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Welcome one more week to talk about tactics!


This week is the first of the season and taking advantage of the fact that it is the first few days and there are many teams forming, it does not hurt to build this section around the most important of all the tactics of the season, the most used, the most versatile, the one chosen by the best teams. ..THE 3151!!!


As we all know, this tactic is the one that gives us the most game stability in the midfield, more security in the back (due to the defensive midfielder used) and combined with a good forward, it is lethal!


When we coaches talk about forming teams for the next season, we always talk about forming squads around the tactics that we are going to use most...


It is important to understand that in this aspect that I am going to explain there are differences between first division and super league teams...


The super league teams have one less competition (they do not have the National Cup) therefore they have to use the players less (by having one less competition)...

Then everyone will say, but then it doesn't matter how we build the team... ERROR, the game (which is very wise) has a lot of balance and this balance is maintained and sustained by taking more life points away from the SL. players per game, forcing the coaches of these teams to have a bench of substitutes as strong as the starter, to be able to rotate a lot and thus ensure that in the long run there is always the healthiest and most competitive team possible on the field.


If you are going to build your tactics and your planning of player selection around 3151, I have to tell you that it is convenient for you to have among your targets:


-Six defenders

-Two defensive midfielders

-Two strikers

-Obviously Two GKs

-And the rest that are all central midfielders (either on the right or on the left that is indistinct) but that the rest are playing midfielders.


From what was seen this season, the most used tactic was 3151 with creative adjustments... When thinking about how to counteract this tactic, I have to clarify that at this point one thing must be admitted: if the best team in the game play with the 3151 (creative adjustments) using the best possible player in each position and play against the second best team in the game putting players of the same level on the field also using the 3151 (creative adjustments) just like them most likely the match It is defined by set pieces... by free kicks and corners.


It will also influence whether all the players activate to have more ovr, it will also influence whether they are all attentive when rotating their set pieces and then some more others less will influence if they have a set (set) of efficiency or pressure, to help the attack or the defense depends on when your player has it (although the latter has a minor interference in the development of the match).


For you to take into account, all the tactics that have 2 forwards can easily lose against a well-armed 3151 and with players of the same level as the one they put in front of.


The only tactic that can "complicate" the 3151 a bit at "similar" levels and not always but depends if the engine woke up wanting to help the team with the lowest overall, is the "4231" with the players well accommodated each where it should go, if 4231 wants it can close the door to the team with 3151 but it won't always happen.


I suffered the latter in my own flesh the last season, against a team with 100 points less than ovr, I went with the 3151 creative, they 4231 possessed and I could not score a goal, until I put two forwards and the game ended in that At the same time, there was a rain of goals, there are times when there is no other choice but to change the tactic when you see that the game is getting complicated, it is not that you are going to beat all the tactics with the 3151, sometimes the ball simply does not want to enter.






Hello, this is Matushevsky!


We are slowly approaching the end of the cycle. Today, a further part of the analysis of red collections:



Previously it was:

1x Ball of Success +40% - 3000 credits

4x Red Crystal of Success - 4 x 540 crystals = 2160 credits

5x Dealer Drink IV - 5 x 52 credits = 260 credits

5x Productivity Drink IV - not available on the market, but the value should be around 80 credits, so 5 x 80 credits = 400 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink IV - 5 x 185 credits = 925 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 6745 credits.

It is now:

50x Energetic Pack - 50 x 30 credits = 1500 credits

12,000 Energy - this is approximately 45 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1350 credits

8,000 Golden Balls - The Enchanter Pack on the market currently costs 289 credits - this pack gives 2000-3000 GB, so the average cost of 1000 GB is about 125 credits. The average value of this bonus is 1000 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 6745 credits, the current value of the collection is about 3850 credits. The decline in the value of the collection in this case is just over 40%, so relatively not too much.



Previously it was:

1x Golden Crystal of Success - 1150 credits

4x Red Crystal of Success - 4 x 540 crystals = 2160 credits

5x Dealer Drink IV - 5 x 52 credits = 260 credits

5x Pennywise Drink IV - 5 x 99 credits = 495 credits

2x Adaptability Drink IV - 2 x 650 credits = 1300 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 5365 credits.

