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This week in Let's Talk Tactics we are going to analyze the three best defensive tactics and the three best offensive tactics.

Offensive Tactics

The first offensive tactic and for me the most important is the 352.

The 352, the full offensive tactic that I like the most, has five midfielders, which ensures that I control the ball. There is nothing that this toxic one has that aims to defend. It doesn't even have a defensive midfielder like the 3142 has. In this case, there are five arrows pointing to attack and two forwards who are going to be there to score all the goals you can imagine. I would only recommend this tactic in a game in which our rival defends a lot, that already starts the game defending with a 4231, or in which our rival is noticeably inferior to us and we want to finish the game.

It also works to play in moments of the game in which we have to go out to win or die, for example when they score a goal or if we are tying and the end of the game is approaching and we prefer to lose rather than tie.

This tactic has zero balance, there is nothing that help to support a setback and that is why it is one of the most offensive tactics in the game.

The second most offensive tactic is...

To start I want to clarify that the best offensive tactic is not the one with the most attacking players.

In my opinion and whenever I speak in this section I speak about the things that seem to me and for me the most offensive tactic of all is 3151. “Why?”  might you ask yourself. Is it easy because it simply works? Do you think that to win 7 to 0 you have to have two forwards that can't score seven goals with just one forward? The important thing in this game with this engine is to win the midfield and even if you don't believe it you don't need to put 3151 hyper-offensive to score 7 goals. You simply have to win the midfield then the goals are shared between the forwards. If you put two they will score seven goals between two and if you have one he will score the same 7 goals, but the important thing is to make sure you have got a good offensive tactic.

}The third most offensive tactic

You may wonder how it is possible that I have put the 3151 above the 3142. What makes me laugh is that you ask that because to be 100% honest the 3142 does not have better results than the 3151. However the third most offensive tactic is this the 3142.

The 3142 is a super mega balanced tactic, it will not win the midfield like the 3151 but it will guarantee that they do not score as many goals as you will if you use the 352 without control. To be honest, a player who is a defensive midfielder has a huge job in this tactic, therefore it is important that he is one of the best players on the team. You will also say that this guy is talking to me about offensive practices and he tells me that the best on the team has to be the CDM. Well, my friend, if you don't want to believe me - don't, but this tactic is the third because it has balance and since you are going to have one less midfielder on the team, you have no choice but to polish off the player with bonuses, who is the defensive midfielder and is the lethal weapon that you have in your favor.

Therefore, and to be clear, it is a very offensive technique. It is a good tactic to manage the midfield. It is a balanced tactic, but in this ranking it is the third most offensive.

Defensive tactics

The best and number one in this section is the 4231 by nature. It has four defenders and it has two defensive midfielders that give it two impressive bonuses, so when you calculate the OVR of the team, keep in mind that the engine is going to give it to two players of the team, it is a huge bonus, therefore our team, even if you do not believe it, is going to have much more OVR in the eyes of the engine than in the eyes of any human who is watching the game.

There is something important - clearly the two defensive midfielders contribute less to the midfield than if they were central midfielders since they contribute a part to the midfield and a part to the defense in the energy bar that we see in the middle of the screen when watching the games live. Then the midfield will most likely be lost but nobody cares about the midfield in this section since we are talking about the most defensive tactics. When defending a corner, when defending an advance play of the rival team, when our rival fears because it costs a lot to score a goal. This tactic is the queen, this tactic is the best tactic that you can use to defend with your team.

The second best defensive tactic is 4141. Although it is a tactic that has only one defensive midfielder I want you to understand that it will allow you to control the midfield more, therefore they will not get to their area as much and for the fateful moment when they get to our area, we will be able to have the possibility of defending this rival attacking play with four defenders and a defensive midfielder.

Why do I put it in second place? Because whether you want to or not control the ball in the midfield it is a way of defending and four midfielders gives you that balance so that it is not all defense, and you can have the ball for a good portion of the game.

The third most defensive tactic is 451. If this tactic is quite ambiguous, it gives us four players in the back to defend the rival advances but the five central midfielders and the forward being turned to attack will fight equally in the midfield without giving up the defense. I assure you that with this tactic you will score more goals. It's not a joke, I assure you that it is more offensive than you think, even so, it is the third most defensive tactic that we can find in the game. It doesn't have much balance, but it is a tactic that can be used throughout the game without the fact of defending so much, making the rival bigger and ending up winning by the number of goals.

In today's edition we were able to see six tactics for two really important moments of each game, you can use them from the start or you can use them when you need them, but I assure you that they all have their great moment.





