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Deep analysis


Soccer Football Tactic 4-5-1: 


For several editions, in talking about tactics, we have been making summaries of real tactics in soccer, I believe that learning how they are used in real soccer can help us a lot to learn to use them in the game, perhaps many of the players want to kick hard at the goal and score a goal but to make it easier, you have to understand tactics. That is why today I bring a new analysis of a spectacular tactic, the 4-5-1.


In football you have to look at all the alternatives, this week I bring an alternative that seems defensive (which it is) but that also brings us a series of spectacular alternatives for the attack that make this tactic something difficult to overlook.


One of the most used tactical systems is the 4-5-1. In this guide, we will explore in detail the functionality of this system, its key features, its advantages and disadvantages, and the real teams that have used this tactic in the Champions League.


What is 4-5-1?     Below I describe the roles of each position:


Defenders (4):


🔸Central defenders (2): Central defenders are responsible for protecting the central area of ​​our team's area. They must mark opposing forwards, intercept passes and clear the ball when necessary.

🔸Fullbacks (2): Fullbacks play on the wings and have a dual role. In defense, they must close spaces and mark the opposing wingers. In attack, they add to the offensive play, providing passing options and crosses into the area.


Midfielders (5):


🔸 Midfielders (3): These players occupy the central area of ​​the midfield. Its functions include:

  1. Defensive Midfielder: Protect the defense, recover balls and distribute the game.

  2. Multifunctional midfielder: Contribute both in defense and attack. They are dynamic and cover the entire field.

  3. Creative Midfielder: His focus is on creating scoring opportunities. They are good passers and visionaries.

🔸 Wide Midfielders (2): These players play on the wings. Some of its main tasks are:

🔸 Right/Left Midfielder: Overflow along the wing, center, support the attack and help in defense.


Front (1): The central forward is the offensive reference. He must hold the ball, create scoring opportunities and finish plays. His ability to maintain possession and connect with the midfielders is crucial.


Fundamental Features


Defensive Solidity:

The 4-5-1 is characterized by its defensive approach. With five midfielders, the team controls the game in the center of the field and prevents the opponent from creating scoring chances.


Quick Transitions to Attack:

Take advantage of the spaces in the midfield to make quick transitions towards the attack. The forward must hold the ball and generate scoring opportunities.



It reinforces the central zone and makes it difficult for the rival to progress through the center of the field.


Possible Counter-Tactics

High Pressure: To destabilize the 4-5-1, the opponent can press intensely in the midfield and prevent the midfielders from building play.

Overflows on the wings: Attacking on the wings can unbalance the solid defense of the 4-5-1.


Within the CONTRATACTICS I want to focus on what I consider the most important:


High pressing is a defensive tactic that involves the entire team getting involved in marking and chasing the opponent from the attacking zone. In the context of the 4-5-1, high pressing becomes an effective counter-tactic strategy. Let me explain how it works:


Intensive Pressure in the Defensive Zone:

When a team plays with the 4-5-1 system, its main objective is to maintain a solid defense and control the midfield. However, this structure can become vulnerable if the opponent manages to build their game from behind.

High pressure seeks to make it difficult to build the rival game. The players of the team that uses the 4-5-1 must intensely pressure the opponent in their own territory, especially in the defensive zone.

By pressing high, defenders, midfielders and even the central forward get involved in chasing the ball. This limits the opposing team's passing options and forces mistakes under pressure.

Quick Ball Recovery:

High pressure aims to quickly recover the ball. When the opponent loses possession, the team in 4-5-1 can take advantage of this situation to initiate quick attacks and offensive transitions.

Wide midfielders and interiors are fundamental in this process. They make runs behind the rival defense or dribble to advance up the field. They can also get closer to support the midfield spaces or act as second forwards in transitions.


Virtues and Disadvantages




🔸Control of the Game: Greater possession and control in the center of the field.

🔸Solid Defense: Makes it difficult for the opponent to create scoring chances.

🔸Adaptability: It can be used in matches where the goal is to maintain a favorable result.




🔸Lack of Offensive Reference: The only forward can be isolated.

🔸Fewer Goal Options: Less presence in the rival area.

🔸 Vulnerable to Side Overflows: If the sides are not well covered.

