An event eagerly anticipated by the entire football world is just around the corner. The European Championship is approaching fast, and we want to ensure that watching the matches is as thrilling as possible. Therefore, we invite you to join us in predicting the outcomes of UEFA Euro 2024 matches!

On June 14, 2024, we are officially launching the UEFA EURO 2024 Predicting Game! Collect ranking points and win attractive in-game rewards. Best of all, everyone who takes part will be rewarded!

Stay updated with the results in the RANKING tab, which will include players from all servers. The top participants will receive the following goods:

Points and rewards for individual predictions are awarded as follows:

Predicting the exact result of the match: 3 points, 5,000 Energy, 10 Free Keys, 1 Card Pack.

Example: Your prediction is Spain 2:1 Croatia. The match ends precisely with this result, so you get 3 points and the above-mentioned rewards.

Predicting a winner or a tie without guessing the exact result: 1 point, 1000 Energy, 5 Free Keys.

Example: Your prediction is Spain 2:1 Croatia. The game ends with Spain’s victory, but the final score is 1:0. In that case, you get 1 ranking point and the corresponding rewards.

A failed attempt to predict the result and winner: 0 points, 500 Energy.  

Example: Your prediction is Spain 2:1 Croatia. However, the game ends with Croatia’s victory. In that case, you receive 500 Energy for participation. 


Key information:

🔸 Predictions can be made on the match day and are accepted until the planned start.

🔸 Predictions will be settled at the end of each day, and once the result is recorded, it cannot be changed.

🔸 Predictions apply to regulation game time only, excluding overtime or penalty kicks.

🔸 Ranking prizes will be distributed within three days after the end of the tournament.

We wish you an exciting tournament and successful predictions!


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