In this new edition of common interests I want to highlight the importance of the community at the time of the game. We already talked in other editions about the only thing that could save the European server was the community that we all take advantage of to make our teams stronger and that the fact that many teams and players leave the server could actually create an opportunity for all of us and our active teams to achieve places in championships, that in other opportunities they would not have had the chance to achieve. But recently the game surprised us by announcing a new server unit in which it brings together the active teams in one.

The problem that I see is that since we are a relatively new server we run with quite a few disadvantages when it comes to fighting on the next server.

When we arrived at the United States server we were lucky to get together with Brazilians and other Latinos and win several cups. We won some in other teams, we won some in our teams, then when we had already gotten the hang of it and we managed to position ourselves in a league that benefited us, we were able to win that league for many seasons. We were happy with how the team was doing and its direction. But then the Administration decided to merge us with a stronger one, more difficult, more complicated, with the European server. We came here with our dreams broken but with our faith intact that if we managed to do what we always knew how to do, which was to train, persist and try by any means to win and we will achieve what we have planned. And so it was, after many attempts we managed to unite among the strongest Latinos that were left and in this way we won again everything that was presented to us.

It seems like a matter of fate, but every time we achieve this a server dies so I don't know if I should go cry, but right now again the game decided to unify servers.

At this moment I imagine I can easily deduce that if they are unifying all the servers it is because all the servers have lost countless active users and this lack of active users is what drives the owners of the game to save servers and improve the service.


And I applaud that


If we were able to stand up once, we will surely do it again later.

Although, to be honest, there are fewer and fewer friends playing, even several of my closest circle are leaving and abandoning their players. The reality is that we are going to try to push the new server to see if we can also conquer some things there.

When they closed the Latin server, they did not do a massive exodus of accounts to the United States server or the European one, they simply deleted all of our accounts. That hurt me personally a lot. The fact that they are now unifying servers and maintaining accounts and teams makes me understand that they heard the message and knew that they had made a mistake when they completely deleted our accounts.

I am not more sensitive than many others, but I consider myself a resilient person, and for me to continue leading my teams, leading my troops in the next big event, which will be the unification of all the servers, is because I know that even if it is difficult for us, even if at first we have to fight at the bottom, I know that in the long run we will manage to advance, make the connections we need, and in this way we can settle into a place where we can command again.

In this edition I want to leave you a message between the lines, I want to leave you a lesson in my words that although I myself consider that it would not be necessary, it is good that we try, we must always try, we must never give up, and absolutely all the time we must act in accordance with our words. We are going to leave everything as a team and we are going to fight for our Latin identity, so that the little that remains does not go away forever.




Fabio Muri is in a position to bring another carefully crafted article for the Football Team reader, we will deal with the teams that moved up and down the division in some of the main European leagues.



Let's start with the Polish League, known as Ekstraklasa, where a total of 18 teams participate, 15 of which competed last season and 3 were promoted from the I league.

The season 's champion was Raków Częstochowa, founded in 1921 in the city of Częstochowa. Its stadium is the Miejski Stadion Piłkarski, with a capacity of 5,500 fans.

Those relegated to the second division, i.e. the I League, were Warta Poznań, Ruch Chorzów and ŁKS Łódź is.

Lechia Gdańsk and GKS Katowice rose to the first division.




In the Russian first division, or rather the Rossiyskaya Futbolny Premier-League, played by 16 clubs, where the last two are automatically relegated and the 14th and 15th compete in the playoff to try to stay in the elite.

The 2023/2024 Russian champion was FC Zenit from the city of Saint Petersburg, which played its games at the Krestovsky Stadium, with a capacity of 68,000 spectators.

Futbolny Klub Khimki and Futbolny Klub Torpedo Moskva were relegated, there will still be a playoff to determine who will be in the elite.

FC Khimki and Dinamo Makhachkala rose directly to the first division.



In La Liga, the first Spanish division is contested by 20 clubs, with the last three falling definitively, without playoffs. We had the champion Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, ​​from the capital Madrid, who played their games at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which has a capacity of around 85,000 spectators. In the 2023/2024 season, Cadiz, Almeria and Granada were relegated to the second division.

In the second division we had access to Leganés, Valladolid and Espanyol. Espanyol moved up after winning the access playoffs.




The champion of the English Premier League, played by 20 clubs, with 3 automatic division drops, the last champion was Manchester City Football Club, from the city of Manchester, whose home is the Etihad Stadium, which accommodates 53,400 spectators. The relegated teams for the season were Luton Town, Burnley and Sheffield United.

