2021 is behind us. It was a year of intense work that passed very quickly. During this time in FootballTeam, we have made a lot of changes in existing modules and introduced numerous novelties. These are changes for the better, that’s for sure. Changes that made the game even more griping, dynamic, and pleasing to the eye. And this is not the end! Sky's the limit!


But before jumping into the next year, we have to close up the previous one. Let’s get straight into the summary of 2021 in FootballTeam!

Item preview - after this change, players can see the item details, including PTS base, enchantment, and augmentation bonuses of every item. This way, the preview of equipped items is transparent. Thus, you can admire and watch others to your heart's content.



Locker room - we have added pagination, i.e. divided the view of items into pages. It made the life of players with hundreds of items way easier. Thanks to this solution, you can browse through your collections without waiting for a single page to load. It will especially help mobile gamers, i.e. those who enjoy FT on a phone or tablet. 


Mobile push notifications - notification of starting Team Training, finishing Work, upcoming match, tricks window - all the options are at your fingertips with just a few clicks in your account settings. Such convenience! 



Augmentation - A new, cool module that allows you to further boost your character! This is all thanks to the awarded % bonuses. Put the appropriate crystal and item into the cauldron and watch your virtual player grow in strength!

If you feel that the bonus is too low, it’s not an issue -  just remove the Augmentation and start the process once again. You can do that until you are satisfied with your progress! Easy, simple, and effective!



Unlocking - acool ball or wristband is lying and rotting in the locker room due to the excessive cost of removing the padlock? We have found a solution to this problem too! And it’s not rocket science - we have significantly reduced the cost of unlocking. One click and the padlock is gone, you can put it on the market and watch the Credits flow into your account. That's an investment!



Weekend events - some people work like a bull from Monday to Friday, some go to school,  whereas others just chill out sipping colorful drinks (we are jealous!). But there's something they all have in common - everyone loves weekends! That's when the real fun begins. The same goes for FootbalTeam! With us, the weekend always lasts longer. We are starting events on Friday mornings to facilitate your player's development. It's up to you which event will be launched - you just need to vote in the Facebook poll. Not a member of our group yet? Don't hesitate and join our community now!


Here are just a few examples from the wide variety of events you've been enjoying so far:

- Training: reduced Energy and Euro costs, and even free Speciality unlocking.

- Boosters: 2x more Energy for exchanging Boosters.

- Assistants: free Training and Work Assistants.

- Energy: increased daily regeneration or double portion for a meal in the Canteen.

- Locker Room: more Euro for selling items or cheaper unlocking and lower costs of changing the PTS on an item.

- Work: more Euro for each job done.

- Tricks: More trick duels per day.

- Item upgrading: upgrading for 3 or 4 items instead of 5.

- Shop: Premium Keys or Energy 50% cheaper or 50% more Credits.

- Shop: purchase Crystals 30% cheaper and Event Packs at a tempting price.



Manufacture and material fragments - something for crafting fans! In the Manufacture, you can create up to 16 sets of legendary football stars of a historical tier. Each item consists of, among other things, a certain number of material fragments. Fragments can be traded on the market, so if you're not a fan of creating items, you can make a small fortune from selling fragments.



Opening multiple packs - getting the pack contents has become even easier and more convenient: select a pack, a key, and choose one of the available options. The received reward is given as a multiple of the selected multiplier.



Premium Key Bonus - by opening a pack with the Premium Key, you increase the chance of receiving a bonus which will multiply the drawn item. There's a chance to multiply a Bronze Pack by x5, Silver x3, Gold x2, Energy, and all Event Packs x3.



Item upgrading - we have added material fragments to the reward pool. When upgrading, there is also a bonus chance - just like when opening packs with the Premium Key - the reward will be multiplied! 

We have also increased the number of rewards that can be received when upgrading items by adding platinum, red and green balls/wristbands and platinum tier Galacticos items. The number of Golden Balls that can be drawn in this module has also been increased.



Training - no limit on specialities! Yes, you can train without limit! We have removed the limit of 500 trained skills. In addition, each of the eight skills has received a separate animation with a countdown of the training time.



Enchanting items above level 20 - to boost character development, we have increased this threshold to level 25. Items subject to this enchantment are Platinum (jerseys, shorts, socks, boots), Diamond (balls and wristbands) and Historical (all types of items).



New visuals - you have to admit that the game is now more colorful, interesting, and pleasing to the eye thanks to the changes in the following modules: enchanting items, changing skills, opening packs, and animation of drawing collections.



Versatile Playstyle - we've removed Boosters from this mode. Thus, kicking into high gear during a match depends only on the Energy the player wants to spend.



Training Centre - we have increased the Training Centre limit to 3x per day. However, here's the catch - you have to pay more for the second and third training, so maybe it’s worth focusing on the basic training? Reminder! This way, you can get additional rewards.



Top of the Week - favorable changes for the best players. The new rewards include Event Packs. And here’s something for the data lovers - now, the results of previous Top of The Week rankings (Training, Betting, and Tricks) are available.



