The Betting Room. Get Rich While Having Fun!

The Betting Room. Get Rich While Having Fun!

Today we will focus on the Betting Room, which, just like in real life, enriches virtual entertainment with genuine emotions. What should you know? How to earn on predicting matches in FootballTeam?

The Betting Room tab is available from the main panel. It contains some match suggestions to bet on during the day. To see more matches, you can:

  • click the button "See other matches" 



  • go to the tab Games -> Bets. 



The full list of all games is available one hour before the scheduled start, which means that betting is possible at the earliest one hour before the start of the match.

The settlement system is simple and transparent. We multiply the Euro rate by the odds, which will result in a win that we can get. We can bet a minimum of 10,000 Euro and a maximum of 10,000,000 Euro.

You can bet a maximum of 10 matches per day. The exception is the purchase of the Assistant - 30 days, thanks to which, during the period of its activity, you place 13 bets a day.



It's possible to only bet on matches of the 1st and 2nd League as well as the Champions Tournament, the European Tournament, or the Domestic Cups.



In addition to winning Euro, we can also compete for prizes in the Top of the Week throughout the week. 

What is the Top of the Week?

It is a ranking dedicated to the best bettors. Your position in the Top of the Week ranking depends on the summary of the odds of the correct match result predictions. Thus, if a player predicts the result and the odds regarding this game is 1.25, the player will receive +1.25 points to the ranking.

Let’s explain how the points are scored. Say that the odds are 1.07 for a team's win, 5.15 for a draw, and 5.27 for the other team's win. Therefore, players get the number of points that corresponds to the odds (of course, provided that you correctly predict the result).

- The points scored in the Betting Room add up to the overall ranking of the week.

- The person who accumulates the most points within 7 days is the winner. Settlement takes place on Sunday at 00:00.

Here are the prizes that can be won for taking places in the TOP Bettors of the Week: