TOP3 of the Week. What Is That?

TOP3 of the Week. What Is That?

Everyone aims at reaching the top because each footballer sets himself the highest goals. Securing a spot in TOP3 of the Week is every player's dream. How does it work? What's needed to get there?


You should try hard to get into the TOP3 because the top three players in a given week are winning great prizes! At FootballTeam, we distinguish three Top of the Week rankings:


Top Trainings of the Week (City> Ranking> Top of the Week)



This is a ranking especially for those who train the hardest. Points are earned for each click on the "Train" button (1 click = 1 point). Note: Failed trainings count towards the classification as well.

- The Training Centre is also included in the total score.

- Players earn points throughout the week. The player with the most points at the end of the week is the winner of the ranking.

Rewards available for taking places in the TOP Trainings of the Week are as follows:



Top Bettors of the Week (Competition> Bets> Top of the Week)



It is a ranking dedicated to the best bettors. The Top Week ranking is calculated on the basis of the summary of the odds of the correct match result predictions. Thus, if a player predicts the result and the odds regarding this game is 1.25, the player will receive +1.25 points to the ranking.

Let’s explain how the points are scored. Say that the odds are 1.07 for a team's win, 5.15 for a draw, and 5.27 for the other team's win. Therefore, players get the number of points that corresponds to the odds (of course, provided that you correctly predict the result).

- 10 matches can be bet on every day. Thanks to the Assistant 30 days, you get additional 3 matches to bet on.

- The points scored in the Betting Room add up to the overall ranking of the week.

- The person who accumulates the most points within 7 days is the winner. As with every top weekly ranking, the settlement takes place on Sunday at 00:00.

Here's a summary of rewards available for taking places in the TOP Bettors of the Week:



Top Tricks of the Week (City> Trick Duels> Top of the Week)



This ranking presents the best trick masters and the most effective dueling strategists. The classification is based on the points scored in the Trick Duels. Importantly, even if we lose a duel but get points in it, they count towards our overall score.

- The person who accumulates the most points within 7 days is the winner.

- The ranking takes into account players who have tricks trained to the maximum level (150 in total).

Here are the rewards available for securing a spot in the Top Tricks of Week:



As you can see, the rewards are worth competing for! For sure, they will significantly help you in the development of your player. So keep training, work hard to reach the top, and gain respect among other footballers!