Royal teams in the Champions League

Some teams that have used the 4-5-1 in the Champions League include:


Atalanta: The Italian club has had success with this tactic and has qualified for the competition on several occasions.


Arsenal: On their return to the Champions League, Arsenal showed a brilliant 4-5-1 in the group stage.


Personal conclusion

The 4-5-1 is a valuable tactical tool. Its balance between defense and attack allows it to adapt to different situations on the field of play. However, as in everything, its success depends on the execution and quality of the players. Ultimately, each coach must evaluate whether this tactic fits their squad and playing style.


I hope this article has given you a complete insight into the 4-5-1 tactic in football. If you have any other questions or need more details, do not hesitate to ask, you can send me a message to my in-game messenger by clicking on my signature below. Every week I receive questions and I answer them very kindly. I am at your service. Good luck!







Hello, this is Matushevsky!


Time to analyze your last daily tasks. Will completing them prove attractive again? Let's find out:


Tasks in the OTHER category:


1/ GET A FREE KEY BY EXCHANGING BROWN/SILVER/GOLDEN PACKS.To complete this task we need 5 bronze, 3 silver and one golden package. The cost of purchasing the above-mentioned packages on the market is 5 x 6 credits + 3 x 6 credits + 8 credits, i.e. a total of 56 credits per day (assuming that we do not have any packages at the beginning of each day). The profit from this task is: 1 free key, 1 free key, 1 premium key. Remember that exchanging these packages also gives us keys, so the profit is 5 free keys and 1 gold key. Their value is 65 credits in total - we gain 9 credits a day - 270 per month


2/ OPEN 3 BROWN/2 SILVER/1 GOLDEN PACK. To complete this task, we need 3 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold pack, the total value of which is 38 credits. I do not count the items we receive after opening them as profit because they are needed, for example, to unlock meals in the canteen. The cost of this task for 30 days is 1,140 credits. Profit - 3 free keys (24 credits) and a total of 500 energy, so we have 720 credits and 15,000 energy per month.


3/ USE PENNYWISE/PROVIDENT/XP/MILLIONAIRE/PRODUCTIVITY DRINK. Rewards: 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 energy - a total of 750 energy per day, i.e. 22,500 energy per month. The costs of the cheapest drinks are: 77, 330, 42, 41 and 55 credits - in total (unless someone already has them) it costs a minimum of 545 credits a day, i.e. 16,350 credits per month.


4/ BUY ANY 5 CRYSTALS/3 PREMIUM KEYS/300 ENERGY WITH CREDITS. The cost of completing these tasks is 5 x 75 GB, i.e. 375 GB, but we get a crystal as a reward worth 255 GB, so the difference is 120 GB per day - 3,600 GB per month (430 credits). The cost in credits is 75 (keys) + 100 (energy) per day, but it will gain 125 credits per day (5 gold keys) and 1000 energy. Therefore, on a monthly basis, the cost is 1,500 credits and the profit is 30,000 energy.


5/ COMPLETE X/4 DAILY TASKS FROM THE GROUP “OTHER”. Here we have only benefits - at level 1 - 500 energy per day, at level 2 - 1 energy pack (30 credits) and at level 3 - 1000 GB. Per month, that's 15,000 energy, 900 credits and 30,000 GB.


To sum up, on the expenditure side we have:

🔸 420 credits from the second achievement

🔸 16,350 credits from the third achievement

🔸 1,930 credits from the fourth achievement

Total: 18,700 credits. Will the rewards make up for it?


On the profit side we have:

🔸 270 credits from the first achievement

🔸 15 thousand energy from the second achievement

🔸 bonuses from the third achievement (drinks) are difficult to estimate, but let's assume that thanks to this we will gain the equivalent of 200 credits per day, i.e. 6,000 credits and 22,500 energy per month

🔸 30 thousand energy from the fourth achievement

🔸 15,000 energy, 900 credits and 30,000 GB from the fifth achievement

A total of 6,900 credits, 82.5 thousand energy and 30 thousand GB. 82.5 thousand energy is approximately 305 energy packages, i.e. the equivalent of 9,150 credits. The cheapest way to get GB is approximately 120 credits per 1,000, so the value of the GB bonus is 3,600 credits.