The elite Leicester, Ipswich Town and Southampton rose, which needed to go through a playoff. Ipswich Town returns to the top flight after 20 years.



In the Bundesliga, which is played by 18 teams, with two direct draws and a playoff (where the 16th team faces the 3rd team in the second division). We had an undefeated and unprecedented champion, Bayer Leverkusen, from the city of Leverkusen, who played their games at the BayArena, which has a capacity of 30,210 spectators and was one of the European sensations of the season.

The three that fell were Bochum, FC Koln and Darmstadt. Bochum faced and beat Dusseldorf and remained in the elite.

St Pauli and Holstein Kiel rose from the second division, which will debut in the first division.





In Series A, which has 20 clubs and has 3 clubs automatically relegated, from the second division the first 2 go up and the third goes through a playoff. Champion was the Football Club Internazionale Milano, from the city of Milan, whose games venue is the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, which has a capacity of more than 75,000 spectators. Frosinone, Sassuolo and Salernitana fell to Serie B. Parma, Como and Venezia (which went through a playoff) were promoted.




The Eredivisie, which has 18 teams, two teams are automatically relegated, and the third-to-last team competes in a playoff against the third team in the second division. The great champion was Philips Sport Vereniging, from the city of Eindhoven, whose home is the Philips Stadion, with a capacity of 35,000 spectators. The last three places were Excelsior, Volendam and Vitesse (who played in the playoff and lost).

Willem II, Groningen and NAC Breda (who won the playoffs) came from the second division and went up.




In the Primeira Liga of Portugal, contested by 18 teams, two fall directly and the 16th compete in a playoff against the 3rd placed team. Sporting Clube de Portugal, which plays at the José Alvalade stadium with a capacity of 50,000 fans, was champion of the 2023/2024 season. Portimonense, Vizela and Desportivo Chaves fell to second.

They moved up to the first division: Santa Clara, Nacional da Ilha da Madeira and AVS Sad.


Do you support any teams in the leagues? How does the national league work?

Tell us in the comments.

See you next week. Thanks!


Author: Fábio Muri


Euro 2024 football continues and all participants of the semi-finals have already been determined, in which Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands will meet. And you will find out how these teams got to the semifinals and who they beat in the 1/4 finals in this article.



⚽Spain 2:1 Germany (extra time)⚽


Spain has never beaten the host team of the World or European Championships in its history. There were 9 attempts and 9 defeats. But in the match against Germany, this curse was finally lifted. 

It's worth saying right away that this match has become one of the best games of the entire tournament. The Spaniards started the match a little more brightly and aggressively, shocking the opponent with the speed and quality of their vertical football. It took the home team about 20 minutes to get into the game, after which the Germans began to take the initiative from time to time. In the 51st minute, Dani Olmo scored the first goal of the match, after which the Spaniards pressed too close to their goal, relying on their sharp and dangerous counterattacks. The Germans staged a pile-up in the last 10 minutes of the meeting - almost the entire stadium in Stuttgart drove their national team forward, which could not but bear fruit. After a series of dangerous moments, Florian Wirtz equalized the score a minute before the end of regular time - it seemed that Spain might not move away from such a psychological blow. Nevertheless, in extra time, the game continued at high speeds, spoiling the fans with a scattering of moments. Germany's dream of passing on was destroyed by Mikel Merino - the midfielder literally plunged the ball into the goal of Manuel Neuer, and again a minute before the end of regular time, from the transfer of Dani Olmo. Nagelsmann's players failed to make a second comeback in the match - magnificent Spain goes further, and no less magnificent Germany completes its performance at the home tournament.


⚽France 0:0 Portugal (5-3 - penalty shootout)⚽


A match between top teams or a match between two crisis teams? Probably both. Before this meeting, both the French and the Portuguese had serious problems with scoring goals, so it is not surprising that in this meeting the teams did not pamper us with high performance. Moreover, we did not have any goals in this match. There was a feeling that the teams simply forgot how to play football. Mbappe sent all the balls into the stands, Ronaldo ran aimlessly around the field, and defenders Ruben Dias and Pepe just rolled the ball to each other for about 45 minutes. It seems that the England national team has serious competitors in the nomination of the worst top team of the tournament.


