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Hello! Welcome to our Q&A series! 

In this series, we answer selected questions you leave for us on our Discord server.


Starting with the next Q&A, we want all players to feel free to join the discussion.
To make this happen, we’re making two changes:

🔸Any Discord member can now ask a question in the Q&A section.

🔸We’ll also look at questions mentioned in the news and answer the most interesting ones in a future Q&A.

Thank you for your suggestions in the Q&A group—your feedback is very important to us!



Leaks and Plans

We are currently focusing on smaller and larger changes in modules. Here are some of them:


Micro changes and balance

⚽ Changing the subscription to Battle Pass - some of the rewards will be available immediately, and some will be collected in the calendar as you complete the tasks.

⚽ The Euro Cost Reduction Bonus will be added to the Training Center.

⚽ Change in Top Teams of the Week:

🔹We increase the 7% bonus for the club to → 20%

🔹We increase the 5% bonus to → 7%.

⚽ Changed the number of items needed when upgrading items to a higher tier:

🔹3 Epic items instead of 5

🔹4 Rare items instead of 5

🔹Legendary items will be removed from the trade.

🔹Standard and Upgraded unchanged

⚽ We will add a time countdown to club training in the club training tab.

⚽ We will add the ability to send an invitation to the club.

⚽ Completed tasks ready for collection will appear at the top of the list.

⚽ We are removing the match lock, which blocks the ability to receive tasks during the match.

⚽ We will add information on how many basic training sessions there are on the dashboard, which will make it easier to perform daily tasks.

⚽ In tasks, we will see the task progress without the need to click the show progress button on the task.


⚽ In the calendar we will see the progress of the calendar task and highlight it when it is completed.

⚽ Training - The Training Bonus will be charged for the current day (and not for tomorrow as it is now).

⚽ Training - above 7100 training sessions (50%), the training cost will increase to 32 Energy.

⚽ We are permanently increasing the energy base for exchanging boosters from 5 to 25 (in the case of the global s1 server it will be 75 energy for 1 booster).

⚽ 300% more energy when selling items for energy - For example, Epic item without a padlock: There was a 460 Energy change → 1380. (The change is permanent, it does not count the event bonus)


Larger modules

⚽ We will introduce individual buildings as part of phase 2 of the club's expansion.

⚽ Enchanting Card Slots.

⚽ New Landing Page

⚽ Cards from the EU server - New cards

⚽ Cards from the EU server - New Collections

⚽ Voice over cards - Each card says its own lines - 1292 Voice over

⚽ Sound effects of the card game module

⚽ Additional new Voice overs in various game modules (cafeteria, work, daily achievements, seasonal achievements, etc. - approximately 1,500 Voice overs)

⚽ First attempts at cards from the Global S1 server (planned quantity: 72 pieces)



⚽ We will add a survey system that will be displayed in the game (instead of on news or discord)

⚽ We will add a rating system to tickets - how the conversation went and the option to leave a comment



Questions from Players from the QA group:  

1) Will regulations be created (or do they already exist) to clarify what is considered match-fixing and what is not? At the moment, no one knows the rules, which often leads to frustration among the community.

⚽ Currently, the regulations state that players must adhere to the general rules of fair play. When it comes to match-fixing, each case is evaluated individually.


2) Does the game administration read comments under various articles (e.g., weekly). Often, many valuable comments go unanswered, which can leave players feeling ignored. We want to feel that FootballTeam admins are engaged and supportive.

⚽ Player feedback is incredibly important to us. While we can't respond to every comment individually, we always read through them. In fact, many of the changes are inspired by feedback from comments on news stories or from Discord.


3)  Why do only teams with the highest OVR play in the SuperLeague, and why can't teams be promoted to it after winning the League 1 championship? Currently, only the highest OVR teams participate in the SuperLeague, and teams cannot be promoted after winning the League 1 championship. We've noticed unusual activity on league draw days, such as missing or hard training, changing cards in slots, and removing gear.

⚽ We can't force players who don't want to play in the SuperLeague to participate. We know the current system isn't perfect, but it seems to be the best option available. Our goal is to balance the rewards to make playing in the SuperLeague attractive, encouraging players to compete in it.

4) Is it possible to reduce the cost of creating a Golden Card, for example, so that it’s equal to 2x Red Cards, which are 900 FP each, making it 1800 FP?

⚽ Currently, we are focusing on implementing an update that includes FootballTeam Legends cards from the EN and US servers, along with new collections (old collections will remain unchanged). We know that FootballTeam Legends cards are popular among players. Therefore, we are working to make the entire module more appealing. In the near future, we plan to enhance the cards and duels module with sounds and voice overs, where each card will feature unique lines voiced by professional actors.   



5) When will the implementation of the five changes in league matches/Domestic Cup/tournaments take place?

⚽ Sometimes, changes that seem simple can impact many other modules, making it difficult to predict when or if they will be implemented. Making five changes during a match requires rebalancing the health feature. We encourage you to check the previous Q&A, in which we provided a graphic outlining the introduction and implementation of changes. 


6) Will adding Hero Stars to seasonal tasks increase or decrease competition in league play in the long run?

⚽ Balancing rewards and tasks is a complex process. When working on tasks and reward modules, we always strive to make rewards attractive to players. We are currently monitoring the new tasks and will rebalance rewards as needed.

7) When is the FT mobile app planned to be added? Many players feel that this will definitely increase the number of new players. 

⚽ Work on the app is ongoing and at an advanced stage. The development team, consisting of 20 people, is dedicated to ensuring the app meets a high standard. We still need some time to finalize it. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the Leaks channel on Discord for updates.



Questions from the Administration


Your feedback matters to us. Therefore, at the end of each Q&A, there will be at least one question from us. We ask for constructive answers as your ideas impact the game's further development.


Question 1: 

Which module is the most attractive, and you wouldn't want to change anything about it? 


Question 2: 

If you had to choose one module that we should focus on and develop, which would it be? 


Question 3:
If you had to point out one thing that should not be available from the very beginning of the Global S1 server, what would it be?



Thank you all for being with us. 

With sport greetings 

FootballTeam ⚽


PS. We have prepared a surprise for you!
A one-time free bundle will be available throughout Friday (from midnight to midnight - server time).

What will you find in it? Among others:
🔸20k Energy
🔸 Card Packs
🔸 Free keys

and much more!

We wish you a successful game. 😉

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