Assistants – A Comprehensive Guide


Assistants have been an integral part of FootballTeam for quite some time, and many of you are using their services. They let you quickly and easily improve your player's skills, thus making progress faster. A lot has changed since the last time we wrote about them, and we’ve decided to give you an update so you won’t be missing out on anything!

You can find the “Assistants” tab through Training or Shop. This is a highly efficient and cheap option to develop your character. Three different Assistants are waiting to help you in multiple ways!



Premium Assistant


After selecting this option, the Assistant will be helping you for a set number of days. You can choose from 7 to even 182 days. Here are all the perks you’ll gain:

🔸 +20% more euro earned from work.

🔸 -10% training cost.

🔸 +3 bets per day.

🔸 +20% more euro earned from winning a trick duel.

🔸 Loyalty Bonus.

🔸 Participation in Polls and Match Chats.

🔸 Event Packs and Energy Packs at a discount price.

🔸 Free Starter – all bonuses from this pack are multiplied by x4.

🔸 A limited offer in the Pack Shop if Premium Assistant is active for at least 14 days.

🔸 A certain number of packs at a promotional price EXCLUSIVELY.

🔸 Packs will renew every 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days depending on the pack type.



What is a Loyalty Bonus?


The Loyalty Bonus is awarded for the number of days of active Premium Assistant. The more days remaining in the Assistant duration, the greater the % bonus to skills training will be:


  • +20% - 2000 days 
  • +18% -1500 days
  • +16% - 1200 days
  • +14% - 900 days
  • +12% - 763 days
  • +10% - 672 days
  • +9% - 490 days
  • +8% - 350 days
  • +7% - 280 days
  • +6% - 182 days
  • +5% - 91 days
  • +4% - 49 days
  • +3% - 21 days
  • +2% - 7 days



Free Starter Bundle


🔸 A player with an active Premium Assistant and a minimum of 60 OVR will be able to claim the bundle every day. 

🔸 The Free Starter contains 400 Energy and 100 Golden Balls with active Premium Assistant, instead of regular 100 Energy and 25 Golden Balls without.



Training Assistant


This Assistant will significantly accelerate your player’s development. Here are all of its perks:


🔸 -10% training cost.

🔸 Reduces the time of every training session to 5 seconds.



Work Assistant


This Assistant has received a significant buff and is more useful than ever! He reduces the time of each work and boosts your earnings. Here are all the perks you’ll gain:


🔸 +20% more Euro earned from work.

🔸 Reduces the time required to complete any job by 50%.





You can enable auto-renewal for every assistant so you don’t have to remember about renewing them manually. As you can see, we’ve improved our Assistants significantly and they’re more useful than ever. Is it worth working with them? Definitely!


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