It is now:

10,125 Energy - this is approximately 37,5 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 1125 credits

6,750 Golden Balls - the average cost of 1000 GB is about 125 credits. The average value of this bonus is 845 credits

5x XP Drink III - 5 x 100 credits = 500 credits

2x XP Drink VI - 2 x 1050 = 2100 credits

Hero Drink - 1000 credits

120 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 5365 credits, the current value of the collection is about 4570 credits. Oh my goodness! A drop in value of less than 15%? And this is on the red collection. I'm in shock.


62/ EPIC FORWARDS: 10800 Fame Points

It is now:

80,000 Energy - this is approximately 295 energy packs, i.e. the equivalent of 8850 credits

5x Rocket Fuel Drink V - 5 x 255 credits = 1275 credits

2x Adaptability Drink IV - 2 x 650 credits = 1300 credits

5x Productivity Drink IV - not available on the market, but the value should be around 80 credits, so 5 x 80 credits = 400 credits

5x Millionaire Drink IV - 5 x 96 credits = 480 credits

180 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

In total, this collection was worth approximately 12305 credits.

It is now:

50x Energetic Pack - 50 x 30 credits = 1500 credits

Platinum Crystal of Success - 3750 credits

Enchanter Drink V - 350 credits

Keyholder Drink V - not available on the market, its cost should be around 1,300 credits

Adaptability Drink V - 680 credits

180 Team Points - no change, not included in the value.

To sum up: the previous value of the collection was about 12305 credits, the current value of the collection is about 7580 credits. This is by far the collection that had the highest value before the changes (so far). This value is still high, but almost 40% lower than before.


See you next week!


Author: Matushevsky





Hi! At the end of March, we're planning a big update on task rewards. With the help of our Journalists, we prepared for you this document to show you examples of upcoming tasks and rewards.

In this and the next edition of the Sport Journal, we will present some of the changes that will be introduced in a little over a month.




Author: FootballTeam Crew





Greetings everyone. 

Today, my article in the sports magazine will be dedicated to the players who showed themselves brightly in the past 14th season. And from such players, I will form the national teams of the Leagues. 

A few words about the rules. The choice of strikers will be based on the number of goals scored, midfielders on the number of assists, defenders on the number of interventions. And the best goalkeepers will be determined by the coefficient, which is calculated as the ratio of the number of goals conceded / minutes played as a goalkeeper. 

But everyone knows that the number of interventions does not always reflect the true contribution of the defender to the success of the team. Therefore, 1 defender will be selected for the most interventions, and 2 more defenders will be selected for the highest OVR at the time of writing. In this case it is February 18th. The formation of players on the field is 3-4-3. It is possible that some of the players have changed clubs by the time the Sports Journal is published. Let's go.




Let's start analyzing the statistics of the Super League players. And first of all, let's determine the best goalkeeper. In the 14th season, there was no equal to the goalkeeper Gianlluigi Buffon (Public Enemies), who had to compete with two excellent goalkeepers of the THUNDER club. It's a great season. The place of the reserve goalkeeper will be taken by Hype (THUNDER), who will also reliably defend the goal of our team.

Let's move on to the selection of defenders. Defender kolmapuszi (Bella Ciao) has the largest number of interventions, 32 points. Two more defenders will be determined by the highest OVR. And that's krulikos (THUNDER). His OVR is 7898. And defender Shandy el Verdadero ((THUNDER), OVR 6336. It turned out to be a very reliable defense. 

Let's move on to midfield. It turned out to be a great season for Mokasyn (THUNDER), who made 31 assists. It is also necessary to include the following players in our team, who make a great contribution on the field to achieve victories. These are Mazotik (Public Enemies), jestemurban (THUNDER) and Speezi (Public Enemies). At the same time, all the best players in the center of the field are players from the THUNDER and Public Enemies clubs. 

It remains to choose the forwards who will score goals from the excellent passes of the midfielders. The performance of forwards is growing every season. And the 14th season for the Patrickkk (Public Enemies) forward was outstanding. He has 80 goals. Which is quite a lot for the Super League. And 2 more forwards, who showed high performance in the 14th season, will finally form the offensive line. These are Marjonovy (Fortaleza Vinchies) and Parmigiano Reggiano (THUNDER).

That's how the Super League team turned out.


1 League


Now I will look at the statistics of players who play in 1 Leagues. 

