Patch 1.17.2


This will be a fresh start for many players. You can expect various changes and perks! This weekend we're gonna see some action, that's for sure! 🎉 But let's get straight to the point.  👇


Starting with the changes:

- We are updating the Starter Bundles! From now on, they will contain Energetic Packs, ⚡ Credits 🪙 and new Starter Packs! 🆕 And what's included in such a pack? 🎁 You'll be able to get Credits (100 - 500,000) or temporary enchanted wristbands/balls (+55 to +230 PTS).




- Another beneficial change in the Shop relates to the Premium Keys,which are now -60% off! 🔑 Premium Keys have disappeared from the Starter Bundles, but instead, we've significantly decreased their cost for good. From now on, the price of a single Premium Key is only 20 Credits! 🪙


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