How to get started with Tricks and Trick Duels?

How to get started with Tricks and Trick Duels?

Tricks don’t affect your player’s skills and you won’t be able to use them during matches. However, they still play an important role in FootballTeam and shouldn’t be ignored. In this article, we’ll focus on Tricks and Trick Duels. You’ll learn all you need to know about practising Tricks and increasing your chances of winning duels! 

What tricks are available in FootballTeam?



The game features 15 different tricks. They’re arranged by their initial power (numbers 10-24). Each trick can be improved until it reaches level 10 (stars). Some of the tricks you can master are Scorpion, Elastico, Rabona, Scissor Kick and X-over. You can find them in the Tricks tab that’s inside the Training module. 



What do you need to know before you start practising? 

- Leveling up a trick increases its power.

- Training time increases as your trick gets stronger.

- Every level-up rewards you with a pack.

- There’s a limit - you can’t get more than 5 Trick levels per day. 

How to practice Tricks?

After you select a Trick, you’ll see a scale of 1 to 10. In order to level up, you have to pick the right number and press the training button. Then, wait a moment to get the result. You’ll receive a System message that tells you whether you managed to guess the correct number or not.   




For example:

You pick the number 5. You wait for the training to end. You receive a message that 5 was too high (now you know that the correct answer is in the 1-4 range). If the number was too low, then you’d know that you have to try some numbers in the 6-10 range). When you pick the right number, your trick levels up.

After that, difficulty increases, because you have to pick from multiple rows of numbers to level up the same Trick.

How do Trick Duels Work?



Tricks are connected to the Trick Duels module. If you want to increase your chances in these competitions, you have to practice multiple Tricks and make them more powerful. This way, you significantly increase your chances for victory. 



What else do you need to know?

- To participate in a duel, you have to enter the queue. 

- In 60 seconds after you sign up, you’ll get assigned a random opponent.

- Duels take place in a limited time window. 

- During a Trick Duel, each player can use up to 15 Tricks in a random order. 

- You can play up to 10 Trick Duels a day.

- A Duel lasts 15 turns, each player can use 1 Trick per turn. 

- The player who has more points after 15 turns wins



Example: Player A uses a card with 11 power (the number in the hexagon). Player B uses a card with 10 power. Player A wins the round and receives 21 points (the sum of power values of both cards). You can also decide not to play a card during some rounds if that’s your strategy. If both players use cards with equal power values, they share the points evenly. 

You can learn the tricks in any order, but remember that a better trick = more points in a duel.

Rewards in Trick Duels

Duels can also reward the winning players with great rewards. They include Gold/Platinum Packs, Free/Premium Keys, Golden Balls, Credits, Energy, Euro, Mini-Boosters and the Free Starter. 



Moreover, FootballTeam features the “Top Tricks of the Week” ranking for the best players in this module. Do you want to become a Trick Champion? We bet you will after checking out the rewards!


1st place:


2nd place:


3rd place:



Practising tricks and reaching the highest levels will also let you unlock some additional rewards. Make sure to visit the Achievements tab and collect them when you’re eligible to do so!

Tricks are not only luck but also training and strategy. Remember that practice makes perfect. Good luck!