And we'll also start with the goalkeeper position. The most reliable game in the 14th season was shown by the goalkeeper Machi (Polish DF). Number of conceded goals/minutes played as the goalkeeper is 0,0014. Well, the second reliable goalkeeper will be Acziwment (Inet Squad).

In terms of the number of interventions, defender Sergio Santarini (AK Elite Team) was the best. 55 points. And he will be assisted by Carles Puyol Saforcada (Los Angeles Clickers), his OVR 5066. And Carles Puyol 5 (Łosie w Kosmosie). His OVR is 2363. These are the defenders with the best OVR among League 1 players.

Fiszu (Stiff Boys II) has the most assists, which is 46. Also, judging by the statistics, Eric Cantona (South Park), Pedrito (BAVOVNA) and Koko (La Familia) had a great season. Therefore, you can't do without these players.

The offensive line is formed by the best forwards of the 1st League. Won Voyage (Polish DF) has the most goals - 106. Bravo. Freudentränen (BAVOVNA) and Christian Vieri (Leviathan) also had a great season.

The League 1 team is ready.


Good luck and victories to everyone in the new 15th season.


Author: Zidane


Good afternoon dear readers of the magazine, I welcome you to the new issue. The fourteenth season of the European tournament proved itself to be the winner of the CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT and the EUROPEAN TOURNAMENT. As always, these matches were interesting and many will remember them for a long time. In this article, we will look at an overview of both matches. Sit back and enjoy reading the magazine to you.


We start from the final match of the CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT. In the final, they played THUNDER against Polish DF The favorite of the tournament and the leader of the server club THUNDER played against the club Polish DF which represented the Spanish league in the fourth season. Will the Polish DF club be able to make a sensation and defeat Goliath in this final? Now we'll find out. 


Moving on to the match: CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT


Both teams approached the match prepared to the maximum of their abilities. The start of the match, as expected, began with the total domination and attack of the club THUNDER. The favorite immediately opened the scoring at 3 minutes of the match. Then, applying pressure, they took the ball from the opponent and subsequently doubled their advantage in the 8th minute of the match. Then the total continued the dominance of the favorite, they carried out many attacks towards the opponent and at the 18th minute their advantage was already three goals ahead without a chance for the opponent, and already in twenty minutes of the match the winner was already known. Then the attacks continued in the first half, at 33 minutes the score became 4-0. In the second half, the attacks continued and three unanswered goals were scored, determining the score of the match 7:0. Due to the lack of chances for the  Polish DF they could not approach the opponent's goal even once. Congratulations to the THUNDER club for winning this easy final for them.


Then we move on with you to the final match of the EUROPEAN TOURNAMENT, where the battle between the two super league teams Hakuna Matata and RedBull Fighters took place. The club Hakuna Matata this season finished its way in seventh place in the super league, this season did not work out for them, but winning the final changed that, but they are opposed by the club RedBull Fighters which also wants to win. The bulls finished in sixth place this season, not bad for them in my opinion. The RedBull Fighters club looks much stronger than its opponent, but they have a weak teamwork that can affect the result, and in contrast, there is a very strong goalkeeper and a halfback who together can decide the course of the match. 


Let's move on to the match: EUROPEAN TOURNAMENT


Both teams prepared to their maximum, but the club RedBull Fighters prepared better due to the fact that they activated practically all possible collections to improve their skills, that is, they put everything they could in this match, and their rivals activated only two collections. At first, the Hakuna Matata club took the game into their own hands and began attacking the opponent's goal, but their strong defense did not allow them to strike at the opponent's goal. The first half ended with no goals scored. In the second half, the game stabilized and they played on equal terms, but the high endurance of the club RedBull Fighters allowed them to take control of the end of the match and they were able to score a long-awaited goal against the opponents in the 82nd minute of the match. That goal was enough to win this difficult match. Congratulations to the winner of the club RedBull Fighters who managed to defeat the opponent with a score of 0:1.


This concludes our article. Once again, congratulations to the winners on winning the next cup, and to those who lost in the final, I want to say that do not worry, but prepare for it more strongly so that next season we can pick up the long-awaited trophy. Thank you all for reading the article, I hope you liked it.

Author: Dodo





 Speak my comrades! How are you? This is your favorite journalist talking to you. And since today is the start of the season and we don't have any games to comment on, I decided to do something different, because every season everything resets and nobody knows anything else. I decided to bring you a little about the German league, which has had a king in recent seasons, and oddly enough it's not Bayern Munich haha, but  BAVOVNA, who won another doublet in season 14. So let's get started.