Ranking - the ranking of players without a club has been added, making it easier for team owners to find gems looking for new challenges!



Work - Euro earnings have been increased up to 9 times (sic!). As if that wasn't enough, we pioneered the creation of an anti-inflation shield (!), permanently lowering Energy costs for 6 of the 9 available jobs!



Cafeteria - we have increased the Energy gain x3 for all meals in the Cafeteria! Yeah! We do it right, or we don't do it at all.



Match- we all have something of a narcissist in ourselves, right? That is why we have implemented a change, allowing players to see their footballer highlighted in yellow in the match report. And a slap for lazybones - players who have been offline for at least 180 days do not regenerate health after matches. Also, there's a slight change in the activation of the Versatile Playstyle - you can use it up to 3 times during a match.



Chat - we have added OVR next to a player's nickname to make it easier, especially for club owners, to scout new players



Team Training - Activity is vital! Thus, you can now see which players are absent during the training.



Club Chat - we have added notifications about unread messages. Players no longer have to keep clicking on the club chat to see if there is an important message to read.

Notifications - we have added the notification history. Thanks to this, you can see e.g. what top prizes have been drawn from the packs. And if you managed to draw something cool - brag about it by pointing to the place where you were tagged.



Boosters - each Booster can be exchanged for 20 Energy. In addition, we have increased the limit of exchanging them for skills to 100 per day (previously, there were only ten exchanges). In addition, we have changed the order of displaying your Boosters and those on the Market. Now, it’s easier to browse through your resources.



Pack Store - as many Event Packs have appeared in the game, we have created a store where you can check the prize pool of each pack and periodically make a purchase at an affordable price.



Energetic Pack - a unique pack that always contains from 100 to even 500,000 Energy! While using the Premium key, you have a chance to multiply your reward x2, so the risk may be worth it!



Achievements- fulfilled conditions for receiving rewards are highlighted in green. In addition, the number of prizes to be collected is displayed in each tab. Thanks to this, you don't have to click on each achievement to check if the requirements are fulfilled. A small change, yes, but saving a lot of time! 

What's more, we've updated most of the achievements, added their new types and rewards. These include: Event Packs, Energy Packs, SuperLeague temporary items (wristbands, balls, and sets), Crystals of Success, standard crystals, and material fragments.



Specialization unlocking - fixed costs of unlocking Specialities (regardless of the level). Now, it’s 10 Boosters (depending on the Speciality) + 500 Energy. You can hunt for even better bargains during events (e.g., for half of the Boosters or even for free!), but we mentioned that earlier.



Daily Bonus - the number of daily trainings has a big influence on your player's performance. The more practice, the more skill bonus you get the next day. It can be: 5%, 7%, 12%, 20% or even 33%. Training has a huge impact on the next day's games, so it's a good idea to keep up the activity!



Selling items - we have significantly increased the number of received Golden Balls and Euro.



Games - we have changed the prizes in the Champions Tournament (Energy for promotion to each phase), SuperLeague (prizes for 4th and 5th place), and the Domestic Cup (4,000 Energy for the winners). As you can see, high hopes and ambitions pay off!



Temporary Items - during the Birthday Event, each player received two items of the Historical MID tier: a Ball and a SuperLeague Wristband with PTS base. 

These items are active for 30 days and then disappear. Due to the activity time, the cost of enchanting them isn’t high. Items are locked - they cannot be sold or unlocked, i.e., they only serve the player whose account they were added to. Temporary items can also be obtained as a reward for completing specific achievements.



Enchanting - Items: green, red, golden have gained the ability to use Golden Balls (as protection against downgrade) at levels 18 -> 19 and - 19 -> 20. 

Platinum items: (jerseys, shorts, socks, boots) and diamond (balls and wristbands)

have gained the possibility to use Golden Balls on every level 1 -> 25. 

Historical Items: all Golden Balls and Euro costs have changed. 

Enchanting from level 20 to level 25 has fixed costs. The possibility of using Balls of Success has been removed, but the chances of success have been significantly increased!

Balls of Success: The cost of the Euro enchanting has been lowered (levels 10 to 20).



Tournament Reform - The teams finishing 3rd in their group of the Champions Tournament will advance to the PLAY-OFF phase of the European Tournament.

The teams placed third in the European Tournament group will advance to the PLAY-OFF phase of the European Tournament.

Additional pairs are formed from the 3rd place teams for the PLAY-OFF phase of the European Tournament, which makes the competition in this tournament even more exciting!



Training - We have modified the Energy cost thresholds in Basic Training. This allows you to train harder at a lower cost, greatly impacting your player’s growth. Here are the new thresholds:

1 - 500 training sessions per day = 1 point of Energy taken.

501 - 900 trainings = 2 Energy.

901 - 1200 trainings  = 4 Energy.

1201 -1400 trainings  = 8 Energy.

1401 - XXX trainings  = 16 Energy.