Globally, we spend 18,700 credits per month and we gain 9,150 + 6,900 + 3,600 credits, i.e. 19,950 credits. Profit 950 credits


Remember that we still have a seasonal task in this category:



🔸 2,500 energy - 9 energy packs, i.e. approximately 270 credits 

🔸 2,500 GB - 120 credits x 2.5 = 280 credits

🔸 10,000 energy - 37 energy packs, i.e. approximately 1,110 credits

🔸 10,000 GB - 130 x 10 = 1,300 credits

🔸 200% MORE BOT TRAININGS FOR 96H - I value this bonus at 1,600 credits (400 per day).


So, to sum up, we finally have 4,605 ​​credits. Adding a profit of 950 credits, the entire series of tasks in the "other" category gives us approximately 5,555 credits. Once again, profit, but remember that these are only the equivalent of bonuses in the form of credits and to fulfill these tasks, you simply need to have a lot of them.


Author: Matushevsky




Good afternoon dear readers of the magazine, I welcome you to the new issue. The seventeenth season has overstretched its equator, which means that all tournaments are slowly ending, and as always, the domestic cups are coming to an end. In this article, we will look at the semi-finalists of the tournament and I will make a small forecast for the finalists. Sit back and enjoy reading the article.


We start from the English cup. The clubs Radość Wygrywania and Team Skorpions met in the first semi-final. The Radość Wygrywania club represents the first league by occupying the first intermediate place, and their rivals occupy the first intermediate place in the second league. Both clubs are strong, but Radość Wygrywania stands out a little in this pair and are the favorites between those two.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Anonymous and Go Complain. The club Anonymous are in second place in the first league, sharing points with the first place. Their rivals club Go Complain are in fourth place in the first league. The favorite also stands out here, but not very much and there can happen anything in this two-legged confrontation.


Next we move on to the Spanish Domestic Cup. The first pair of semi-finalists consists of Redemption and Anonymous II. Club Redemption occupy the second intermediate place and is the favorite of this pair, and their rivals club Anonymous II occupy the tenth place in the premier league.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of La Familia and NY Red Bulls. The club La Familia is currently the leader of the first league, and their rival NY Red Bulls occupies the fourth intermediate place. The favorite is also visible in this pair, and it will be difficult for them to add something to win.


Next, we move on to the German domestic Cup. Here, as in Spain, the winner of last season's cup has moved to the super league and there will be a new winner in the cup. The first pair of semi-finalists consists of CF Falcões and Leviathan. The CF Falcões club occupy the third intermediate place in the Spanish first League, and their rivals the Leviathan club are in second place. Both clubs are strong and it will be interesting to watch their two-legged confrontation.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Arsenal FC and Belarus team. The club Arsenal FC is in seventh place in the first league, their rival club Belarus team is in fourth place. Here, too, the rivals are equal and there will be an interesting confrontation, but unfortunately any of these clubs will have little chance in the finals.


Next, we conclude the article with the Italian Cup. The first pair of semi-finalists consists of The Workers and AK Elite Team. Club The Workers occupy the second intermediate place in the first league, and their rivals club AK Elite Team occupy the seventh intermediate place. Here you can also highlight the favorite of this pair, the club The Workers, which have a slight advantage over the opponent.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Los Angeles Clickers and Rayo eSports. The club Los Angeles Clickers occupy the fourth intermediate place in the first league. Their rivals club Rayo eSports occupy the first place in the first league and go undefeated in the league, and there are very few chances against them in the cup. Most of all they will take the title this season.


At this point, our article concludes, as always, I wish every player and club good luck this week, more successful victories and more awards in the future. Thank you all for reading, I hope you liked it.


Author: Dodo








If "Skibak" were an object, it could be a powerful and versatile gaming computer, encompassing all the necessary elements for an optimal gaming experience. Here are some characteristics such a gaming computer might represent:

Computing Power: Similar to a high-performance computer, "Skibak" would boast formidable computational resources, enabling smooth and seamless gameplay even in the most demanding of games.

High-Quality Graphics: Its display would showcase stunning, realistic graphics, providing the player with visually immersive experiences.

Audio Excellence:With an advanced sound system, "Skibak" would also deliver exceptional audio experiences, enriching the atmosphere of every game.

Versatility:Like a multifunctional device, "Skibak" would be equipped with various features and capabilities to cater to different gaming needs and preferences.

