Matches and competitions

Matches and competitions

Games and competitions

Each professional sport has some type of system for organized competition. The best players and the best teams match up against each other in series of games that eventually figure out the winner. Whether it’s a standard league system or a tournament bracket, the stakes are often really high and the games are incredibly exciting. FootballTeam follows the route set by professional football and features multiple leagues as well as tournaments.

Domestic Leagues

Domestic league is the standard form of competition in FootballTeam. Each league consists 16 teams that play each other twice during a season that lasts 30 days. At the end of the season, teams that placed 1st and 2nd advance to a higher division and the teams that ended up 13-16 get relegated to a lower one (15-16 for leagues 4 and 5).

The situation is a bit different for the top leagues (league 1 in every country). Obviously, the top teams can’t advance any higher, but just like in real life football – they get an opportunity to compete internationally. The top two play in the Champions Tournament, while the teams who placed 3-6 can prove themselves in the European Tournament.

The domestic league will be the most important competition at the beginning of your career. Besides training and increasing your OVR, you’re going to want to win as many league matches as possible, in order to climb your way up to the top division.

National Cup

The second type of domestic competition is called the National Cup. It’s a single elimination tournament that features 64 teams with the highest OVR across all the leagues in the country. The match-ups are decided randomly.

Each non-final stage is played as a two-leg fixture – each team plays 1 game home and 1 away. The away goals rule is intact, so if the aggregate score is a draw, the team that scored more goals on the enemy turf gets to advance. When the winner can’t be decided at the end of the second leg, the match goes to extra time and - if needed - a penalty shootout. For the final, the teams play a single game on a neutral stadium and share the profits evenly.

Super League

It’s the newest form of competition in the game. Super League consists of 8 highest OVR teams across all countries. During the whole season, they play four games against each other. All eight Super League teams have a guaranteed spot in the Champions Tournament – the stakes are high, since getting to play in the Super League is a great success for every team.

There are no standard promotions and relegations in the Super League – your position at the end of the season doesn’t matter. The next iteration will once again feature the 8 teams with highest OVR. While it’s unlikely, there’s even a chance of an entirely new set of eight teams playing in the Super League. Everything depends on OVR.

Champions Tournament

It’s the most prestigious bracket-style tournament in FootballTeam. It features 16 teams – 8 Super League squads and the top 2 clubs from the highest domestic leagues of the four countries. The tournament format consists of two stages. First of all, the teams are drawn into four groups where they play each other twice. After that, the first and second place from every group advances to the knock-out stage. Here, we once again have the two-legged fixture with one match home and 1 away. The away goals rule is still in effect and if it’s not enough, the second game will include an extra time and, potentially, a penalty shootout. The final is a single match that takes place on a neutral stadium with a capacity of 100,000 fans.

European Tournament

The European Tournament is a competition for teams that placed 3-6 in the four top domestic leagues. It also divides the squads into four groups and after that, goes into a knock-out stage. In general, the format is identical to the Champions Tournament.

Competitions and trophies

Winning each league or tournament rewards your team with a trophy. You can later see it on the team’s and player’s profile. A well stacked trophy case is a great mark of a successful team. Moreover, the most prestigious competitions (Super League and Champions Tournament) also provide the players with more tangible rewards for each played match. There’s a lot to gain in the most challenging FootballTeam competitions, so keep improving to reach the highest level of play!