Balls of Success. What are they, how to use them?

Balls of Success. What are they, how to use them?

Today we will focus on the magic Balls of Success. What are they and what can they be used for? Together we will find the answer.


Balls of Success are used to enchant other items. However, they can't be used as an element of footballer's gear.



To enchant an item, go to Player>Locker Room>Enchant. After selecting an item to be enchanted, the "Item Enchantment chance" indicator is shown. When an item is already at a higher level, the enchantment chance is lower. This is when Balls of Success come to the rescue.

There are twenty levels of Balls of Success.



- The highest - 20 - means 100% enchantment chance.

- The lowest - 1 - means 1% enchantment chance.

How to get Balls of Success?

There are various paths footballers can follow to obtain Balls of Success. Here's the summary of possibilities:

- Taking a place in the Top3 Trainings of the Week. 1st place + 100% enchantment chance, 2nd place + 50% enchantment chance, 3rd place + 25% enchantment chance.



- Item upgrading. As a result of exchanging five items, footballers can obtain, among others, a Ball of Success 1%.



- Buying on the Market for Credits.



- Auctions.

- Rewards for successes in SuperLeague: 1st place + 35% enchantment chance, 2nd place +15% enchantment chance, 3rd place + 8% enchantment chance.



- Thanks to the Referral System ('Friends' Transactions' tab).



- Completing tasks.



- One of the main prizes in the Collections - Ball of Success 100%, and also as a secondary prize Ball of Success +1%.



- In addition, Balls of Success 50% and 100% can be created in the Manufacture module.



As you can see, Balls of Success are an aspect of the game that can greatly influence the development of your player's OVR.