For those who don't know what a doublet is, don't worry and read the following explanation: A title “doublet" in football refers to a team winning two major trophies in a single season. This usually means that the team has won two championships or major tournaments in the same year or sports season. For example, a football team can win both the national league and the national cup in a single season, thus achieving double titles. This demonstrates a high level of performance and consistency throughout the season, as winning two major trophies requires skill, determination and, often, squad depth to compete on multiple fronts. A double title is considered a great achievement in football and is often remembered as an exceptional season for the winning team. It can be a proud moment for the players, coaching staff and fans, consolidating the team's position as one of the best in that specific period.


After the technical explanation, let's talk a little about the squad and statistics of this team that is making history with each passing day. The Bavonna team emerged as a true force in the world of football, leaving an indelible mark of excellence and dominance by winning the coveted National Cup and the League, both titles achieved undefeated. Winning these two trophies in the same season is irrefutable proof of their absolute dominance and their ability to overcome all the challenges they faced.


The secret behind BAVOVNA success lies in their solid defense, an impenetrable wall that thwarted opposing attacks on every occasion. Standouts like Nymeria and Chimera emerged as true guardians of the castle, demonstrating unparalleled defensive skills that kept opponents at bay and ensured the team's invincibility.


In midfield, a star named Pedrito shines, the maestro behind the masterful plays that led BAVOVNA to glory. Pedrito is the brains behind the operation, an exceptionally talented player whose vision and passing accuracy leaves opponents stunned. Furthermore, his unrivaled skill resulted in him being the player with the most assists in both the league and cup, a definitive testament to his importance to the team.


Ultimately, the BAVOVNA offense is a force to be feared. Relentless and efficient, the team's attack found the way to goal in every match, challenging opposing defenses with its speed, technique and killer instinct in front of goal. These players formed an unstoppable front line, ensuring that BAVOVNA stood out not only for their insurmountable defense, but also for their ability to score crucial goals at decisive moments.


It is important to highlight that BAVOVNA not only won the league, but achieved victory in all 30 games played, an impressive feat that testifies to the team's consistency and absolute dominance throughout the season.


In short, BAVOVNA is more than just a football team; it is a machine of excellence, a team that takes the game to a new level and leaves its mark on the history of the sport as a true legend.


Autor: Henrick






"GoodDaddyForYourMommy" could be interpreted in a few different ways depending on context and tone.

Positive Connotation: It could imply that the person referred to as "GoodDaddy" is someone who takes good care of their family, particularly the mother figure ("YourMommy"). This interpretation suggests a responsible and caring individual who fulfills the role of a supportive partner or parent.

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"Fluggaenkdechioebolsen" appears to be a whimsical and nonsensical word, likely created for its unique and memorable sound rather than having a specific meaning. It could be:

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"Golthard" could carry a few potential meanings or interpretations:

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Hi! In this article we will select the best eleven currently injured players from each league. Enjoy the article. [I have used to present the team in graphic form].


Premier League


We will be using a 4-3-3 formation and we will start with the goalkeeper position. Undoubtedly the best currently injured goalkeeper is long-time Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson. He suffered a thigh injury on 16th of February. We don’t know yet when he will return to play. The left-back is Oleksandr Zinchenko, a current Arsenal defender. He is a talented player and star of the Ukrainian national team. He has problems with his calf. He has been injured since 4th of February. In this position I also considered Marc Cucurella but nevertheless decided on the Ukrainian representative. Moving to the middle of defence. We have to choose two players for this position. As far as the first choice is concerned, we must choose Josko Gvardiol. The Manchester City defender is one of the most talented players. On 11th of February he tore ligaments in his ankle joint. He is likely to return around 4th of March. His partner in central defence will be Arsenal’s Dutch defender Justin Timber. He is also a huge talent but tore his cruciate ligaments on 13th of August 2023. He will, however, return as early as 21st of February. Finishing off the defence will be Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold. He is one of the best right-backs in the world. He has had knee problems since 13th of February, the date of his return is unknown. I also considered picking Reece James but decided against it.


