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Chemistry Analysis 

There is something that most users are unaware of and it has to do with chemistry and how it works when putting together teams and fighting the different competitions. 

The chemistry is difficult to increase when you also have a zero team with 20 players since you cannot make everyone play at the same time, therefore there will be a team that is the starter, it will surely be the stronger of the two teams that you can put together in which Those players will gain chemistry while the substitutes will win with friendlies or cup matches. 

Chemistry is essential when it comes to winning games. We have suffered games in which we had twice the Ovr of our rival and yet it was difficult for us to win. 


The engine understands the lack of chemistry as a huge penalty in order to try to match the newly assembled teams with many figures with the teams formed and that remain with the same structure of players for a long time. 

I understand that the game seeks in some way to penalize the assembly of temporary teams that come together in order to win a triplet, league cup and European cup or league cup and Champions League. And the truth is that this penalty works well because it really is difficult. It is impossible to compete against these teams that have a lot of chemistry 

Impossible is nothing

Although difficult, it is not impossible, the previous season it was my team's turn to compete in a league against great teams that had a lot of chemistry, but whom we greatly surpassed in general vr in all lines, we beat them when the midfield bar match was played. To cite an example, it doubled the bar of our rivals, but yes or yes, they were close matches that were won by the minimum and in which at all times, even doubling the VR, we had no certainty if we would win or not. 

To match what we did was train the entire team 50% apply hero drink apply anabolics with the clothes that we have on our players and play with 33 of game and 33 of commitment even with all this I can assure you that at no time did we feel that we had already won easily because our chemistry did not even reach 20%, while our rivals were stuck at 100% 

This season, luckily, we already have between 65% and 75% chemistry. Most of the starters and the games that previously seemed impossible are slowly starting to become a little more bearable and it's starting to be easier to win the games. engine plays and we have to rise to the occasion, that's why we always train hard and activate all the drinks we can and that we have on hand in order to surpass ourselves and be above expectations to ensure victory

My thought

For me, the chemistry thing helps in these cases that there are not so many teams that go from one place to another in order to hinder the leagues and acquire trophies, but there is a bigger problem that has to do with the amount of players who crowd into teams and make competition impossible at a general level. 

There is not much desire on my part to put together strong teams to go fight in the super league because I can put together the best team of all those within my reach but never I will be able to assemble the team of those who come together only for the purpose of destroying the hopes of others. This is something that should be considered in the future since it takes away the fun of the game and if I were to be locked in a super league for a season I wouldn't even want to put together a team to put on the field since no matter what I do it would be impossible to fight against those monsters. I think the super league is divided between those who come second or third and those who come from fourth to eighth place. In fact, I think that the last positions rise only to farm and there is little farming in the super league to make it attractive to go and leave your team lying around and have everyone beat it. 

I think, and it is something that I only say on a personal basis, that it would be great if they set a VR limit per team so that players can go to other teams and that maybe there would be eight teams with a squad of six excellent players and the rest as best as possible to a super league in which there are three exploited teams against five teams that can barely manage to gather a third of the power of what the best have


Personal Conclusion


I suffered a lot from the teams that were put together from one season to the next just so that we wouldn't win with my team. They came to a first division just to bother, win everything and retire, this measure is well thought out, it still doesn't solve the fact that THERE IS NO SUPERLEAGUE because they let the best crowd into a team and the rest don't compete for anything... but that's another story, greetings and see you next week







Good afternoon dear readers of the magazine, I welcome you to the new issue.

The eighteenth season is in full swing on the European server, but as always, the national cups are coming to an end. At the time of writing, the first quarterfinal matches will be played on Monday. In this article, we will look at the quarter finalists of the cup, and I will make a small season for the next stages, and in the next issue of mi magazine we will compare my forecast with reality. Sit back and enjoy reading the magazine to you.


We start with England, where the first pair of cup quarter finalists consists of Radość Wygrywania and Romper FC. Both clubs are strong, but the favorite in this pair is the club Radość Wygrywania.


The second pair of the quarterfinals Anonymous and Leones Del Prode. There is nothing to say here, the club is Anonymous a few goals stronger than his opponent.


The third pair of English quarterfinalists consists of Go Complain and EAGLES FC. The club Go Complain is stronger than its opponent and will also advance to the semifinals without any problems.


