Keys. What are they for and how to get them?

Keys. What are they for and how to get them?

Keys are a really important element of FootballTeam. Today you will learn what they are, their types, what you can use them for, and how to get them.

There are two types of Keys at FootballTeam: Free and Premium. Both are used to open packs but with a different effect. While using the Free Key, you receive an item with a padlock, whereas the Premium Key gives you an item without a padlock. 


What does this mean in practice?

We can use an item with a padlock as an element of the outfit, but we can't place it directly on the market. To do this, you need to unlock it in the locker room. 



How to get Free Keys?

- Exchanging Packs for Free Keys. 20 Bronze Packs -> 1 Free Key, 10 Silver -> 1 Free Key, 1 Golden Pack -> 2 Free Keys, 1 Platinum Pack -> 10 Free Keys



- Each Player automatically receives 1 Free Key every day after midnight.

- One of the prizes in Trick Duels (3x Free Keys).



- Participation in League 1. No matter if you play or sit on the bench, you will receive 1 Free Key for each match of your team.



- Claiming the Starter Bundle (for Players over 40 OVR), which, among other things, contains 10 Free Keys.



- By completing 7/14/26 Daily Challenges in the Calendar.



- From the “Promote” tab, i.e. the Junior Team. If players who register from your link reach at least 40 OVR, you will get Free Keys (the number depends on their progress).



How to get Premium Keys?

- Visit the FootballTeam Shop, where you can buy Premium Keys for Credits. For example, you will get 10 Premium Keys for 500 Credits ("Buy Keys" tab).



- Most of the Starter Bundles contain Premium Keys as one of the pack components.



- Market purchases. In the "Packs" tab, you can find Premium Key Packs (e.g. 500 pcs).



- Market auctions. In the “Auctions” tab, it’s possible to bid on Premium Key Packs.



- Exchanging collections. If you complete a collection, you can exchange it, and one of the rewards (main or a consolation prize) may be Premium Keys.



- Placing in the Top3 Trainings of the Week (for securing second and third place, players get 500 Premium Keys Pack (tradeable) and 150 Premium Keys Pack (tradeable) respectively.



- One of the Trick Duels rewards (1x Premium Key).



- For succeeding in any League. Thanks to individual statistics (goals, assists, interventions, clean sheets) you can get Premium Keys for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The number varies depending on the league level.



- Taking place in the Top 3 of the Top Tricks of the Week. For taking places 1-3, players get i.a. 200, 100, and 50 Premium Keys respectively).



- Taking place in the Top 3 Bettors of the Week. For taking places 1-3,  players get i.a. 200, 100, and 50 Premium Keys respectively.



Important! By opening a pack with a Premium Key, there is a chance of getting a bonus (2x, 3x, 5x).