Stamina. How does it work?



In FootballTeam, Stamina is a unique skill that is super important to every player coming onto the pitch. Just like in real football, poor physical preparation can thwart even the greatest virtuosos. This factor often determines the results of the key games.

How does Stamina Work in FootballTeam?

During the match, Stamina has an indirect effect on winning duels, scoring goals, and intervening. It affects all of the player's other skills, which in turn has an effect on every aspect of the game - including those mentioned earlier. At first glance, this is quite complicated, so let's try to clear it up.

The stamina of each player is compared at the start of the match. Only the toughest ones will be able to give their best throughout the 90 minutes of the game, using 100% of their trained skills. The other players' performance will begin to wane over time. The larger the difference in stamina, the faster they start to weaken.

After 90 minutes (i.e. during overtime) all players will feel tired, but high stamina level still gives you a significant advantage. If all players on the pitch have a similar level of stamina, the differences between them start to become visible only after the 70th or even the 80th minute.

How do I Calculate the Effect of Stamina on Skills?

As we have mentioned, the player with the highest stamina will use the full power of his abilities for 90 minutes. In the case of other players, it will depend on the percentage difference from the most durable player.

For example, a player whose stamina is 50% of this value will only be able to use all of his abilities for half of the match (first 45 minutes). After this time, his skills will gradually decrease by 1% for every minute of the game. 

If one team has significantly higher stamina than the other, it will get a decisive advantage in the last minutes of the match. This can result in a decisive goal being scored at the end of the game and the tide of victory in your favor!

Stamina training is extremely important for any team. It ensures that players will not lose their energy at the end of the game and won't underperform. Keep this in mind when preparing for league matches!


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