The fourth pair consists of Shadow Raven and Team Skorpions. There are more equal rivals here, but Team Skorpions stand out a little and they have more chances to go further.


Moving on to the Spanish Cup, where the first pair of quarter finalists consists of НУ ПОГОДИ and NY Red Bulls. The club NY Red Bulls looks like the favorite of this pair.

The second pair consists of Mazovia Mady and SANTASTIC F C Both clubs are strong, but the club Mazovia Mady stands out a little, which is the favorite in this pair.

The next pair of quarterfinalists consists of Hakuna Matata and Redemption. Both clubs are strong and worthy of taking the cup to themselves, and it is very difficult in this pair to name the one who will go further.

The following pair consists of Anonymous II and FC GNIEWCE. The club stands out a little bit here FC GNIEWCE which stands out a little bit in this pair.


We move on to the German Cup, wherein the first quarterfinal pair meets Clickers of Odin and PERNO FC. In this pair, the favorite is the club Clickers of Odin which will go further the most.

The following pair consists of TDD and RKS CHUWDU. Both clubs are equal and it will be very difficult to predict the winner.

The next pair of quarterfinalists consists of Latam Wolfs and CF Falcões. In this pair, the favorite is the club CF Falcões which can safely move on.

The last pair of German Cup quarter finalists consists of Wilcza Barkowa and Thunderbolts FC. It is also very unpredictable who will go next in this pair.


Let's move on to the quarter finalists of the Italian Cup, where the first pair met AK Elite Team and The Workers. Where the club is, The Workers look a cut above their rivals.

The second pair consists of Los Angeles Clickers and Hacha y Tiza. The club Los Angeles Clickers is much stronger than its opponent, most of them will go further into the semifinals.

The next pair of quarter finalists consists of Newcastle United and Rayo eSports. There are also no surprises here Rayo eSports the club is much stronger than its rival.

The last pair of quarterfinalists consists of Brave Goats and Paramount FC. Where the club is Paramount FC looks like the favorite of this bet.


This concludes our article. As always, at the end, I wish every player and club good luck and more victories for you, as well as good rewards in packs. Thank you all for reading the article, I hope you liked it.

Author: Dodo






Dear all, in this article we will discuss the first twelve rounds of the first German League, who are the highlighted teams and the teams fighting against relegation in this 18th season, giving an overview of the First Division of the German National League.


In first place is Clickers of Odin, 15th in the overall ranking, they are the big favorites to win the title, until the 13th round, they won their thirteen matches, with a very strong attack that found the net 77 times and an almost impenetrable defense, only conceded 3 goals.


In second place, Leviathan, 22nd in the general ranking, one of the strongest teams outside the Superliga, after the 13th round had 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, for a total of 39 points, its attack scored 71 goals and the defense suffered 15.


Third place is occupied by the CF Falcões, 30th in the overall ranking, which will fight for the top spots in the season, having 10 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, totaling 34 points. They scored 55 goals and conceded 13.


Fourth place is taken by the strong Belarus team, 21st in the overall ranking, one of the favorites for the title, which has recorded 10 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats, totaling 32 points. Attack scored 60 goals and defense conceded 19.


Fifth is Latam Wolfs, 26th in the overall ranking, they won 9 matches, got 2 draws and suffered 2 defeats, 29 points won. The team reached the opponent's net 47 times and leaked on 19 occasions.


And sixth Thunderbolts FC, 32nd in the overall ranking, with 7 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats, totaling 23 points. They scored 40 goals and conceded 29.



After talking about the candidates for first place, let's move on to the fight against relegation. In the last positions in the table, we have: 

🔸13th PERNO FC, 2 wins, 1 draw and 10 defeats, negative balance of 35 goals;

🔸14th Mad Rabbit, 1 win, 2 draws and 10 losses, negative balance of 47 goals;

🔸15th CopaCabana, 1 win, 1 draw and 11 defeats, negative balance of 43 goals ;

🔸16th Balkanska Prćija, who lost all 13 of their matches, negative balance of 83 goals. 


Many emotions still to come in the season. What will the final classification look like? Make your bets.


Lots of positive energy and big hugs to all readers!