Connectivity:As an integral part of the modern gaming landscape, "Skibak" would be fully connected to the network, enabling the player to participate in multiplayer games, stream content, and communicate with other gamers.



If "Jonasz" were an object, he might resemble a sturdy and reliable Swiss Army knife, equipped with a multitude of functions and ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. Here's how such an object could be described:

Versatility: Similar to a Swiss Army knife, "Jonasz" would possess a wide range of skills and abilities, making him adaptable to various situations and tasks.

Reliability: Like a well-crafted tool, "Jonasz" would be dependable and trustworthy, always there when needed and capable of delivering consistent performance.

Resourcefulness: Much like a Swiss Army knife's ability to provide solutions to unexpected problems, "Jonasz" would demonstrate resourcefulness in finding creative solutions.

Durability: Just as a Swiss Army knife is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, "Jonasz" would be resilient and robust, able to persevere through difficult circumstances.




"ZYX" were an object, it might resemble a versatile and innovative smartphone, packed with features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here's how such an object could be described:

Versatility: Similar to a modern smartphone, "ZYX" would offer a wide range of functionalities, catering to different tasks and preferences.

Innovation: Like a cutting-edge smartphone, "ZYX" would be at the forefront of technology, constantly introducing new features and capabilities to enhance user experience.

Connectivity: "ZYX" would be seamlessly connected to networks and devices, enabling users to stay in touch, access information, and interact with the digital world.

Utility: Much like a smartphone's ability to serve as a communication device, organizer, camera, and more, "ZYX" would be practical and multifunctional, offering various tools and resources to assist its users.

Adaptability: "ZYX" would be adaptable to different contexts and environments, adjusting its functionalities to suit the needs of its users.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, "ZYX"would be easy to navigate and operate, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.challenges.


Author: GiGsOn






The Impact of Gaming on the Community: 


How Virtual Soccer in FootballTeamGame Unites Players Around the World


In a world where technology has transformed the way we interact, virtual football has emerged as a unifying force, bringing together players from around the world on a digital playing field. But beyond goals and plays, this phenomenon has given rise to virtual communities that transcend physical borders, creating real and lasting bonds between people who may never meet face to face.


Among the thousands of players that populate the world of virtual football, there are inspiring stories of friendship and camaraderie that deserve to be told. One of those stories is that of "Football Teams", groups of players who come together around a shared passion for the game and form bonds that go beyond the screen.


At the heart of these teams are chat groups, where between 20 and 30 players come together to share their daily experiences, discuss game strategies and, most importantly, forge true friendships. Although many of these players have never met in person or know exactly who is on the other side of the screen, the connection they share is as real as any.


Within the virtual football clan chat groups, coordination and camaraderie are essential for success on the playing field. These groups not only serve as a place to socialize, but also as a center of operations where players organize, train, and plan strategies to take on their rivals.


Each clan member has an important role to play in preparing for matches. Some are strategists, tasked with analyzing opponents and developing tactics to counter their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Others are the coaches, responsible for leading the training sessions and helping to improve the individual and collective skills of the team following an organization (for example now we all have to increase resistance) ready, everyone will increase resistance and so on, whatever is necessary.


As match time approaches, clan members gather in the group chat to coordinate their efforts. Schedules are set and roles are assigned for each player, ensuring everyone is ready and on the same page for the showdown ahead. Each player focuses on his routine, the attack and defense sets change, the set pieces for defensive and offensive corners to the set pieces for free kicks.


But it's not all hard work and serious training in the world of virtual football. Between sessions, clan members have fun with each other, sharing jokes, pranks and jokes that help relieve tension and strengthen the bonds of friendship.


Take, for example, the story of Nahuel, a young virtual soccer player from Argentina. Through his passion for the game, Nahuel joined a Latin group with players from all over Latin America. Since it is easier to understand each other because of the language, he is not very good at speaking english, he still gets confused ON - OFF to turn his devices on or off, Nahuel found in this chat group a place where he could be himself and sharing his love of the game with others who understood his passion.


Over the years, Nahuel and his teammates have shared not only victories and losses on the virtual field, but also moments of joy, sadness, and personal growth. Although they have never met in person, the friendship they have formed through the game is as strong as any.


