Become a Hero!


Now you too can become a Hero and gain benefits not only for yourself, but also for your team members. Inspire admiration among other Players and become a role model in the world of FT. How do I become a Hero? What are the perks besides great fame? Let’s find out!





Winning the Top Trainings of the Week ranking used to bring rewards only to the winner. From now on if you are a member of a team whose player has won the ranking, you will also receive many bonuses. 

In other words: HERO status provides rewards and bonuses for the winner of the Top Training Week and his club!




HEROBOOST - reward only for the winner. You get +33% to your skills for 7 days! 




HEROVOICE - The winner can activate a +33% bonus for the whole club for 1 selected match within 7 days. This benefit is combined with the boosts for daily training and the variable playstyle.

TEAMBOOST - reward for the whole club except for the winner (winner gets HEROBOOST). Players receive +12% to their skills for 7 days. 

Training - Players receive 20% Euro cheaper training for 7 days.

Work - Players receive 50% more Euro from work for 7 days.

Variable playstyle - Players can activate a variable playstyle 100% cheaper for 7 days during a match. 

Specialities - Players can unlock specializations 100% off for 7 days.




Hero Stars - the winner of the Top Trainings of the Week receives 1 HERO star. Every 1 full star equals another +1% bonus to skills. The bonus is awarded forever and cannot be lost.



For finishing 2nd in the Top Trainings of the Week, you receive 0.5 stars. 

0.5 stars are also awarded to the winner of the Top Bettors and op Tricks of the Week. 

A player who earns 2 stars receives a 2% bonus. There is no upper limit of stars earned. 




- The bonuses are awarded during the maintenance break on Sunday to Monday. 

- If the winner leaves the club, he takes all the bonuses with him (only the winner can use the bonuses).

- If a player of the winner's club leaves the club, he also loses all his bonuses.

- If the winner leaves the club and joins a new one, the players of the new club will not receive any bonuses (the bonuses will not be inherited by the other club).

- If a player joins a club that has won the Top of the Week ranking - he will also receive bonuses until the end of the current week.



As you can see, hard work is beneficial as it brings great bonuses for yourself and your team. Become your server's Hero!

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