This is how the defence presents:



The midfield will start once again with a Liverpool player. Dominik Szoboszlai is a very talented Hungarian midfielder. Perhaps he will one day be the mainstay of the English team's midfield. On 1st of February he picked up a thigh injury. The date of his return is unknown. The next midfielder in our squad will be Lucas Paqueta. The Brazilian suffered a calf injury on 7th of January. His return is expected on 7th of March. Lucas is one of West Ham United's best players and his absence is noticeable. Brazilian Joelinton will also be the final midfielder. I have decided to include him in the squad while rejecting players such as Mason Mount, Joe Willock and Romeo Lavia. Joelinton is a Newcastle United midfielder. He underwent groin surgery on 6th of January. His return is scheduled for around 26th of May.


This is what our team looks like after the addition of the midfield line:



We now turn to the attack line. Gabriel Jesus will play in the centre of attack. The Brazilian plays for Arsenal. On 2nd of February he picked up a knee injury. We do not know when he will return to the game. It is undoubtedly a big loss for Arsenal because Gabriel is a classy striker. In the absence of a classy left winger, we will put Alexander Isak in that position. Alexander Isak is nominally a centre forward but in this situation he will be placed on the left wing. Isak is a player of Newcastle United. He picked up a groin injury on 30th of January. We do not know when he will return to play. However, this is a huge loss for Newcastle United who have already lost one of their best midfielders Joelinton. Brentford footballer Bryan Mbeumo will close the line-up. The Cameroonian suffered an ankle injury on 7th of December. We still do not know when he will return to play. This is a big loss for Brentford. Mbeumo is still only a 24-year-old player and hopefully he will develop and become a Premier League star despite this injury.


This is how the whole team presents itself:



Next week we will be doing the Spanish league injury team.







The host of the tournament only wins one out of the first three matches. After a humiliating 0-4 defeat, the coach is sacked. However, with a new coach, they advanced to the knockout stage. They eliminate the defending champions in a penalty shootout, and ultimately... reach the final. Sounds like a plot from a mediocre thriller? The catch is, all of this actually happened.



Nothing in this story is quite right. It all began with the exclusion of Galatasaray's star, Wilfried Zahy, who allegedly... struggled to fit into the team. Various versions of events emerged. Some journalists claimed it was due to a dismal streak of sixteen consecutive matches without a goal for the national team. Others added that the 31-year-old still hadn't mastered French to the required level.


Jean-Louis Gasset explained that his decision was justified by the competition on the left wing. The trio of Bamba – Boga – Gradel was selected for the tournament.


The issue of personal choices came back to haunt Gasset, but only after a humiliating loss to Equatorial Guinea (0-4, Emilio Nsue's hat-trick). This match marked the end of the Frenchman's tenure with the African team.


Driss Diallo reluctantly accepted the resignation of the 70-year-old, who decided to step down under public pressure. However, the president of the national federation did not expect that the emergency change of coach would lead the hosts to the tournament final.


The reins of the "Elephants" were swiftly taken over by Emerse Fae: a 42-time national team player and former assistant to Gasset. A relatively anonymous figure. A big mystery, but ultimately one of the nation's heroes.


As the host team advanced to the knockout stage from third place in the group (at the expense of Ghana and Zambia), the 40-year-old coach was hired for his new role precisely on January 24th. Five days before the match against Senegal in the AFCON Round of 16. The result? A 1-1 draw and advancement after a penalty shootout. The sensation became a reality.


An incredible match against Mali (quarterfinals), as well as a victory against the Democratic Republic of Congo (semifinals), soon confirmed that the pragmatic style of play paid off. The host team scores an average of one goal per match in the tournament, has a negative (!) goal difference, and yet will play for the title of the best team in Africa today.


It's worth noting that the host team reached the final thanks to a goal from Sébastien Haller. A symbolic player. A man whose story explains the extraordinary fighting spirit of the Ivorians.


The BVB striker declared his desire to play for Ivory Coast only in 2020. Since then, his life has accelerated significantly – he has added three more clubs to his CV (West Ham, Ajax, BVB), became the top scorer in the Eredivisie, and eventually returned to the Bundesliga, where he previously enjoyed success with Eintracht Frankfurt.


However, everything changed in 2022. In July, two weeks after signing with Borussia Dortmund, the Ivorian was diagnosed with testicular cancer.


