The weekend is coming, and that means we have prepared something special! During the event, you will gain really valuable resources that will be useful for your daily training, and thus - for the development of your virtual footballer! You've selected one bonus in the survey on our English-speaking group, the second one is something extra from us:


  • Daily Energy increase x3 (this way, you gain as much as 720 Energy points per day)!



  • +30% more salary in Euro for any work of your choice. The cost of Energy will remain unchanged.



Tip: hire a Work Assistant to reduce the completion time by 20% and get another + 10% more Euro! With this method, you will earn more in even less time! The Work Assistant costs only 15 Credits for 15 minutes of activity.

The event will last until Monday, October 25 in the morning.

With sporting greetings!

Team FT