Author: Fábio Muri






Hello, this is Matushevsky!


A few days ago, a new server was launched - Global s1. This caused a huge stir, a lot of players registered already in the week before the server's launch - both playing on other servers and returning to the game after a longer or shorter break. The new server brought new rules and a slightly different form of player development - it was a response to suggestions from the players themselves.


However, I will tell you directly using my own example - I have been playing Footballteam Game since the first day of the PL server in 2018 - I invested a few zlotys in this game and noticed that spreading my attention over several servers does not have a positive effect on character development. What I mean is that when you focus on a new server, it is difficult to play equally actively on the others. Additionally, I personally only have enough money to invest in one server. For example, when playing on PL, EU and Global servers, I have to play 60 card duels a day - that's a lot.


I would like to come up with an idea and have it assessed by the players - it will be nothing new for loyal readers of the magazine, as I presented my idea some time ago, but the comments to that article and private messages received after its publication prompted me to expand my idea.


The biggest modification would be to combine all servers into one common - global one. The experience from the memorable merger of the US and the EU proves that this is a process that can be carried out and does not cause any major problems in the gameplay. 


There will probably be comments about the different degrees of character development on individual servers - that the disparities, when connecting, will be terribly large. An additional problem is the reluctance of new players to start playing on old servers, because catching up with the strongest players is almost impossible. The creation of a new server gives such players a chance to become known, but it means an outflow of players from the old servers. And here I am dusting off my old idea about the age of the player. In order to increase the realism of the game, I would introduce the player's age.


To start with, each new account is 15 years old - the starting age in the season in which a given person starts. A player's entire career lasts 24 seasons (24 years in the game - two years in the real world) and he ends his career at the age of 39, and his profile and achievements are recorded in the player's profile. After the end of his career, a new player appears in the next season, who is again 15 years old. However, he does not start from scratch - everything he gained and achieved in his previous career is like a starting point for a new player - it is a "starting" reward.


For example:

Someone in his previous career achieved overall 3000, won the Champions Tournament 5 times, the Super League 3 times and the National Cup 4 times. 


1/He gets energy for a start which is calculated according to the formula OVR*100 - in this case it would be 300,000. This is quite a nice early start, allowing you to start sharply. 

2/ Winning 5 Champions Tournament is, for example, 5 x BoS 60%, 3 x SuperLeague is 3 x 250 boosters, 4 x National Cup is, for example, 4 x XP Drink VI. Of course, winning the 1st or 2nd league would also mean prizes. Medals too - each success would translate into resources in a new "career".

3/ It would also require a reorganization of the task module - e.g. starting the second career gives us 100,000 Golden Balls, the third one gives us 150,000 Golden Balls, the fourth one gives us 200,000 Golden Balls, etc. - "global" tasks. Tasks for training, matches and PTS would reset with each career started, but in each subsequent career they would be more beneficial. This means that one-off tasks would become tasks for one "career" and additional "global" tasks would be created for achievements in subsequent careers and global achievements.

4/One of the two things that passes from career to career would be the deck of cards and the cards you have. According to this, you could unlock slots, exchange collections or win duels at the beginning of a new "career".

5/ The second thing that, regardless of football retirement, would be transferred to the next "career" would be credits. It's hard to take something that you spent real money on.


You could say that a person who starts with 300,000 energy and 150,000 Golden Balls at the start takes the top spot and doesn't give it back until the end of his career, but no! This will not be the case because while one player is 15-17 years old, others are 25, others are 30, and others are 38. They are at different levels of training and you still need to go up, up and up. Then each of the players involved would have a chance to win the Champions Tournament, play in the Super League or win the National Cup - everything would only depend on hitting the right moment in their career. And players starting again from a 15-year-old player would have the joy of winning 2-3 leagues or the National Cup.


This would also favor transfer movements, because even the strongest club would eventually lose its stars and be forced to look for new ones in their place. It would also open the way for smaller clubs that have been playing in the same group for many years to achieve some spectacular success at the end of their careers. New players would have to get along with the team again, which would make the game even more attractive.


It would also expand the market, because from time to time new items would be needed - more and more powerful. This could also reduce the costs of creating items in the manufacture, as each player would have to start the entire process anew every two years - and therefore the demand for fragments would be much greater.