The 29-year-old returned to training only in January – after two surgeries and several sessions of chemotherapy. However, he made it clear at the last press conference – he's tired of talking about it. The journey of Ivory Coast to the AFCON final resembled a continuous struggle against the odds. Emerse Fae – a rookie coach was forced to work on a live organism. He improvised, mixed things up, and ultimately dragged the team by the ears to the next stage. In the last three matches, he relied on three different strikers. Neither the sabotage of Odilon Kossounou (a provoked penalty + a red card in the quarterfinals), nor the clash with the defending champions stopped him. Before the most important match of his career, he can be certain that he has left his mark on the history of African football.


I hope you enjoyed the above article. If you are interested in other football-related facts or refereeing, feel free to evaluate and share your thoughts in the comments.

With sporting regards,

Dawid R




Hello everyone, let's start another day about the world of football more related to the departure and arrival of players at clubs, here we will help you find out more about how your club is doing, which players have already arrived, which players have already left and the famous rumors about who your club might be interested in, so sit on the couch, prepare that burger and soda and enjoy!!

Atlético Paulista had an excellent season, finishing 4th in the overall league table and being one of the favorites to fight for the top 2 at the start of the season, but we know how unpredictable and without much logic the world of football is, with the team considered complete and fit for this season, being dismantled with the departure of important pieces of defense, midfield and attack, with the club losing its best defender, its very prominent duo in midfield and its reserve striker/ starter, there are still very good players in the team, with the recent arrival of a great striker, but the club with these significant losses is no longer considered one of the favorites for the title, with statistics pointing to a predicted drop in performance this season!

São Paulo is one of the newest SAFs acquired in Spanish football, the club led by CEO Fábio Muri has been putting together a very good team, with the club being the favorite to win the 4th division and is in the 2nd in a few seasons. , the Technical Committee with stars like Ferger and Bobby in midfield and Bkcelle in attack, as well as young promises like Lucas Lima who in 4 games had 3 direct participation in goals, and Alexsander who in 16 games had 14 direct participation in goals! Coach Valentin Hashtag sees that the team is confident of winning the title but thinks there is still a lack of reinforcements to arrive!

Sporting had a good last season with the club competing between 11th and 7th place in the league table, the current President of the club, after conversations with the coach and the market analysis team, saw that the team has very good parts but it would need more reinforcements to compete even more at the top of the Championship, and so the club has been looking for young, quality names analyzing the highlights of the Championship, with the arrival of midfielder Rodrigo Garro from Atlético Paulista to reinforce the team, the player was second in assists in the team and 4th in artillery, thus being a quality and promising reinforcement for the team, another newcomer is midfielder Jegsøn Vitø, coming from Atlético Paulista, a player considered to be a promising player with a lot of potential and revelation of Atlético!

Paraná Fc was officially announced as the newest SAF in football, the club announced the start of its work with the arrival of star-studded and heavyweight reinforcements, words from the club's CEO “ “ Paraná is considered an emerging club and will be in the big leagues in no time! The club's CEO spared no effort to show the greatness of the project and has already spent more than 140 million euros on the arrival of his reinforcements, with Leandro Lg and Iuri Rocha alone being more than 100 million! With both coming from Atlético Paulistano!!

Goalkeeper Gruby na Bramce for some strong clubs is a difficult position to find good and he is still a good and active goalkeeper but it will not be easy to take him from FC OLDBOYS who are practically champions of the English 2B. 


Thank you to everyone who read this far, I will be bringing more news about some transfers next week.


Author: Ruben Nevess! 



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1 month ago
Bavon is played by two-faced people. They praise themselves in public, but they themselves understand that they are not playing fair. When they beat us in the first league, their OVR was 1000 points stronger. We were silent. But we will not tolerate such arrogant public praise of ourselves!
1 month ago
Bavonna simply is a club that has no honor and dignity . So much for the topic. I would gladly write an article about them, but it is a waste of words for such a broken team
1 month ago
bavonna fejk news
1 month ago
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1 month ago
and about bavonna running away from SL why wasn't it written? they have no such defense because their verification should be where they belong, which is in SL
1 month ago
bavonna wrote an article about itself where it has a 1000 ovr advantage over the 2nd team in germany very dishonest team self-propelled in the corner stood
1 month ago
FT Gratulacje zmian w nagrodach, jak to zobaczyłem, to się popłakałem ze śmiech XDDDD
1 month ago

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