Items in FootballTeam


Items in FootballTeam allow you to boost the most important skills of your player. They are a great addition to training and other forms of footballer's development. At the same time, they have a real impact on the OVR of the virtual footballer.



Types of Items

In FootballTeam, you can collect 7 types of items: Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, Boots, as well as Wristbands, Balls ans Shin Pads. They are, in turn, divided into 8 Tiers (rarity levels):

- regular (grey card), where you can draw an item from 1.1 to 10 PTS,

- improved (blue card) - from 11.1 to 20 PTS,

- rare (green card) - from 21.1 to 30 PTS,

- epic (red card) - from 31.1 to 40 PTS,

- legendary (golden card) - from 41.1 to 50 PTS,

- platinum (purple card)

- diamond,

- historical.



How to Get Items?

FootballTeam has got many different modules, which let players obtain items. Let’s have a look at what possibilities are waiting for you in each of them.


Players can draw items by opening packs - the higher the level of the packs, the greater the chance of drawing a better item. 

What's more, items can be combined into sets - completing a set provides an additional bonus to skills. Packs can be opened with a Free Key or a Premium Key. If you used the Premium Key, you can put the received item on the market. When it is a Free Key, the item cannot be sold to other players unless you choose to unlock it.




What’s more, you can get items is by buying them from other players in the market. Sometimes it is worth hunting for bargains to sell an item more expensive and earn extra Credits.

Top of the Week



A third way is to secure a place in one of three rankings: Top Training, Top Tricks, or Top Bettors of the Week. Unique prizes, including balls or wristbands, are waiting for the most determined players who want to reach the top.




Next, players can open the Collections. If you collect one of the "CLUBS" collections, there's a chance to receive the main prize, which is Collector's Wristband +55 PTS.




The fifth method is the Manufacture module. There you can create unique platinum and historical items yourself, each consisting of  material fragments and other resources.

The higher skills the player has, the more difficult it is to gain new skill points. At the highest level, items are the most important element in increasing statistics, but you can't forget about training! 




In the "Locker Room" tab, it is also possible to upgrade items. You can get rid of five items of the same tier and receive one random item from the higher tier or other rewards. This allows you to get better equipment without buying it from the market.




In addition to items, FootballTeam also has a Skin system. Contrary to items, skins don't affect player's skills but allow you to change the appearance of the items used. This way, you can still use the statistics of the jersey or socks you get even if its colors don't suit you. With skins, you can give your player a unique look.

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