As for the defects of this solution:

1/ Some people could sell items before the end of their career to start a new one with more credits, and honestly, I have no idea how to stop this.

2/ I don't know what to do with the drinks - should they be lost or should they be passed from career to career?

3/ Unused Golden Balls would also be a problem. Sometimes, at a certain stage of your career, you may have so many of them that you have nothing to spend them on, and transferring, for example, 2 million to a new career will probably be too much of a starting bonus.


And the question remains whether combining 4 servers into one will not result in less cash flow - I think not, because everyone has limited financial possibilities and instead of spreading them over several servers, they would fully focus on one to be able to realistically strive for real successes.


I think that the idea would appeal to both players at the highest level, who often lose the sense and willingness to play due to the lack of challenges, as well as players from the middle of the pack, who are forever doomed to balance between the 1st and 2nd leagues, or between the National Cup and the Tournament. European players, but also players just starting the game who, with enough time and after recent changes, e.g. in tasks, would be able to win something significant at the right moment in their career.


Author: Matushevsky




Football Team is a long-term game that requires time to achieve success and develop your player. The main issue is that the best server to play on is the Polish server, which is the most active and developed. The market for all items works very well because it has evolved with each subsequent update.


Other servers initially have good numbers, but over time, activity on them clearly declines. This, in turn, leads to the closure (in this case Brasil and Latino servers) or merge of servers (as the US server into EU server). I must admit that I really enjoyed playing on the Latino server, which had its unique atmosphere.


For the above reasons, players ultimately return to the Polish server, but catching up with others there is very difficult. It requires a huge amount of work and a very thick wallet.


In my opinion, the solution to this situation is simple. Subsequent servers released (for example, one per year) should operate for no longer than six months. After this period, players should have the option to choose which main server they want to transfer their player to (PL, RU, EU - if they remain). The server itself should be "accelerated" so that new players have a chance to somewhat catch up with the progress of players from, among others, the Polish server.


What should be on such a server?

This would require proper balancing, but in my opinion, it should include:


🔹 Training for a maximum of 4 energy,

🔹 Permanent reduction in energy and euro costs in training,

🔹 Constant bonus to upgrades (15/20%)

🔹 100% success rate for creating all items except TOP historical items (TOP historical items could even have reduced % for creation to avoid excessive advantage and prevent 100 players with +35 TOPs from emerging after six months) + removal of drinks that increase the % chance of item creation to 95,

🔹 Several free event packs daily,

🔹 Double and increased drop rates from event packs,

🔹 Reduced costs of club buildings + slightly reduced construction time,

🔹 Lower costs for creating and upgrading cards,

🔹 Free unlocking of Specialisations (up to a certain threshold, beyond which costs would significantly increase).


I think there is a lot of potential here, and my suggestions are just a few quickly thought-out ideas. It's also obvious that the administration needs to make money, because obviously nothing in life is free. However, I believe that such a server would attract a significantly larger number of players than another server where everyone starts from scratch.


This is not an expression of dissatisfaction with another new server because it's fun to "click" from the beginning again. However, the stage where initial rewards from tasks end and you have to hold off on training happens quite quickly, causing many players to drop out at this point. Accelerated servers, with the possibility of adding extensive packages, should not only bring greater profits but also be an interesting option for all F2P players. They could also provide an opportunity to establish oneself on the main server after the accelerated server phase ends.


Author: Bestia







The impact of the new server on our daily lives here

Few experiences compare to the feeling of belonging to a community that is built on a server over time.

Such is the case of the server we are on. For years, it has been home to thousands of players, each with their own story, achievements, and moments shared with friends and competitors. However, recently (as we all know) they have launched the new global server, offering players the opportunity to start over on a fresh and exciting platform.

This initiative has caused a mass exodus of players, leaving the European server in a state of melancholy and abandonment. In this article, we will explore the current situation, the impact on the community, and offer a message of hope for those who still have faith in their beloved European server.


The birth and rise of the European server

The European server of the game was launched a long time ago and quickly became a meeting point for players from various parts of the world (even more so with the incorporation of all the players who came from the US server and the Latam server).

