Packs with items

Packs with items

Packs are the main source of getting items in FootballTeam. Getting and opening them is a crucial fragment of the game. When two players have a similar skill level, the items usually are the difference makers.

Currently, FootballTeam features five types of packs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Champion. The higher the pack level, the bigger your chance to receive more powerful item. Every pack contains an item, so you’re always getting some value.

Acquiring packs

There are multiple ways of getting packs in FootballTeam:

  • random drops during the Basic Training (a good reason to choose it over the Training Center)
    • rewards for completing tasks
    • reward for training a trick to a higher level
    • reward for winning a Trick Duel (one of the possibilities)
    • buying from the Market.

On top of that, winning Top of the Week: Training/ Trick Duels/ Betters, yields a special pack, that contains a Ball or a Wristband providing +55 of random Skill.

Opening packs

In order to open a pack, you’re going to need a key. There are two types of them in FootballTeam. If you use a Free Key, the item that you receive will be untradeable. If you opened your pack with a Premium Key, you would be able to sell your item on the Market for Credits. It is the only difference between Free Keys and Premium Keys.

If you’re fortunate, you can even get a Legendary item from a Bronze Pack. However, opening higher tier packs protects you from the weakest items and increases your chances of getting the best ones.

There is an option to exchange packs for free Keys, as well.

Trading packs

As we mentioned, packs can be traded on the Market. If you don’t have enough keys (and you don’t feel like buying them), you can get rid of some of your packs and get Credits.

You can later spend them on buying keys for your remaining packs (presumably the higher-level ones). This way, you can get access to some great items.

It creates a healthy environment where the players who don’t want to spend any money can sell some of the packs and get Credits from the Market. Meanwhile, the users who have tons of premium currency can buy these packs and open them, trying to find the perfect items. We hope that this article serves as a good explanation of the FootballTeam’s pack system. Good luck, and get all the items that you need!