Another inspiring story is that of Marcos, a Footballteam Game player from Colombia. Marcos joined the team after discovering the game and quickly felt at home among his teammates. Despite the differences in age and experience, Marcos found in this chat group a place where he could be accepted and supported while he developed his skills in the game.


Over the years, Marcos has formed incredibly strong bonds with his teammates, sharing not only his love of virtual soccer, but also his real-life joys and struggles. Although they have never met face to face, the connection they share through the game is as real and meaningful as any other friendship.


These stories are just two examples of how virtual football has created global communities of players who share a common passion for the game. Through team chat groups, these players have formed true, lasting friendships that transcend physical and cultural boundaries. In a world increasingly connected through technology, virtual football remains a powerful reminder that friendship and camaraderie can flourish in the most unexpected places.


You may often like the game itself more or less, you may like the advantages or disadvantages more or less, but no one EVER will be able to say that the best thing this game has is the community and the groups of people. TRUE FRIENDS that happen around the game, that is what drives me and motivates me daily to log in and continue working on improving and growing within the game and the community we create.


I hope you enjoyed this edition, see you next week.






Dear colleagues! We had good weather almost all over the country (in Poland) during the last May weekend, but it wasn't the only weekend that ended. Our mini-event in FootballTeam has also ended and for many people, it was quite fruitful (especially for people who had problems with bonuses of training costs), but that's not what I wanted to write about.

Recently, an idea appeared in my head to create a small duel between the representatives of the Polish and European servers. We will check the players' creativity in terms of commissioned graphic work for skins (an achievement reward for training 10,000 PTS in one skill). You could choose your dream skin even before the changes in tasks, but right now you can only do so after reaching 20,000 OVR (an elite group, right?).

I thought I would select three players for each position for comparison and choose the most interesting (subjective) option for you. Of course, don't assume that we will only take the most beautifully made ones, but there will be something "funny" for you (at least in my opinion).

The only rule is that on the left side there will be a skin from the European server, and on the right side there will be a skin from my native server (PL). The exception is the goalkeeper position, but more on that later in the article.

We start our match with a standard presentation of positions, i.e. the goalkeepers, and we have a walkover at the start! Unfortunately, the goalkeepers from the PL server (at least at the time of viewing) did not have (or did not wear) dedicated skins, so I will show you at least something from the European server.





The next competition is among the most underrated players in FootballTeam. Initially, it was an unwanted position, and in the later server phase it became the most difficult transfer to perform. The legendary Byk z Pampeluny knows something about this (KEKW). Creativity among defenders is quite nice.


Clash nr 1.

                               EU                                                                PL                                     

Clash nr 2.

                                EU                                                                  PL            


The midfield should look at its best, but is it? Let's see below. We must admit that at least we have diversity here. Not just animals anymore!


Clash nr 1.

                                EU                                                                PL                                             

Clash nr 2.

                               EU                                                                 PL

We end our list with the offensive line. I think that here is the most interesting duel between the legendary Mr. Bottleman from the European server and Grim Reaper with Gun, who is a representative of Polish backyard.


Clash nr. 1
                                 EU                                                             PL                                                      

Clash nr. 2

                              EU                                                                 PL


A short, tongue-in-cheek article, but we must admit that the creativity of the users is quite high. The European server clearly likes animal tones. It looks a bit worse in the polish backyard, but this may be due to the earlier removal of tasks for the threshold of 10,000 trained skills. Which server performed better in this ranking?

PS. It is also worth appreciating the work of the graphic designers who tried to implement our players' ideas very well. Thank you!

Author: EXIT





With the development of football, both the ball and the pitch have undergone significant changes that have had a significant impact on shaping the modern game. Initially, in the pioneering days, footballs were mainly made of natural materials such as leather, making them heavy and difficult to control. However, with the advancement of technology, the materials used in ball production have changed. Synthetic materials have emerged, characterized by lighter weight, greater durability, and better control properties.


Alongside the development of the game, the dimensions of the pitch have also undergone numerous modifications. In the early years, there were no uniform regulations regarding pitch dimensions, resulting in large variations in size. However, with the establishment of the FA in 1863, the first regulations regarding pitch dimensions were introduced. According to these regulations, the length of the pitch should range from 100 to 200 yards, and the width from 50 to 100 yards.


