Daily Challenges. Complete to earn rewards.

Daily Challenges. Complete to earn rewards.

FootballTeam is not only about playing games and participating in tournaments. The game offers a variety of engaging activities that will diversify your in-game time. One of such modules is Daily Challenges. And that’s what we are going to discuss today.

What Are Daily Challenges?

Daily Challenges are calendar tasks that players can complete to earn rewards. They are available during the league season, which lasts 30 days. It is impossible to complete the challenges during the season break, which usually lasts 1-2 days. Therefore, the new league season means a new set of challenges on the calendar.



Here are some examples of Daily Challenges:

  • Get X Energy from the Cafeteria,
  • Predict X match results,
  • Take part in X Trick Duels,
  • Activate Versatile Playstyle during the match,
  • Open any Pack.

And more!

What Are Rewards for Daily Challenges?



Completing Daily Challenges will reward you with Energy, Free Keys, and Mini-Boosters. 

They can be obtained up to three times a month as long as you complete the required number of Challenges. Rewards are given for completing 7, 14, and 26 days in the calendar. This means you may skip 4 challenges in this module and still receive the best gratification for your in-game activity.



Taking this into account, Daily Challenges aren't something to miss as they have a significant impact on the development of your player.