Achievements are a source of valuable rewards in FootballTeam


Achievements are a source of valuable rewards in FootballTeam. They provide players with additional goals on the path of player development. Complete them on a regular basis and receive increasingly better rewards!


The Achievements tab is located in the panel on the left. There are five achievement categories: Skills, Training, Club, Games, and Other. Each offers a unique type of goals. 



Here are some examples:

- Make X attempts at enchanting your items,

- Open X packs,

- Take part in X team training sessions,

- Play at the club for X days in a row,

- Score X goals in a single season,

- Complete X jobs of your choice.



After earning a reward, you unlock a higher level of the same achievement. For example, after getting level 10 of Offensive Play, you will get the task to advance to level 20. 



Completing achievements will provide you with rewards such as:

- A huge variety of packs,

- Euros,

- Energy,

- Golden Balls,

- Wristbands,

- Balls,

- Crystals of Success,

- Balls of Success.



As you can see - it's surely worth it! We encourage you to complete the achievements and discover subsequent thresholds with even 10-digit prizes! 

If you want to know what the prizes for particular achievements are, the complete list is available in FootballTeam’s FAQ section!

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