⚽England 1:1 Switzerland (5-3 in penalty shootout)⚽


Six shots on target for two in 120 minutes is a stunning illustration of what happened in Dusseldorf. Gareth Southgate's pragmatic England did not change itself and again spoiled the mood of everyone who came to the stadium to watch football. Switzerland quickly realized that it was difficult to crack such an opponent, so it quickly accepted the rules of the game and acted just as unscrupulously. But, surprisingly, we still saw the goals - in the 75th minute Switzerland took the lead and gave us hope for a great semi-final, but five minutes later Bukayo Saka equalized the score. In extra time, the teams again failed to identify the strongest, so another penalty shootout was waiting for us.


⚽Netherlands 2:1 Turkey⚽


The last quarterfinal is the only meeting where everything was decided in regular time. Although not without surprises: many expected a confident victory from the Dutch national team, but for 70 minutes Turkey was the best team on the field. Moreover, Vincenzo Montella's wards even led in the score, but they could not keep their advantage. First, in the 70th minute, Stefan de Vrij equalized the score in the match, and six minutes later, Mert Muldur cut the ball into his own goal. The young Turkish national team was clearly not ready for such a turn of events, so it could not respond to the two goals of the Dutch. Turkey was well worthy of the semi-finals and was a few steps away from one of the main sensations of the Euro 2024 playoffs, but the high class of the opponent's players and their experience playing in the best teams in Europe did their job.

Author: Zidane



Good day, dear readers of the magazine, I welcome you to the new issue of the magazine. The nineteenth season on the European server has crossed its equator, and this means that the final stages in the cups begin. This week the semi-finalists of the domestic cup became known, and at the time of writing both semi-final matches will be played and the finalists will be known. In this article we will look at the cup semi-finalists and, as always, I will give a small forecast for these matches. Sit back and enjoy reading the magazine.


We start with the Italian National Cup where the first pair of semi-finalists consists of Newcastle United and The Workers. Club Newcastle United are in thirteenth place in the first league, and their rivals Club The Workers are in second place in the league. I think in this pair everything is obvious. Club The Workers is the favorite in this game and they should not have any special problems to get the win.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Rayo eSports and SL Benfica. Club Rayo eSports are the leaders of the first league and the favorite of this bet, and their opponents are in fifth place. There are chances for a sensation, but they are very small.


Next we move on to Germany where the first pair of semi-finalists consists of Clickers of Odin and Latam Wolfs. Club Clickers of Odin are the leaders of the first league and are currently undefeated. Their rivals Club Latam Wolfs are in third place. The matches of these teams can be interesting, but the chance of a sensation is very low.


The second pair of German semi-finalists consists of the Belarus team and Wilcza Barkowa. Club Belarus team occupy the fifth intermediate place, and their rivals Club Wilcza Barkowa are in fourth, slightly ahead of their opponent. These two clubs are very equal and it will be interesting to watch them and it is difficult to say who will advance further.


We move on to Spain where Mazovia Mady and Anonymous II met in the first semi-final pair of the national cup. Club are in third place in the first league, while their rivals Club Mazovia Mady are in eleventh place. It will be an easy walk for the favorite of this bet, which is Anonymous II.

The second semi-final pair is also without much intrigue. This is where La Familia and FC Roux meet. Second place in the first league and seventh. The club has practically no chance of reaching the final.


Let's move on to England, where the first pair of semi-finalists met OLD SCHOOL and Go Complain. Club OLD SCHOOL are in fourth place in the first league, and their rivals Club Go Complain are in fifth place. The difference between them is only one point, which means that they are equal and each of them can qualify for the finals.


The second pair of semi-finalists consists of Radość Wygrywania and Anonymous. Club Radość Wygrywania are in second place in the first league, second only to first place in terms of goal difference. Their rivals Club Anonymous are in third place. Both clubs are strong and both deserve to advance.


At this point our article ends. As always, in closing I wish each player and club good luck and many more victories. Thank you all for reading the article, I hope you liked it.

Author: Dodo


⚽Germany vs Switzerland⚽


This match was supposed to be a total domination of the German national team. However, this was not the case. In the 28th minute, Ndoye beat Manuel Neur. When it seemed that Switzerland would win the match it was Fullkrug who scored the goal that equalized the match in the 92nd minute. The match ended in a 1:1 draw.


Scotland vs Hungary


In this match, Scotland didn't even have an accurate shot on goal. However, the Hungarians could not beat the Scottish goalkeeper. They tried until finally in the 100th minute Csoboth scored a goal making Hungary win this match 0:1.


