Augmentation: What Is It and How Does It Work?


Augmentation is an item enhancement system, which allows you to further expand your item’s bonuses. This way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an item with better stats, because you can augment an existing one! However, you have to meet specific requirements before Augmentation. What are these requirements? Let’s find out!


Which Items Can be Augmented?


You can augment any Red, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Historical tier item. Augmentation has a 100% success rate!



How Does Augmentation Work?


The bonus that Augmentation gives varies from 1.1% (minimum) to 50% (maximum).

The received bonus is added to the item base (the basic item stats without upgrades).

The augmented item is untradeable.

Here are a few examples:



- Red Ball 40 PTS (basic) after Augmenting (bonus 33%) would receive additional +13.2 PTS

- Golden Galacticos item 50 PTS (basic) after Augmenting (bonus 33%) would receive additional +16.5 PTS

- Platinum Galacticos item 110 PTS  (basic) after Augmenting (bonus 33%) would receive additional +36.3 PTS

- Diamond Wristband of the Training Champion 125 PTS (basic) after Augmenting (bonus 33%) would receive additional +41.2 PTS


Augmentation corresponds to the same levels as used in the versatile playstyle.

-Level 1 - Grey: 1.1 - 5%

-Level 2 - Blue: 5.1 - 7%

-Level 3 - Green: 7.1 - 12%

-Level 4 - Red: 12.1 - 20%

-Level 5 - Golden: 20.1 - 33%

-Level 6 - Platinum: 33.1% - 50%


How to Augment an Item?


Go to Player -> Locker Room -> Augmentation.

To Augment an item, use the “Augmentation” menu on the right side and choose an item with its corresponding Crystal. Then, click “Augment.”



You’ll need to have one CRYSTAL of an appropriate color. For example, to augment a Gold tier item, you'll need a Golden Crystal. For Platinum, a Platinum Crystal, for Diamond, a Diamond Crystal, etc.


How to get Crystals for item Augmentation? 


5 Standard Crystals can be obtained in the Shop for a certain quantity of Golden Balls: 



-Red Crystal price: 75 Golden Balls 

-Golden Crystal price: 115 Golden Balls 

-Platinum Crystal price: 165 Golden Balls 

-Diamond Crystal price: 210 Golden Balls 

-Historical Crystal price: 255 Golden Balls 


Standard Crystals are account-specific and cannot be sold. 


3 Crystals of Success guarantee a specific augment. They can be obtained from the event pack: Success Pack. 



-Green Crystal guarantees augmentation ranging from 7.1 - 33% 

-Red Crystal guarantees augmentation ranging from 12.1 - 33% 

-Golden Crystal guarantees augmentation ranging from 20.1 - 33% 


If you have obtained a Crystal of Success, then you don't need any other crystal. It replaces any Standard Crystal. 

Crystals of Success can be bought/sold on the market as long as the Success Pack has been opened with a Premium Key.

They are also available as task rewards.


Augmentation Removal


If a player wants to augment an item that already is augmented, they must first remove the current effect.

After removal, the player receives the item with no effect (exactly the same they had before).



There are no limitations concerning the removal of Augmentation - that being said, the number of attempts is unlimited, and each attempt costs 895,000 Euros.

Upgrading an item to a higher tier also resets the Augmentation (e.g. when upgrading a gold item to a platinum tier).

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