How to Find a Club in FootballTeam?

How to Find a Club in FootballTeam?

In football, individual success never comes first. What matters most is collectivity. That's why finding the right squad is so crucial in FootballTeam. So, what's the best way to search for a club? What has to be considered? Here are some of our tips!

Chat FootballTeam

To find notices of clubs that are looking for a team, go to Chat>Transfers tab. There, you'll see information on what the club has to offer and what are their requirements regarding OVR, position, etc. 



Of course, you can also advertise your services. Just send a message saying that you'd like to join a club. Don't forget to include your expectations! Add as many details as possible. However, remember that you need at least 40 OVR to write on chat.



Facebook Group

Find our Facebook group: FootballTeam and join it. Browse through already existing posts of other players. If there's no offer that seems interesting, add your own post. Make sure it's extensive and covers as many details as possible. Include your OVR, position on the pitch, which skills you focus on,  describe your career, etc. 

In-Game Scouting

Evaluate yourself! Determine your level to find out which league you are currently eligible for. Enter the Games module, then find the league which you think is suitable for you. Check if the clubs have any vacancies, especially in your position. If so, contact the owner or assistant directly!



If you are skilled enough to play in League 1, great! As a player of a team from League 1, you'll receive prizes for not only playing but also sitting on the bench.



Here’s a quick rundown of the rewards for participating in the 1st League:

  • 90 Energy for each match - a total of 2,700 Energy for the entire season (30 matches),
  • 50 Golden Balls for each match - 1,500 Golden Balls in total,
  • 1 Free Key for each match - 30 Free Keys in total.

That gives extra motivation to develop your player because there are no prizes in the lower leagues. While searching for a team, you should also consider the club's infrastructure, i.e. the level of their training field.



We also recommend joining a club with a large number of active players during training sessions. The more participants in the team's training, the more skills you gain.

Good luck in finding the best team and in developing your career!