Albania vs Spain


Quite an interesting match. The Albanians tried to threaten the Spanish. They fired 4 accurate shots on goal. Nevertheless, the initiative was on the side of Spain and in the 13th minute Ferran Torres scored the first and only goal of the match. Spain wins with a score of 1:0.


Croatia vs Italy


A very tight match. First Modrić missed a penalty, but just seconds later he hit Donnaruma's goal. When it seemed that the Italians would fall out of the tournament something unexpected happened. Zaccagni in the 98th minute beat Livakovic! If not for that Italy would have dropped out of the tournament and Croatia would have played on. The match ended with a score of 1:1.


France vs Poland


A match for Poland that no longer meant anything. Even a win would not give them promotion.  In the 56th minute, Mbappe took advantage of a penalty kick. On the other hand, in the 79th minute Lewandowski beat Maignan after a retaken penalty kick. The match ended in a 1:1 draw.


Netherlands vs Austria


A very interesting match. In the 6th minute Malen scored a suicide goal. In the 47th minute Gakpo answered with a 1:1, in the 59th minute Schmid brought the Austrians back into the lead. Depay equalized in the 75th minute. The final score of the match was set by Sabitzer scoring in the 80th minute. Austria went on to win 2:3.

Denmark vs Serbia


A match for connoisseurs of football. Denmark prevailed in this match. However, despite 3 accurate shots on goal, they failed to score. Serbia did the same. The match ended in a 0:0 draw.


England vs Slovenia


England pressed forward throughout the match without giving the Slovenian players a moment's rest. Despite this, there were only 4 accurate shots towards Oblak's goal. However, none of them fell into it, and this match, like the previous one, ended in a 0:0 draw. Interestingly, both England vs. Slovenia and Denmark vs. Serbia took place on the same day.


Slovakia vs Romania


It was hard to point out a favorite in this match. As it turned out, it was Slovakia that fared better and Duda opened the score of the match in the 24th minute. In the 37th minute Marin equalized after a penalty kick. Despite attempts on both sides, no more goals could be scored and the match ended with a score of 1:1.


Ukraine vs Belgium


No goals were scored in this match either, however, the match was interesting. As many as 25 shots were fired, 8 of which were accurate. However, none of them fluttered into the net. At the end of the match the Belgians played for time just to not lose a goal and advance to the knockout stage. They succeeded in doing so.


Georgia vs Portugal


A huge sensation. Portugal completely dominated the entire match. Despite this, they failed to score a goal. Already in the 2nd minute Kvaraskelia opened the match by scoring a goal. Then, in the 57th minute, Mikautadze increased the score to 2:0. Portugal pushed on, but they failed to score. Georgia won the match with a score of 2:0.


Czech vs Turkey


As early as the 20th minute, Antonin Barak from Czech Republic received a red card. Calhanoglu opened the scoring in the 51st minute. Soucek responded in the 66th minute. When the match was about to end in a draw in the 94th minute, Tosun scored into the Czechs goal. To top it off, Chory got a red card in the 98th minute, causing the Czechs to finish the match in 9 players. Turkey won the game 2:1.



Hi, I would like to invite you to an interview with the best player of the EU server, namely Patrickkkkk. We talked about many interesting issues and. I decided to invite him here in view of his team's interesting transfers. I was curious what he would be able to say about his team. I also wanted to know his views on the upcoming changes. What he thinks about them. Personally, our interviewee today turned out to be a very nice man indeed. I invite you to read the article carefully. Enjoy.



First of all, tell us something about yourself


Hello! My name is Paweł, not Patryk as everyone would think, such a tactical mistake. I come from the Bieszczady Mountains. Maybe not originally, but I'm interested in sports, militaria and tasting various beverages. I started my adventure with this game on the RU server. From the beginning, I was only interested in winning. Since the start of the EU server I have been in the top 3, and for some time now I have been the best. That's it in a nutshell.


Public Enemies project has been working together for a long time. How is your cooperation going, do you still maintain the same enthusiasm for the game and atmosphere in the team?


Public Enemies for a long time, because the ignition is large and the team is sticking together, with small changes but everyone gives something of themselves, so the atmosphere is at a high level.


Soon the history of the EU server will end and the Legacy server will begin. You have one last season ahead of you in the EU. What are your plans for this season?


I was saddened to hear about the server merger so soon, but for this season we have a plan to just play and preferably win everything as we can.


How do you evaluate the history and performance of the Public Enemies team on the EU server?


The history of the club can be written about for a long time, but I think it is certainly on the big plus side, just look at our trophy cabinet, there you can see everything best.


