Packs in FootballTeam

Packs in FootballTeam
Packs in FootballTeam

Packs are the primary item sources in FootballTeam. Thus, collecting and opening packs is a crucial element of the game. While comparing two players with similar skill levels, the items will most likely decide who's going to be selected by the coach to the first lineup.



Currently, there are five basic types of packs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Champion Pack. The higher the level of the pack, the more likely you are to receive a stronger item. Each pack contains some items, so you'll never leave empty-handed.

Obtaining Packs

You may obtain packs in the following ways:

  • randomly during training (therefore it is worth doing the Basic Training, instead of using the Training Center)
  • for winning a trick duel (one of the possible rewards)
  • reward for tasks
  • reward for advancing to a higher level of the trick
  • Junior team - when your referrals buy something in the Shop 
  • buying on the market with Credits
  • one of the rewards for collections.



In addition, for winning the Top of the Week, the player wins a unique pack containing a ball or a wristband giving +55 bonus to a random skill.


Event Packs

Additionally, the game features event packs, namely:

  • New Year's Pack
  • Energetic Pack
  • Albicelestes Pack
  • Tournament Pack
  • Historical Pack
  • Carnival Pack



The above-mentioned packs are most desired by players due to their content. Among other things, they may contain Energy, balls, wristbands, Success Balls, Euro, Mini-boosters, material fragments, Golden Balls, or Galacticos items of platinum tier! 

Opening Packs

In order to open a pack, you need a key. If you open a pack with a Premium Key, the obtained item doesn't have to be unlocked (with Golden Balls). That means that you can sell them on the market.

On the other hand, the item obtained after opening a pack with a Free Key has a padlock. As a result, it can't be put on the market.



If you are lucky, you can get a golden tier (legendary) item from the Bronze Pack without spending a single penny. At the same time, higher tier packs offer protection against weaker items.

Important! By using the PREMIUM key, you have a chance to multiply your prize.

Trading Packs

As mentioned before, players can trade packs on the market. If the player has collected a lot of packs and he hasn't got enough keys to open, they can simply sell some of the packs for Credits.



With the Credits obtained this way, you can buy keys to open the remaining packs (you can sell your Bronze Packs and use the obtained key to open the Golden Pack. This way, you'll collect the guaranteed item of at least tier 2).

In our opinion, such a system is a classic win-win. A player who doesn't want to spend on Credits can get them from trade and further develop the character with the obtained Credits. On the other hand, the players who have Credits can buy packs, open them and count on a good item.

We hope this article has explained how the pack system works. We wish you good luck with your openings!