With the development of football and the increasing interest in international competitions, there arose a need for more precise regulations concerning pitch dimensions. Currently, FIFA and UEFA regulations specify standard pitch dimensions of 100-110 meters in length and 64-75 meters in width. Such standardizations allow for consistency in pitch dimensions across different levels of competition and facilitate the organization of matches at various stadiums.


The introduction of new markings on the football pitch aimed to improve the game and enhance officiating quality. Additional lines, such as the dashed line around the penalty area, enable quicker decision-making by referees, contributing to fairness and integrity in gameplay. Furthermore, innovative solutions in marking side and end lines aim to facilitate orientation for both players and referees, contributing to the smooth flow of the match and avoiding misunderstandings. Thanks to such changes, football becomes more understandable and attractive to all participants.


I hope you enjoyed the above article. If you are interested in other football-related facts or refereeing, feel free to evaluate and share your thoughts in the comments.

With sporting regards,

Dawid R





Like every major European competition at this point in the football calendar, the Europa League reaches its semi-final stage and the contenders for the grand final are:

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, from the city of Bergamo, Italy

Associazione Sportiva Roma, from the city of Rome, Italy

Olympique de Marseille, from the city of Marseille, France

Bayer 04 Leverkusen Fußball GmbH, from the city of Leverkusen, Germany


Atalanta, founded in 1907, whose biggest title is the Italian Cup season 62/63, in recent years has been playing a great role both within Italy and in international competitions. Participating in the Champions League for 3 consecutive seasons, the 2019/2020 season reached the quarter-finals, the 20/21 season reached the round of 16 and the 2021/2022 season was eliminated in the group stage.

In this 2023/2024 edition of the Europa League, they eliminated none other than the almighty Liverpool, winning the first leg at Anfield 3:0 and losing the second leg at Atleti Azzurri d'Italia 1:0. Now he plays the semi-final against Olympique, the first match in France and the second in Italy.

It is important to highlight that La Dea can still guarantee two titles this season, as they play the Italian Cup final against Juventus Turin.

In Football Team, Atalanta BC competes in the German 3D League


Rome, the Eternal City, has its namesake representative in the semi-final founded in 1927, has 1 European Conference League season 2021/2022, 3 Serie A, 9 Italian Cups and 1 Italian Super Cup. This season, they left the Champions League and gained a place in the Europa League, eliminated the giants Milan, winning both matches 1:0 and 2:1 and reached the semi-final against the current German champions, Bayer Leverkusen. The first leg will be in Italy and the return leg in Germany. Even without being the favorite in the confrontation, La Lupa promises a lot of determination for victory. Here in the game, AS Roma has no league to play in, a shame.



Founded in 1899, Olympique is one of the most traditional French clubs, with 28 official titles to its credit, with highlights being the undefeated European Champions League title in the 1982/1983 season and the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2005. highlight the club's beautiful and modern Orange Velodrome stadium, with capacity for 67 thousand fans.

In this semi-final the opponent will be Atalanta, making it a very equal match. Here in the game, however, the French have their Olympique de Marseille team, but they are away from competition at the moment.


Finally, let's talk about the European sensation, the Bayer Leverkusen club, founded by employees of the pharmaceutical company Bayer in 1904, has only 4 titles in its long century-old history, of more importance we have 1 UEFA Cup and in the current 2023/2024 season, winning its first Bundesliga. However, the trophy gallery will increase this season, if they win the Europa League, but first they need to get past Roma. Even with favoritism they need to be focused to win and reach the final. Until the completion of this article, the German team maintained an incredible record of 46 games without defeat during the season. In the Football Team, the Germans from Bayer Leverkusen will not compete for titles, as they are without a league.


With the French, Italians and Germans in contention, a good suggestion is to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and the Brandenburg Gate


And do you support any of these teams? Do you have guesses for the favorites?


Big hug and see you next time.

Author:  Fábio Muri





PAOK FC vs Club Brugge


It was quite an interesting duel on paper. They are quite similar teams although in my opinion the club from Belgium boasted the better squad. From the start, the Club Brugge players pushed until Hugo Vetlesen opened the score in the 6th minute. Both teams tried to score but neither succeeded. In the second match, PAOK had to start making up for their losses. However, they were without a chance. Club Brugge completely dominated the second match. Already in the 33rd minute Ferran Jutglà opened the score of the match. In addition, just 12 minutes later, just before halftime, he shocked the Greeks once more. Club Brugge pushed all the time, but neither team managed to score any more. Club Brugge wins against PAOK with 3:0 in the two-match series and thus advances to the semi-finals of the Conference League! To be honest, I thought these matches would be much more evenly matched. The truth, however, was decidedly different.