How do you view the upcoming changes that were announced a few days ago in the June Q&A? What do you like the most and what would you prefer not to see added to the game?


I haven't read all the changes yet, but I think padlocked drinks should not be removed after 30 days. Some people have a huge stock of them and don't even have time to use them for those 30 days. Especially since new drinks are coming from tasks, manufactures and the market. I have not yet familiarized myself with the rest of the text.

What do you think about the upcoming merger of the EU and PL Servers and at a later date the RU Servers.


Honestly? I don't like this idea, I'm not a fan of it. The survey was about the merger of PL and RU, not EU and PL. I think it is too early to merge the EU server with the others'. It seems to me that the difference between the EU and other servers is simply too big yet. But well, someone decided that and we have to accept it. Personally, I think that first the PL and RU servers should be connected and only after some time the EU and PL. But that's just my opinion.


If you could say something or advise new players who have recently started their adventure with FootballTeam, what would it be?


Well, you need a big barge of alcohol, that's first and foremost. (laugh)


OK, that's it. Thank you for the interview. 


I also thank you and say hello to the Public Enemies team!


Thank you for reading this article. If you have an idea for a question I can ask our guests you can share it in the comments under here.



The individuals and events described below are based on true stories, though they are often recounted by many people. Therefore, they should not be taken too seriously. Before attempting to replicate any illegal actions described below, consult an Admin or a pharmacist.


This series could only start with one person: Piotr Sborodo, known by various nicknames such as Penny, Pennywise, Rising Talent, Deathcomenearme, Young Fox (among many others), is a figure familiar to most FT players. For many years, he has clumsily battled with FT administration and any player who disagrees with him on any topic. It’s hard to pinpoint when his career began since he loves changing nicknames and hiding for as long as possible. On the Polish server (PL), he has played for clubs like Team Activity, Golden Army, KS Trzciana 2000, Elite Hunters, and many, many more.


👑Career on the Polish Server:


One thing must be said about him: in every club, he gave 150% of himself until he decided he no longer wanted to play there. But let's be honest, if you’re promised to be substituted in at the 67th minute and the manager puts you on in the 71st minute instead, such a club has no future. Piotrek has strict principles that he follows unless he changes his mind, which happens often. He has a leader’s spirit and mentors a large group of players, who often turn out to be his multiple accounts (multis). Once, on one of these accounts, he hit a 500k prize from an energy pack and in his excitement, inadvertently revealed himself, leading to his ban. He is a master of the ineffective use of the carrot-and-stick method, trying to settle something with a humble request first, and then with threats. Despite never achieving his intended goal, he doesn’t give up and keeps trying.


*Having multiple accounts is not a violation of the rules as long as there is no interaction between them!


💯Career on Other Servers:


Piotrek is an avid player; no server could launch without his participation. He has recently abandoned the EU server and switched to the global server, where he’s making waves with new friends from Bundle Crew. However, he might have stopped playing as he recently announced sadly that his account was stolen during an attempt to sell it. Knowing Piotrek, it’s possible he’s just trying to hide again. On the EU server, he mainly offered romantic advice to his younger colleagues and focused on building his Casanova image.


*Remember to never give your login details to anyone, and selling your account is forbidden!




His greatest team achievement was winning the TE. He put a lot of hard work into this success, not in training, but in transfers, changing clubs whenever his current one was eliminated at any stage of the competition. He also boasted about winning the “Golden Ball for TE” as an individual award for the defender with the most blocks. He was very upset when someone diminished his success by pointing out that the awards for TE are silver, and the defender receives a shield, not a ball.


🕵️‍♀️Career Outside of FT:


Piotrek is modest and does not like to boast about his achievements in life. Instead, he prefers to create a new account from which his "friend" (read: himself) writes, revealing more about him. He has a higher education degree (though it’s unclear in what field as he mentioned various disciplines and universities), and he would have a PhD by now, but he doesn’t have the time. He is a model father, partner, and a respected person among his many friends. He is almost a multiple-time representative of Poland in football, but unfortunately, due to his involvement in other projects, he decided to end his national team career before it even began. On the pitch, he can play anywhere, but as he writes about himself, his main position is "right-wing back." As a footballer (and in other roles), he is characterized by above-average intelligence and a highly developed creativity. He also has a culinary talent, as he has "stirred the pot" many times.


Piotrek once tried to shut down FT servers; he even went to the police about it, but nothing came of it, likely because his report got lost somewhere. Therefore, in line with the principle "if you can't beat them, join them," he hasn’t given up the game but continues to support its creators. It used to take several days to get a response from support; thanks to our hero, this has changed. He regularly wrote to support and from one account alone, he had over 50 support tickets sent!


