St. Patrick's Day Event + Patch 1.19


St. Patrick's Day is a celebration originating from Ireland, held on March 17. Is it the greenest holiday of its kind? Perhaps. One of its symbols is a green clover 🍀 Check out for yourself what’s to come! 😁😄


Table of Contents


1/ St. Patrick's Day Event

2/ New prizes in Games

3/ Item upgrading

4/ Changes in matches

5/ FootballTeam polls

1/ St. Patrick's Day Event


For the duration of the event, we decided to increase the chance of ENCHANTMENT! ♨

This is a unique opportunity to increase the enchantment level of your 👕 items and boost 💹 the OVR of players.


🔸 Enchantment level: from 1 to 20

All item tiers will receive an additional +15 % points enchantment chance to each next level.



If an item has a standard 35% enchantment chance to the next level, it will have a 50% chance during the Event.



🔸 Enchantment level: from 20 to 25

All items that can be enchanted above level 20 will receive a DOUBLE enchantment chance* to the next level.


Applies to items: 

- platinum jerseys, shorts, socks, boots with +110 PTS base.

- Diamond balls and wristbands with a base of +125 PTS and +175 PTS

- all historical MID (210/230 PTS) and TOP (320/350 PTS) items



If an item has a standard 20% enchantment chance to the next level, then during the event it will have as much as 2x more, i.e. a 40% chance.



What else is waiting for you besides an increased enchantment chance?


🔹 Basic Training costs a maximum of ⚡ 2 Energy. Costs stop increasing above 900 performed trainings per day.



🔹 Training: Cost of training in Euro reduced by 30%. 💸

Having additionally 🤖 Premium Assistant (+10%) and Training Assistant (+10%), the training cost will be reduced to 50%. 💶



🔹 Work: 50% more Euro at 💼  Work. 😮🤑

By having additionally 🤖 Premium Assistant (+20%) and Job Assistant (+20%), as well as activated Two-Step Authentication (+10%) in your account settings, your euro earnings will increase up to 100%! 💥🔥



🔹 Item upgrading: instead of the current five items, only three will be needed. 🔁



🔹 Boosters: Exchange ☣ Boosters for ⚡ Energy - gain 2x more!



🔹 Assistants: The purchase of all Assistants -30% off! 🤑🤑🤑  



🔹 Versatile playstyle - All FootballTeam players can activate versatile playstyle for 50% off during the event! ⚡



🔹 50% cheaper to change Skills of an Item.🔀



🔹 50% cheaper to buy 💠 Crystals with Golden Balls. 🟡



During the St. Patrick's Day Event, Promo Bundles include Credits and 🆕 NEW Celtic Pack. 🎁🍀 There is no limiton bundle purchases throughout the event.



⚠ Remember that you can claim your free Promo Bundle every day! It contains 250 Energy ⚡ and a 🎁🍀 Celtic Pack. As the free bundle can be collected daily, it's easy to count that during the 15-day event, you can claim a total of 15 free Celtic Packs and 3750 Energy! 💪



A Celtic Pack contains one of the following prizes:



2/ New prizes in Games


A few weeks ago, we announced many changes to the rewards for winning various types of Games. 🏆 And we come up with goods! 🙌

Below you can see the new features. We hope the rewards will help you develop your characters and help you reach for many cups and individual prizes. 🥇

🦾 Domination Pack: a reward for the winners of the SuperLeague. Let us remind that since last season, each player of the team that wins the SuperLeague receives a Domination Pack as a prize.



🦾 Challenger Pack: a reward given to the players of teams that finished 2nd to 5th in the SuperLeague.



🦾 Conqueror Pack: a reward given to the players of the team that wins the Champions Tournament.



🦾 European Pack: a reward given to the players of the team that wins the European Tournament



🦾 Royal Pack: a reward given to the players of the team that wins League 1.



🦾 Domestic Pack: a reward given to the players of the team that wins the Domestic Cup.



Furthermore, we have decided to modify the contents of Pack of the Trick Champion and Pack of the Betting Champion, which are the rewards for Top of the Week winners.



3/ Item upgrading


Due to positive feedback regarding the SuperLeague temporary items, we have decided to add them to the prize pool in the item upgrading module.


By upgrading green items, you can receive:

🔸 SuperLeagueShin Pads/Ball/Wristband +125 PTS of diamond tier for 14 days.

By upgrading red temporary items, you can receive:

🔸 SuperLeagueShin Pads/Ball/Wristband +230 PTS of historical tier MID for 14 days.

By upgrading golden items, you can receive:

🔸 SuperLeagueShin Pads/Ball/Wristband +350 PTS of historical tier TOP for 14 days.



4/ Changes in matches


We are releasing a portion of visual modifications that will make the matches more visually pleasing. ⚽

🔹 SuperLeague, Tournaments, Cups, Leagues, Friendly matches: Each match type will get a dedicated distinctive background. 

🔹 Important match events such as goals, penalties, free kicks, corners, cards, start and end times will get new animated icons. 

🔹 We have added Match Chat, which is available throughout the day in every match. Both teams participating in the match and those with a Premium Assistant can take part in the conversation. The chat is visible to all players. In addition, there will also be access to Team Chat from within the match.



In the near future, we plan to continue working on the match and how it is affected by various factors such as Health.


5/ FootballTeam polls


We have been organizing votes 📊 for weekend events via our Facebook group for many months now. Any member of the FootballTeam community can participate in the polls.

Recently we have added the possibility 📝 to comment on articles in the News section. 💬

We highly appreciate all the comments you leave there - both words of constructive criticism and praise. It's the perfect place for players to express their opinions and make their voice heard by others.

👉 That's why we've decided to expand the voting possibility by publishing the polls in the articles. We will ask about issues related to the game's future and post your ideas there. The collected feedback will allow us to direct the development of the game.

To participate in the polls, you will need an account with more than 40 OVR and an active Premium Assistant for 30 days. 👌


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