Player's Energy. What is this?


In this article, we’re going to cover two incredibly important FootballTeam resources – Energy and the main in-game currency, Euro. Let’s find out how to get them and what to spend them on.

FootballTeam Energy

During the daily midnight technical break, the system will check the energy status of players' accounts and set the regeneration multiplier for the next day on this basis. The principle is simple: the less Energy is left on your account, the greater its regeneration for the next day. So let's train!

If you have 1 - 200 Energy left, you receive x6 regeneration (1440 Energy/day)
201 - 2000 Energy - x3 regeneration (720 Energy)
2001 - 10,000 Energy - regeneration x1 (240 Energy)
10,001 - 20,000 Energy - regeneration x0.5 (120 Energy)
20,001 and more Energy - no Energy regeneration.

When the Assistant Premium is active, the regeneration is at the level of x0.5 (120 Energy).



The Cafeteria offers a free method of getting extra Energy. You can send your footballer to get some food and regenerate faster. The only thing that you sacrifice is time. The amount of time spent and Energy restored depends on the meal that you pick. The idea is similar to work. Quick meals give more Energy and benefit heavy clickers, while prolonged feasts are made for those who can’t click that often.


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