You could write a book about his adventures; life writes various scenarios, but the best of them are not even half as good as Piotrek. I hope the hero of this story reads it with a smile on his face and doesn't threaten me with a lawsuit.


I hope you enjoyed the above article. If you are interested in other football-related facts or refereeing, feel free to evaluate and share your thoughts in the comments.

With sporting regards,

Kiero DS




Hello Dear Readers, here is Fabio Muri, with another very interesting article.


Let's talk about the main object in a football game, the ball. By definition, a spherical or ovoid object, of various types and materials, solid or filled with compressed air, is used in certain games or sports to be kicked, hit or thrown.


Balls have always been present in ancient cultures throughout history. In ancient China, “cuju” was played, a game that consisted of kicking a ball made of leather filled with feathers or hair. In Mesoamerica, pre-Columbian people competed in Pok ta Pok, which consisted of passing the ball through a suspended hoop, using balls made of natural rubber. The so-called kemari, a Chinese creation, became popular in Japan in the 10th century BC. The game, in reality, was used as military training by the Chinese, where one had to kick a ball the size of a fist in the center of a circle.


The first balls from the 19th century had tanned animal leather as raw material and an air chamber made from an ox bladder. In 1836, Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber and, in 1855, designed and produced the first football with this rubber.


In the 1930 World Cup, something unusual happened: Argentina and Uruguay did not reach an agreement on the match ball, as they both had different balls. In the end each half of the game was played with one ball, in the end Uruguay used their T Model ball in the second half and won the match.


The 1950 Brazil Cup ball, called Super Duplo T, was designed and made in the country. The seams had a different shape, to guarantee greater resistance. To prevent water from entering, the loops were abandoned, giving way to the modern valve.



During the 1960s, balls continued without much progress.


During the 1970 World Cup, the revolutionary model of the 32-gauge ball emerged, called “Telstar” at the time, a spherical communications satellite launched in Florida. Despite still being made of leather, footballs began to be waterproofed.


In the 1980s, balls began to be manufactured using more resistant synthetic materials and seeking a more pleasant visual appearance.


It was only in 1994 that balls began to become lighter, thanks to the presence of polymers. Polyurethane (highly durable and light) was used as a coating and polystyrene was used in the inner layers, the chambers were made of latex.

In the 2002 World Cup, more polymers were part of the ball's construction: ten layers of polystyrene were used under the polyurethane coating and butyl rubber was used in the chamber. Another polymer, Kevlar, was used to stitch the ball.


Only in 2006 were polygons abandoned with Teamgeist, used in the German World Cup. The curved panels are now glued, and no longer sewn, preventing the ball from absorbing water in the rain.


In South Africa, in 2010, for the World Cup ball, Jabulani adopted a completely different model, without returning to the geometric format. But it didn't deliver on what it promised, great stability.

Brazuca, the official ball of the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, was the 12th ball created by Adidas for World Cups, which underwent changes, following criticism about the South Africa ball that was too unstable. The panels are heat-sealed, that is, they are joined with heat and not sewn by machine, as in Jabulani.


In 2018, at the Russian Cup, the Telstar 18 ball appeared, which had an installed chip that allowed communication with smartphones and tablets.


In 2024 at the Eurocup in Germany, the Fussballiebe ball was designed with a microchip that promises to help VAR, because its sensor is capable of recording data 500 times per minute, that is, it allows you to perceive changes in the surface of the ball due to touches. super subtle.


The trend is for microchips to be inserted into balls in competitions in the main world leagues.


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Author: Fábio Muri



Hello, this is Matushevsky!


Today (on the day of writing the article) the first semi-finals of EURO 2024 will take place. In the first semi-final, the teams of Spain and France will face each other. 