The cultural and linguistic variety enriched the experience, creating a vibrant and diverse community. From the earliest days, players immersed themselves in the game, forming teams, forging alliances, and facing off in epic battles. Special events and regular updates kept the community engaged and excited for what was to come.

The dedication and effort of the players did not go unnoticed. Over time, many reached high levels, acquired rare items, and built meaningful relationships with other players. The European server became more than just a place to play; it was a second home, a community where every victory and defeat was shared with friends.


The launch of the global server

The news of the launch of a new global server came with a mix of anticipation and concern for some. On one hand, the possibility of a new beginning and the opportunity to play on a platform with players from all over the world was exciting. On the other hand, many feared what this would mean for the European server. Players on the European server were encouraged to create accounts on the new global server, offering exclusive rewards and promises of an improved experience.

The response was immediate and overwhelming. A large portion of the European server community decided to try their luck on the new global server. The promise of new adventures and the chance to compete on a world stage proved irresistible to many. However, this mass exodus left a void on the European server, which is slowly beginning to feel more and more desolate.


The impact on the European server community

The migration to the global server not only affected the number of active players on the European server, but it also deeply impacted the morale of those who decided to stay. The decreased player population led to less activity in team chats. Many players are beginning to question whether it is worth continuing to invest time and effort into a server that seems to be slowly dying, and to all of you I bring a message and an idea so that you do not feel discouraged.


The Importance of Loyalty and Community

In the midst of this situation, it is crucial to remember the importance of loyalty and the sense of community that has always characterized this game and especially the European server. Over time, players have built something special, something that cannot be easily replicated elsewhere. The friendships forged, the experiences shared, and the achievements attained are testaments to the power of community.

It is at times like these that the true nature of a community is put to the test. Those who remain on the European server have the opportunity to revitalize it, to rebuild what has been lost, and to prove that the history and bonds created over the years cannot be so easily undone.


A Message of Hope

Despite the challenges and sadness they may feel, players on the European server should not lose hope. Here are some reasons to remain optimistic and continue supporting the server:

1. History and Tradition: The European server has a rich history filled with memorable achievements and moments. This tradition is not easily erased and should be a source of pride and motivation to keep going.

2. Community resilience: The European server community has proven time and time again its ability to adapt and overcome challenges. With the addition of all the teams and players from the US server, that's proven!

This is just another hurdle in the road, and with determination and effort, it's possible to overcome it.

3. Growth opportunities: With many players leaving, those who remain have the opportunity to take a more active and leadership role within the community. They can help organize events, recruit new players, and revitalize guilds.

4. Company support: The company behind the game is likely aware of the situation and could take steps to support the European server. This could include exclusive events, special rewards, and marketing efforts to attract new players.

5. The importance of personal connections: The friendships and connections that have been formed on the European server are valuable. Staying in touch with friends and continuing to play together can provide a sense of continuity and stability amidst the changes.



The current situation on the European server is undoubtedly challenging. The mass migration to the new global server has left a void that is deeply felt. However, it is important to remember that the European server is more than just a place to play; it is a community with a rich history and a strong identity.

For those who have decided to stay, this is a time to come together and work together to revitalize the server. With effort, dedication, and a focus on rebuilding the community, it is possible to return the European server to its former glory. It is not the end, but a new beginning, a chance to demonstrate the true strength and resilience of the community.

So, do not lose hope. Let us continue to fight for the European server, remembering the good times, and working together to create new memories and achievements. After all, it is not just a game, it is a community, and together, we can make it flourish once again.







Refereeing in football is not just about knowing and interpreting the rules of the game. It is also a psychologically demanding task that presents referees with many mental challenges. In this subsection, we will focus on the psychological aspects that affect a referee's decisions and their mental well-being.

As key actors on the field, referees are often subjected to immense pressure. They must make split-second decisions that can significantly impact the outcome of the match. Stress is therefore an integral part of their profession. Every mistake made by a referee can be analyzed by players, coaches, the media, and fans. Internal monologues, self-criticism, and fear of making further mistakes can significantly affect a referee's confidence and concentration. To effectively manage such situations, a referee must be not only a knowledgeable expert on the rules but also an effective communicator. The ability to manage conflicts, show empathy, and maintain authority is essential in tense situations on the field.