Energy regeneration - thesechanges reward those who train regularly and spend their Energy on player development. During the daily maintenance break (at midnight), the system verifies the Energy level. Based on that, the regeneration multiplier is set for the next day. The rule is simple: the less Energy you have on your account, the more regeneration you get the next day. So, is hard work worth it? The answer is obvious: YES! Have a look yourself:

If you have 1 - 200 Energy left in your account at the end of the day, you will get x6 regeneration (1440 Energy/day).

201 - 2000 Energy - regeneration x3 (720 Energy).

2001 - 10 000 Energy - regeneration x1 (240 Energy).

10 001 - 20 000 Energy - regeneration x0.5 (120 Energy).

20 001 and more Energy - no Energy regeneration. 

When the Premium Assistant is active, the Energy regeneration is x0.5 (120 Energy).



Assistants - each Assistant is now active for a minimum of 7 days. It means that each re-activation will add at least seven days to the current state. You can choose between Premium, Work, and Training Assistants. Which suits you best? How about all of them together?



Premium Assistant - it has a new feature, which is the Auto Training Assistant. How does it work? Choose a skill and training time. Look at how much Energy and Euro you need to perform the training, then click "train." You can choose between 5/10/15/30/45/60 and 120 minutes.

You can activate two trainings simultaneously, but it’s impossible to train manually during this time. The assistant can also unlock specialities. After the training is finished, you get a message confirming the skills you've gained, your incurred costs, and how many trainings you've successfully completed! All you have to do is set the time, click, sit back, and watch your skills grow.



Top Trainings of the Week - HERO - new rewards and bonuses for the winner and their club.

HEROBOOST - a reward only for the winner. You get +33% to trained skills for seven days! 

HEROVOICE - a reward for the whole club. The Top Trainings of the Week winner can activate a +33% bonus for the whole club for one selected match within seven days. This privilege can be combined with the boosts for daily training and the Versatile Playstyle.

TEAMBOOST - a reward for the whole club except for the winner (winner has HEROBOOST). Players receive +12% to trained skills for seven days. 

TRAINING - a reward for the whole club. Players receive 20% Euro cheaper training for seven days.

WORK - a reward for the whole club. Players receive 20% more Euro from work for seven days.

VERSATILE PLAYSTYLE - a reward for the entire club. For seven days, players can activate a Versatile Playstyle for 50% off during a match. 

SPECIALITY TRAINING - a reward for the entire club. Players can unlock specialities 50% cheaper for seven days.

HERO STARS - the winner of the Top Trainings of the Week receives 1 HERO star. Each full star is another +1% bonus to trained skills. The bonus is awarded forever and cannot be lost. 


In addition, we have made partial changes to other prizes available in the Top Trainings, Tricks, and Bettors of the Week.



Footballteamgame.com page - a completely new design of our website. The layout has been revamped, becoming more accessible, intuitive, technologically optimized, and suitable for viewing on multiple devices. The News section now has a comment section for logged-in players and the option to filter articles.



FootballTeam Sports Journal - we have introduced a newspaper fully managed by the players! Interviews, interesting facts, statistics, market analysis, subjective and objective team ratings - you will find it all there. The paper enjoys great interest and is full of surprises. We encourage you to read and comment regularly!



Facebook - in 2021, we decided to merge all our Facebook fanpages into a big one. As a result, there are as many as 75,946 players following us! Our communication is regular and available in English, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. Last year we organized dozens of contests, including match result predictions and creative competitions.



News section on the website - we also decided to develop news on our websites. On Mondays, we create an overview of the TOP3 of the Week on all servers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we conduct international betting contests, allowing you to win great prizes. On Wednesdays, the above-mentioned Sports Journal appears and (most often) on Fridays, we announce the weekend events. Who knows, maybe even more content will be added in the future.



We are constantly improving and developing the game, and your help in this process is invaluable! Over the past year, we have completed more than 6,000 tasks! In 2021, our team spent 90,000 hours working on the development of the game! In 3 years FootballTeam has made a huge step forward, both in terms of technology and playability. 

We are happy to have you with us. We feel that this year will be even better than the previous ones! THANK YOU!



Finally, a solid dose of statistics from all four FootballTeam servers.


Displays during the year: 820 million. 

New registrations during the year: 280k.

Record of players logged within one day: 30k.


Number of total matches: 775205

Number of league matches: 427534

Number of friendly games: 319835

Number of draws: 116245

Defeat of a team with higher OVR (minimum +1): 101301

Defeat of a clear favorite: 30654

Number of goals scored: 3240967

Number of assists: 2444364

Number of interventions: 9273031

Number of red cards: 8119

Number of yellow cards: 317117

Number of injuries: 78740


Record of opened packs within one day: 360k.

Record earnings of players from Betting Room within one day: 62 billion Euro.

Record earnings in Cafeteria within one day: 15 million Energy.

Record number of Energy spent in Work within one day: 8 million Energy.

Record number of attempts to enchant items within one day: 210,000 attempts.

Number of Golden Balls obtained from selling items within one day: 8,7 million Golden Balls.

Euro earned from selling items within one day: 1 billion Euro.

Total number of unlocked items within one day: 60 thousand.

Total upgraded items within one day: 230 thousand items.

Highest score in Top of the Week achieved by one player: 247,040.

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