1/ France:


Mike Maignan (AC Milan) - Italian league, 2nd place in the league - Shova

Brice Samba (Lens) - there is no French league in FT

Alphonse Aréola (West Ham) - English league - 9th place in the league - Dam Sarmiento


Dayot Upamecano (Bayern) - German league, 3rd place in the league - T H E R O C K

Ibrahima Konaté (Liverpool) - English league - 3rd place in the league - Bebzonik

Theo Hernandez (AC Milan) - Italian league, 2nd place in the league - Nur Id 8

Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid) - Spanish league, 1st place in the league - MatI W

Jonathan Clauss (Marseille) - there is no French league in FT

Benjamin Pavard (Inter) - Italian league, 1st place in the league - Verden

Jules Koundé (Barcelona) - Spanish league, 2nd place in the league - TrIckst3r

William Saliba (Arsenal) - English league, 2nd place in the league - Harasho


Warren Zaïre-Emery (PSG) - there is no French league in FT

Adrien Rabiot (Juventus) - Italian league, 3rd place in the league - DragoonDM

Antoine Griezmann (Atlético de Madrid) - Spanish league, 4th place in the league - The Unknown 85

Aurélien Tchouaméni (Real Madrid) - Spanish league, 1st place in the league - Fiszu

Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid) - Spanish league, 1st place in the league - Manek MT

Youssouf Fofana (Monaco) - there is no French league in FT

N'Golo Kanté (Al-Ittihad) - there is no Saudi league in FT


Kylian Mbappé (Real Madrid) - Spanish league, 1st place in the league - Karondor

Ousmane Dembélé (PSG) - there is no French league in FT

Randal Kolo Muani (PSG) - there is no French league in FT

Marcus Thuram (Inter) - Italian league, 1st place in the league - Rayo Junajted

Bradley Barcola (PSG) - there is no French league in FT

Kingsley Coman (Bayern) - German league, 3rd place in the league - WojtHD

Olivier Giroud (AC Milan) - Italian league, 2nd place in the league  - Alan Scorer Shearer


2/ Spain:


David Raya (Arsenal) - English league, 2nd place in the league - Jan Oblak

Álex Remiro (Real Sociedad) - Spanish league. 6th place in the league - Kepa Arrizabalaga

Unai Simón (Athletic Bilbao) - Spanish league. 5th place in the league - Viranda Vlachovic


Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid) - Spanish league. 1st place in the league - Tacchinardi

Marc Cucurella (Chelsea) - English league, 6th place in the league - Osi

Álex Grimaldo (Bayer Leverkusen) - German league, 1st place in the league - Koulibaly

Aymeric Laporte (Al Nassr) - there is no Saudi league in FT

Nacho (Real Madrid) - Spanish league. 1st place in the league - MatI W

Jesús Navas (Sevilla) - Spanish league. 14th place in the league - Lusco

Robin Le Normand (Real Sociedad) - Spanish league. 6th place in the league - Rimuru Tempest

Dani Vivian (Athletic Bilbao) - Spanish league. 5th place in the league - ratito


Álex Baena (Villarreal) - Spanish league. 8th place in the league - Victor Ozymandias

Fermín López (Barcelona) - Spanish league. 2nd place in the league - Matynek

⚽ Mikel Merino (Real Sociedad) - Spanish league. 6th place in the league - Osamo

Pedri (Barcelona) - Spanish league. 2nd place in the league - Koko

Rodri (Manchester City) - English league, 1st place in the league - HadroNi

Fabián Ruiz (Paris Saint-Germain) - there is no French league on the EU server

Martín Zubimendi (Real Sociedad) - Spanish league. 6th place in the league - Enzo Fernández 24


Joselu (Real Madrid) - Spanish league. 1st place in the league - Patrick

Álvaro Morata (Atlético Madrid) - Spanish league. 4th place in the league - Space Wolf

Dani Olmo (RB Leipzig) - German league, 4th place in the league - Christian Vieri

Mikel Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad) - Spanish league. 6th place in the league - GuGuNE0

Ayoze Pérez (Real Betis) - Spanish league. 7th place in the league - Dist

Ferran Torres (Barcelona) - Spanish league. 2nd place in the league - La Fam Forever

⚽ Nico Williams (Athletic Bilbao) - Spanish league. 5th place in the league - Mr ChuCrute

Lamine Yamal (Barcelona) - Spanish league. 2nd place in the league - mario527

In the second semi-final, the teams of England and the Netherlands will face each other - we have already found Footballteam equivalents in both of these teams, so I will try to briefly analyze this Championship. In my opinion, Euro 2024 is a triumph of defensive football over offensive football. Tactical discipline are the main two words of the upcoming championship. The star-studded teams of England and France will advance to the semi-finals with virtually no goals scored. At the other extreme are the offensive teams of Spain and the Netherlands. Will defense or attack win in the semifinals? I bet on the France-England final, which the French will win. Let's hope that they will finally play up to their personal potential and showcase their offensive qualities. This week we are also finishing our fun, I hope you had a great time becoming at least a virtual equivalent of football stars.


Author: Matushevsky

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