Continuous self-improvement and knowledge acquisition are crucial for every referee, but equally important is the ability to self-assess. Reflecting on one's decisions, both correct and incorrect, forms the foundation for development. Analyzing one's actions allows for drawing conclusions and avoiding similar mistakes in the future. Increasingly, sports organizations recognize the importance of psychological support for referees. Mental training, workshops, and sessions with sports psychologists help referees cope with the pressure and stressful situations that are an inherent part of their job.

Fans have a significant impact on the atmosphere of a match. Referees must cope with the pressure arising from the audience's reactions, which are not always friendly. Controlling emotions in the face of negative shouts or behaviors is crucial for maintaining objectivity. Crowd reactions can be extreme, ranging from euphoria to aggression, which poses an additional challenge for referees. The ability to isolate oneself from these external stimuli and focus on performing one's duties with the utmost precision is essential.

Attention should also be given to the support role of other members of the officiating team. Assistant referees and VAR officials play a key role in decision-making and can be a source of psychological support. Mutual trust and teamwork are essential for maintaining calmness and confidence on the field.

The psychological aspects of refereeing are as important as technical and tactical skills. Understanding these aspects can help better prepare referees for the challenges of their profession and ensure greater fairness on the field. Referees must be not only experts in the rules but also masters in managing stress, emotions, and interpersonal interactions. Ultimately, their ability to remain calm and objective under pressure is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sport.

Therefore, sports organizations should invest in psychological support programs for referees. Such initiatives can include regular sessions with sports psychologists, relaxation training, stress management techniques, and communication workshops. This way, referees will be better prepared to handle the challenges their profession entails.

Refereeing in football is an extremely demanding task that combines technical, tactical, and psychological skills. Understanding and appreciating the psychological aspects of this role is crucial for ensuring high-quality officiating and fairness on the field. Investing in the psychological development of referees benefits not only them but also the entire football community, contributing to raising standards and promoting social integration through sport.

In summary, refereeing is not just about knowing the rules but also about managing stress, emotions, and interpersonal interactions. Psychological support for referees is becoming increasingly common and recognized as essential in professional football. Sports organizations, clubs, and referees themselves should collaborate to ensure the best possible preparation for the challenges that refereeing brings, ultimately leading to improved quality and fairness in football.

Thank you in advance for reading my article! If you enjoy this kind of topic or have an idea about what I could write next, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments. 


Author: Kiero DS




Hello players, how are you?


This week we are going to talk about three great idols for their clubs and great icons of world football, who no longer profile their talents as professional athletes: the Italian midfielder Francesco Totti, the English defender John George Terry and the Brazilian goalkeeper Rogério Ceni.


Francesco TOTTI 10 was born in the Eternal City, Rome in 1976 and throughout his career he only defended the Associazione Sportiva Roma (AS Roma).

He was called up to Italy's youth teams from an early age, and his first game for the Roma main team was at the age of 16, in the 2-0 victory over Brescia, on March 28, 1993.

His first professional team goal came in the 1994-95 season, days before his 18th birthday, in a 1-1 draw between Roma and Foggia.

The first call-up to the main Italian team only came in 2000, in Italy's 2-0 victory against Switzerland in the Euro qualifiers.

For Roma, in addition to countless assists and masterful plays, he made 786 appearances and 307 goals. In the Italian national team, there were 58 games and 9 goals.

Career titles: For Roma, Serie A 2001/2002, Italian Super Cup 2001 and 2007, Italian Cup 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 and for the Italian team at the 2006 World Cup.


John Terry born in London in 1980, during his career he only played for Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea FC).

He made his debut in the Blues' first team in 1998, in 2000 he was loaned to Nottingham Forest. After returning in 2001, he became a protagonist in the defense of the London team. He became team captain in the 2004/2005 season, leading the squad to the Premier League title and the English League Cup.

His greatest moment for the club was winning the Champions League in the 2012 season, even though he did not play in the final due to suspension.

In 2010, he had an off-field problem that almost cost him his career with the English Team, he got involved with the wife of a teammate, Wayne Bridge.

His biggest individual career award was being part of the 2008 World Cup squad.



Rogério Ceni, born in the city of Pato Branco, in Brazil, started his career with the team called Sinop, in 1990, then went to São Paulo Futebol Clube (São Paulo SPFC) and never left until his retirement in 2015.

