Player's Energy. What is this?


In this article, we’re going to cover two incredibly important FootballTeam resources – Energy and the main in-game currency, Euro. Let’s find out how to get them and what to spend them on.

FootballTeam Energy

Each player is constantly generating Energy. You get a single point per 6 minutes, which adds up to 240 points per day. Excessive Energy is not lost - you will be able to use it in the future. However, if you remain inactive for more than 3 days, your character will temporarily stop receiving new Energy.


How to Spend Energy?

Training – Energy is necessary to practice your skills. The base cost of a training session is 1 Energy. It becomes higher as you practice a lot during a single day. This system rewards the players who log in and practice regularly, instead of dumping all the Energy every few days.


Work – if you need extra money, you can send your player to work. In the long run, it’s necessary to afford the constant development of your player. After all, training sessions use both Energy and Euro.



There are nine available jobs in the game. They consume various amounts of time and Energy, they also offer different salaries. The jobs can take from less than a minute, even to several hours. Make sure to pick the right one for every situation. If you know that you won’t be playing for a while, you can choose one of the longer ones – it’s a more substantial influx of cash.


The Cafeteria offers a free method of getting extra Energy. You can send your footballer to get some food and regenerate faster. The only thing that you sacrifice is time. The amount of time spent and Energy restored depends on the meal that you pick. The idea is similar to work. Quick meals give more Energy and benefit heavy clickers, while prolonged feasts are made for those who can’t click that often.



FootballTeam Euro

Euro is the main currency in FootballTeam – it’s necessary for training, developing skills, and some other aspects of the game associated with managing your own squad.



There are multiple ways of earning this currency:

Team Salary – if you’re a member of a team, you will receive the established salary every day. You agree on the amount as you sign the contract. The negotiation possibilities are somewhat limited by the player’s OVR. As your skill grows, the minimum wage you can also receive increases. There’s also a possibility of playing on a free contract.

Sponsorship – every now and then, the player receives a sponsorship offer. You can either accept it and get the money, or decline and wait for a better offer. As you keep progressing in the game, you will start receiving higher value propositions.


Rewards – Euros can be received as possible rewards from Trick Duels won. You can also get them for success in the National Cup, Champions and European Tournament.


Items – if you ever get any items that you can’t use or sell on the Market, you can always sell them for Euros in the Locker Room tab.



As you can see, Energy and Euros are important for multiple aspects of the game. Most importantly, both of these resources are necessary for training, which is the primary way of developing your character. Learning to manage these supplies is a large part of achieving greatness in FootballTeam.

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