How to get Credits and Energy in FT?

How to get Credits and Energy in FT?

Credits and Energy are crucial resources in FootballTeam. The former serves as the main currency in trading between players and buying products from the game store. The latter is needed to develop your player's skills through training. Today, we will focus on methods of obtaining these valuable resources.




The easiest way to get Credits is to purchase them from the FootballTeam shop. However, players who don't want to spend real money also have many opportunities to get them. Credits are one of the possible rewards for winning a trick duel. Moreover, you can sell your packs and items on the market. There, you might also make money by buying items cheaper and selling them for profit.



Besides, using a referral link to invite new players to FT can also earn you some Credits. For a period of time, each time a user registered with your link purchases Credits, an additional portion of that transaction value will be added to your account. There is no limit to the maximum number of players you can invite, so attract as many friends as possible. You’ll find your reflink in the Promote tab in the main menu.


In addition, Credits can be drawn from an event pack (Historical pack) or received for reporting a game bug to the support.




As we mentioned, Energy is used to train your footballer. All players receive 1 Energy point per 6 minutes, that is 240 Energy a day in total. Unused Energy passes to the next day, but if you are inactive for more than 3 days, the Energy level stops increasing. 

If you need more Energy, you can use the Cafeteria module in the City tab. It features six meal options that award you a certain number of points for your time.



Additional Energy sources include rewards for victories in trick duels, starter bundles, daily calendar challenges, and exchanging Credits for Energy. 



What's more, players competing in the 1st league, SuperLeague, or Champions Tournament receive additional Energy for each performance in these competitions (even the entire match on the bench counts).



Other ways to get Energy include purchasing an Assistant - 30 DAYS, exchanging collections, and completing tasks. Additionally, Energy can be won, in addition to other prizes, by taking 1-3 place in the Top of the Week rankings.



However, that’s not everything. Here are some other ways of obtaining Energy:

  • Event Packs as a random reward (Albicelestes, Tournament, New Year's, SuperLeague, Carnival), as well as from the Energetic Pack,



  • by exchanging Boosters,



  • taking 1-5 spot in the SuperLeague,


  • placing 1-3 in the domestic leagues,



- by winning the Champions Tournament and the European Tournament.



As with Credits, the referral system also allows you to gain additional Energy. For a certain period of time, you will receive a partial value of the points spent on training by each player who registered from your reflink. 

Similar to Credits, there is no limit to the maximum number of players you can invite. Additionally, one-time rewards consisting of Energy and Free Keys are available for exceeding the thresholds of the invited players.

If you want to start a club with your friends, using reflinks is a great idea. This way, you will get extra Energy and Credits.