A spectacular goalkeeper under the sticks, he was champion of the 2002 World Cup, won the 2005 Club World Cup, and captained many national titles during his career.

In addition to his monumental saves, he was also a top scorer, his first goal as a professional was in 1997, from a free kick in the São Paulo 2 x 0 União São João match. Between goals from a free kick, penalty and even with a rolling ball, there were 131.

He was voted best player in the Copa Libertadores de América and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2005. Even today he is the player with the most wins for a single club, 601.


Like a dream of Icarus, we will end with the thought of Brazilian writer Ariano Suassuna: “Man was not born for death: man was born for life and immortality”.

And do you, players, know other sports myths? Leave your comments.


Thank you and see you next time!

Author: Fábio Muri






Greetings everyone.


In this article I will talk about the Real Madrid soccer club. I will talk about how the season started, what the problems were and how they were solved, about the players who had an outstanding season, and also summarize the results of the last season.

In the summer of 2023, Karim Benzema, who was the club's leader and a key player, left the team. The head coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, asked the club's management to buy Harry Kane, but was refused. Instead of Harry Kane, Joselu, a pupil of Real Madrid, returned to the club. At the same time, everyone understood that Joselu is not the kind of forward with whom you can win tournaments. Therefore, fans had a lot of questions about how the club would rebuild and how it would play in the new season. But in the summer transfer window, Jude Bellingham, a very talented midfielder, was bought for more than 100 million euros. And Brahim Díaz returned from the loan.

The beginning of the season. As a result of Karim Benzema's departure from the club, Real Madrid's attack now rested on the shoulders of Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo. And Jude Bellingham was moved from the center of the field closer to the opponent's goal and began to play as an attacking midfielder. This scheme was unusual for Real Madrid players, so many did not expect great results from this season. But the real problems were ahead.

The best goalkeeper in the world, Thibaut Courtois, is injured. Rupture of the cruciate ligament. This means that the player was eliminated almost before the end of the season. Then Éder Militão and David Alaba, the main central defenders of Real Madrid, are injured. Vinicius Junior is also injured. And all this at the beginning of the season. All the fans understand that this season is going to be very difficult. And injuries will haunt key players throughout the season.

At first, Kepa Arrizabalaga defended the goal, but then Andriy Lunin began to show himself much better, who soon became the main goalkeeper and spent on his best season in his career.

In defense, Nacho Fernández and Antonio Rüdiger become the main central defenders. Aurélien Tchouaméni, who is a defensive midfielder, is also transferred to the place of the central defender in some matches.

As you can see, at the beginning and throughout the season, Real Madrid has a lot of problems. But thanks to the excellent work of the coaching staff and the great skill of the players, Real Madrid is moving forward. Few people expected that Jude Bellingham would be able to prove himself like that and become a player who would bring victories. He is only 20 years old. But he is having an outstanding season and is now a contender for the Golden Ball award. Also, few people expected that Andriy Lunin would become just a wall and in some matches, only thanks to him, Real Madrid was able to win. These were matches with Leipzig in 1/8 of the Champions League, as well as a match with Manchester City in 1/4.

In the middle of the season, Vinicius Junior returned from injury, and began to score very important goals.

As a result, a few rounds before the end of La Liga, Real Madrid became the champion of Spain. He also won the Spanish Super Cup, which was held in winter. Defeating Barcelona 4-1 in the final.

And more recently, Real Madrid became a 15-time winner of the Champions League.

Despite all the problems (injuries and the departure of important players), Real Madrid had an outstanding season. The players adapted very well to the new scheme and revealed their best qualities. And from a tactical point of view, Real Madrid has become a very flexible team that can play a match in different styles. Carlo Ancelotti has once again proved to everyone that he is one of the best coaches in the history of football. He was able to restructure the team, change the scheme, and reveal the best qualities of the players. Thanks to him, the club maintains a very friendly atmosphere. And this Real Madrid (this is just my opinion) is one of the strongest in its history. The team managed to assemble a kind of symbiosis of efficiency, individual skill and tactical flexibility.

Congratulations to all Real Madrid fans on the end of this great season. Hala Madrid.


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I think the idea of players age can be very interesting if well done

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