ACF Fiorentina vs FC Viktoria Plzeň


Fiorentina's match against Viktoria Plzeň did not seem to be interesting. I thought Fiorentina would deal with the Czech team quickly. However, time passed and Fiorentina had a very high percentage of ball possession (in the statistics at the end of the match as high as 73% when the opponent had only 27%) while the Italian club did not create actions from which they could score goals. There were only three shots on goal in the entire match and none of them were effective. The second match was a completely different story. Fiorentina absolutely dominated their rivals throughout the match with as many as 42 shots! The red card for Viktoria's player in the 67th minute added fuel to the fire. Despite this, no goal was scored in regulation time. Only in the 92nd minute of extra time did Nicolas Gonzalez score for Fiorentina. Cristiano Birgahi closed the score in the 108th minute, setting the final score of the match at 2:0!


LOSC Lille vs Aston Villa F.C.


It seems to me that we are dealing with the clash that was the most difficult to predict. In my opinion, both of these teams could have emerged victorious from this clash. In the first match, Ollie Watkins opened the scoring in the 13th minute with a 1-0 goal for Aston Villa. We had to wait a long time for the next goal, but in the 56th minute John McGinn increased the English lead to 2:0. When the match was about to end Diakite set the final score to 2:1 for Aston Villa. The second match was as evenly contested as the first. As early as the 15th minute, Yazici opened the scoring! In the 67th minute, Benjamin Andre scored a goal to give Lille the lead. Just when it looked as if the match would have to end with the French team advancing to the semi-finals, Matty Cash put the ball in the goal! Neither in regulation time nor in extra time were any more goals scored. It took a penalty shoot-out in which Aston Villa won 4:3. The final result of the two-match series was Lille 3:3 (3:4) Aston Villa.

Fenerbahçe SK vs Olympiacos SFP


We can certainly say that this is also a very interesting juxtaposition. Match 1 was very exciting. In the 8th minute for 1:0 for Olympiacos, Fortunis scored in 32 by Jovetić and in 57 by Chiquinho. However, the Turkish team did not give up and went on the attack. In the 68th minute, Tadić scored a goal from a penalty kick and six minutes later in the 74th minute, Kahveci. The first match ended with the score 3:2 for the Turkish team. In the second match, Khaveci opened the scoring in the 11th minute. Although both teams pushed on, they failed to score any more goals either in regular time or in extra time. When it seemed that the match was coming to an end Andreas Ndoj flew off the pitch with a red card in the 123rd minute. A penalty shoot-out was needed in which Olympiacos triumphed 3:2! In the end, the two-match match ended with Fenerbahçe 3:3 (2:3) Olympiacos.


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Greetings everyone.

The Champions League semi-finals are always an exciting show featuring four of Europe's best teams. And each of these teams is ready to give their best to win the prestigious trophy. 

The first semi-final matches have already taken place and brought the fans a lot of emotions and impressions. Ahead of the return matches, only 2 teams will go further to find out who is the best club in Europe at Wembley Stadium. 

In the last article I wrote about the confrontation between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. And now I will talk about the second pair of Champions League semi-finalists - PSG and Borussia Dortmund - and analyze the main intrigues of this rivalry.



At the beginning I will say that in the Champions League final there will be a team that few people expected to see. After the group stage, the Euro Club Index supercomputer gave only 4% for PSG to win the Champions League and 3% for Borussia Dortmund to win. These are the 8th and 9th results. Much more was expected from Manchester City (30%), Real Madrid (19%), Bayern (13%), Arsenal (7%), Barcelona (6%), Atletico (5%) and Inter (5%). The Opta supercomputer gave a similar assessment: Borussia Dortmund is the 7th most likely to win the Champions League, while PSG is 8th.

In addition, both of these teams fell into the same group, after the draw. And this group could safely be called the “group of death”. “PSG”, “Borussia”, “Milan”, “Newcastle” - in the Champions League has not been suc

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