Patch 1.17.1


We encourage you to check out the changes!


- Work Assistant gives +20% more Euro from your job (instead of 10%)

- Premium Assistant provides +20% more Euro from your job (instead of 10%)

- We have changed the ratios regarding the exchange of packs for Free Keys. Now you can exchange:

5 Bronze Packs for 1 Free Key, 3 Silver Packs = 1 Free Key, 1 Golden Pack = 1 Free Key 1 Platinum Pack = 2 Free Keys. 

- We have added a new achievement - MAKE WAVES. Activate the maximum versatile playstyle 33% during a match. As a reward, you will receive great items, including Balls of Success, Golden Balls, or SuperLeague Balls.

- Upon the Auto Training Assistant activation, the Assistant will unlock the speciality itself!

Good luck!

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