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Training: +40% XP in auto-training. 

Work: +50% more Euro for each Work done.

Training: Training cost in Euro reduced by 15%.

Boosters: Exchange boosters for x2 more Energy (get 10 Energy instead of 5). 

Shop: 30% off on the purchase of all Assistants.




Training: +40% XP in auto-training.

Training: Training cost in Euro reduced by 20%.

Work: +20% more Euro for each Work done.

Locker room: 50% more Euro for selling items.

Shop: Premium Keys at 16 Credits per key.




Training: +50% XP in auto-training.

Match: 50% cheaper Versatile Play Style activation.

Item Skill Change: 25% off.

Item Upgrade: 4 instead of 5 items required.

Augmentation: Euro costs reduced by 50%.





Training: +40% XP in auto-training.

Augmentation: 2x increased chance of better Augment.

Enchanting: increased enchantment chance (+7.5%) for items 1-20.

2x increased Enchantment Chance of items at levels 20-35.

Shop: +50% more Credits.



Training: +40% XP in auto-training.

Assistants: Free Training and Work Assistants +72h.

Team Points: Additional +5 TP for each completed Calendar Challenge with Assistant Premium

Building Materials: 2x more materials when exchanging items for Building Materials in the Club (applies only to items, not resources: Euro, Golden Balls or Augmentation Crystals)

Selling Items: chance of getting 10x more Golden Balls or Euro when selling Red or Golden items.


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1 month ago
Hello, I'm new and I am trying to figure out how to be the best player in my squad but people just buy to win. I can't do that. Can you help me get my rating up. I'm trying to train everyday but it doesn't change in consistency.

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