro 2020 final. However, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin opposes this idea, stating that "this is no longer football". The introduction of the new protocol does not automatically mean the introduction of this rule in all matches. Tests are necessary before introducing the blue card. "The Telegraph" reports that the English federation may decide to test this rule in the lower rounds of the men's and women's FA Cup.


If the blue card proves effective in tests, it would be the biggest change in the rules of the game since the introduction of the VAR system. It would end the "monopoly" of yellow and red cards in player punishment – both types of cards debuted at the 1970 World Cup.


The news of the introduction of the blue card has spread to all sports media worldwide. FIFA has also reacted, describing this idea as "incorrect and premature" in the context of testing it at the highest level of competition. "All such tests, if conducted, should be limited to lower levels of competition, which FIFA intends to emphasize at the upcoming IFAB meeting on March 2," the statement reads. Although FIFA oversees almost all aspects of world football, IFAB is not fully under the control of this organization. In the votes of the world federation, four votes belong to the British football associations. The final decision will require compromise.


Personally, as someone involved in football as a coach, referee, and club official, I am skeptical about this idea. The introduction of the blue card will be difficult because it is challenging to categorize inappropriate behavior towards referees. 

As an experienced referee myself, I am aware that referees' reactions to incidents can vary. One referee may respond to inappropriate player comments by responding in a similar manner, while another may immediately issue a yellow card.

I hope you enjoyed the above article. If you are interested in other football-related facts or refereeing, feel free to evaluate and share your thoughts in the comments.

With sporting regards,

Dawid R





Premier League


We start with arguably the best league in the world. The English Premier League. The leader is Liverpool. We recently received news that their coach Jurgen Kloop will be leaving them after the season. Last season was a poor one for them, but this season is definitely better. Second place belongs to Manchester City. They are one of the strongest teams in the league, defending champions, and they also won the UEFA Champions League that season. They will certainly fight to win the league. Third is Arsenal and that is no surprise. Fourth Aston Villa and this I think hardly anyone expected. I hope they manage to keep their current place. Tottenham are fifth and Manchester United are sixth.


La Liga


Here the leader is Real Madrid. This is not a big surprise as Real and FC Barcelona are the clubs that have dominated this league for years. Second is Girona FC and we are talking about a huge sensation here. Nobody expected this before the season. Third is FC Barcelona. You can see that they are in crisis. However, they certainly have potential. Xavi, their coach, has also announced his departure after the season. It remains to be seen how the new coach will cope. Atletico Madrid is fourth and this is a normal position for them. Athletico Bilbao are in 5th place and Real Betis are 6th and there is no surprise here either. Surely the biggest surprise of the league is Girona who are runners-up. We will see where they finish.


Serie A


Moving on to the Italian league. Here we have no surprise - the leader is Inter Milan. They are at their strongest this season. Second place is occupied by Juventus; this is also no surprise. They didn't do too well last season, but now they are back in contention for the top position. Third is AC Milan, they are in 3rd place without much chance of threatening Juventus, but without much threat from other teams. Fourth is Atalanta and this, I think, few expected. This team is playing very well this season although the point loss to Milan is big. Fifth is Roma and sixth is Bologna. The big surprise is only Napoli's seventh place. They are playing very poorly.




The unexpected leader of the German league is Bayer Leverkusen. Only in second place is the league's long-time dominator Bayern Munich. This is a big surprise, although Bayern will certainly still fight as they are only two points behind the leader. Third place is occupied by Stuttgart and this is also a huge surprise, no one bet on them. Fourth place belongs to last season's runners-up, who lost the championship in the last round - Borussia Dortmund. Fifth is RB Leipzig and here we have no surprise. This is a place within their capabilities. And 6th place is occupied by Eintracht Frankfurt and here we cannot speak of a surprise either. Undoubtedly, however, this is a very unpredictable league with a mass of surprises.


Ligue 1


French League and there in the leadership seat no surprises. Paris Saint-Germain. They have been winning this league for many years with one slip-up a few years ago. It seems, however, that there will be no slip-ups this season. The second is OGC Nice, which is not particularly surprising. They are playing very well. Third place belongs to Stade Brestois 29, which is definitely a bigger surprise. Fourth is LOSC Lille and this is not a surprise either. They are playing to the best of their ability. Fifth place is occupied by AC Monaco. It used to be the second strongest team in France but now they are not playing so well anymore. And sixth place belongs to RC Lens we might have expected.





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