TURBO EVENT - 06/09 - 25/09


Kamil Grosicki taking on the role of FootballTeam ambassador is a significant step and great news for the entire community. We want to celebrate this moment, and what better way to do it in than through launching a Turbo Event? The next 19 days are a time for equally intense but effective training, just like Kamil Grosicki is expecting himself! The Turbo Grosik Event is starting right now!🔥


Apart from the daily trainings, you can get 4 types of packs, each for 85 Credits. You will find a preview of those packs below:



Let's get straight to the best part, the bonuses. Here's a list of benefits that will be active until 25/09:


🔸 Drink Crafting: +50% chance of creating an additional Drink.

🔸 -10% Energy cost in training.

🔸 Training: +100% XP in auto-training.



🔹 Increased Enchanting chance for items: +10% 1-20 | 20-30 2x

🔹 Training: -20% Euro cost in training.

🔹 Work: Energy cost x10, Euro reward x10.



🔸 Boosters: Speciality unlock for 1 Booster (90% off).

🔸 Boosters: Booster exchange gives 2x Energy.

🔸 Collections: 2x more rewards for exchanging Collections.



🔹 Locker Room: +50% more Euro when selling items.

🔹 Locker Room: +50% more Golden Balls for selling items.

🔹 Locker Room: 25% cheaper item unlocks.

🔹 Locker Room: 25% cheaper Skill change.



🔸 Augmentation Crystals -50% off in the Shop.

🔸 Keys: 2x more Free Keys for exchanging packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

🔸 Work: +50% more Euro for each Work done.



🟢 Team Points: 4 additional TP for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge - with Premium Assistant.

🟢 Team Points: 2x more TP (base value) for each completed Special Daily Calendar Challenge - if it grants 5, it will grant 10. 

🟢 Team Points: +1 additional TP (base value) for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge - Premium Assistant not required & doesn’t work for Special Challenges.



🟤 Building Materials: 2x BM for items exchanged for Materials (applies only to materials, not Euro, Golden Balls or Crystals).

🟤 Club Budget: 2x resources deposited into the club budget (applies only to Euro, Golden Balls and Crystals).



Enjoy the event!

FootballTeam Crew! ⚽

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9 months ago
Energy packs X35 please
9 months ago
Energy packs X3 please
9 months ago
Energy packs X3
9 months ago
Energy packs X3 please
9 months ago
Proszę o pakiety energetyczne x10
9 months ago
energy packs x7 please
9 months ago
Energy packs X5 please
9 months ago
Energy packs X3 please
9 months ago
also give energy x2,x3 in energy packets
9 months ago
Hehe i co teraz mamy się zrzucić mu na pensje od footballteam hahaha xDD

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