The weather's getting chilly, and many of us have a snowy view outside our windows. ❄️
With Christmas just around the corner, we're excited to announce our Saint Nicholas Event!🎅




Destiny's dealing us some cards... literally, cards! In this event, you'll get to beef up your card collection and pull in footballers who haven't made it into your album yet.

We have prepared several card bundles for you, and here they are:


Furthermore, we've amped up the % in our game, giving you a greater chance of success in developing your player. This applies to enhancing items as well as training.

Here are the facilities awaiting you in the game:

  • NEW3x more Energy for each meal in CAFETERIA
  • FAME POINTS10% more FP for selling your card at the shop
  • TRAINING100% more EXP from BOT Training 

  • MEGAWORKEnergy Cost x3 l Reward in Euro x3
  • ENCHANTINGIncreased chance of enchanting items +10% 1-20 | 2x 20-30 
  • NEWAugment Multiplier - increased chance for AUGMENTS

  • DRINK CRAFTING+30% chance of crafting additional DRINK
  • BOOSTERSExchange Boosters for x2 more Energy

  • LOCKER ROOMGet 50% more Euro when selling items
  • LOCKER ROOMGet 50% more Golden Balls when selling items
  • LOCKER ROOMUnlock item -25% off

  • SHOPAugmentation Crystals 50% off 
  • FREE KEYS2x more Free Keys for exchanging Packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

  • TEAM POINTS+4 additional Team Points for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge if you have an active Premium Assistant
  • TEAM POINTS2x more Team Points (base, no buffs) for each completed Daily Special Challenge from the calendar
  • TEAM POINTS+1 additional Team Point (base, no buffs) for each completed Daily Calendar Challenge (doesn’t apply to special ones) - for everyone, no matter whether with an assistant or not - doesn’t apply to special ones

  • BUILDING MATERIALS3x more BM for items exchanged for Materials (applies only to Items)
  • BUILDING MATERIALS3x more BM paid into the Team Budget (applies to Euro, Golden Balls and Crystals)

To make the St. Nicholas event even more exciting, we're ramping up the event that you voted for –SPECIALIST TRAINING– throughout the entire event duration!

Specializations: Unlock for 1 Booster (90% off)

Match: 50% cheaper activation of Versatile Playstyle

Item Skill Change 25% off

Item Upgrading: 4 instead of 5

Augmentation: costs 50% off


Just a friendly reminder about our new subscription option! Remember, until January 4, you can get it at a discounted rate!

This subscription is packed with attractive items, but its most significant support comes in training, offering up to 150k of energy waiting for you within its contents!

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2 months ago
I believe they could give packs and skins like they used to.
2 months ago
Bravo that you cheat people , first you give a survey for the weekend people today clicked the canteen in the morning did training nicely you are flying with the players in the balls
2 months ago
2 months ago
First info >>> event not the other way around
2 months ago
2 months ago
You started playing today? 😂 The only shocking thing is that they prepare so little new features to shop 😝

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